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Pompo (Konami Kohara)

A summary of how Pompo: The Cinephile (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

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A summary of how Pompo: The Cinephile (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

Date Released (In Theaters) 4/27/2022
Directed By Takayuki Hirao
Screenplay By Takayuki Hirao
Noted Cast
Pompo Konami Kohara
Gene Hiroya Shimizu
Natalie Rinka Ōtani
Martin Akio Ohtsuka
Mystia Ai Kakuma
Alan Ryūichi Kijima

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

How Did It End?

After the movie is shot, Gene takes on the project of editing it but then comes a major snag: He needs another scene written and shot. This is a huge issue because it means pouring more money into a new director, and there is the question of whether this is a good investment anymore? Never mind, Pompo has to get the crew and cast back, which is a task within itself.

Now, luckily for Gene, a peer of his from back in his high school days named Alan is an investment banker willing to put his career on the line for Gene’s vision. So between crowdfunding, embarrassing his bosses, and maybe being related to the president of the company, Alan gets the money Gene needs and not only is Gene’s film a hit, but it wins major awards. Thus leaving Pompo proud of him, Gene and Pompo make a star out of Natalie and give Mystia her first taste of having a serious role. Even though she did her part, as Martin’s character’s ex-wife in secret, and even asked for a pseudonym to be used to fully mask her identity.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential?

The way the film ends, you’re given the idea Gene is now working on the first movie that he both wrote and directed. Also, considering Mystia wanted to be the star in one of Gene’s productions when she is ready, things are set up for a sequel. Add in different Hollywood archetypes that could be added in, and this could easily be made into a franchise from Gene being the hot new director, peaking, downfall, and making a comeback.

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