UMC (Urban Movie Channel) announces acquisition of Coke Daniels’ His, Hers and The Truth with a December release date on the service.

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UMC (Urban Movie Channel) announces acquisition of Coke Daniels’ His, Hers and The Truth with a December release date on the service.

Director(s) Coke Daniels
Screenplay By Coke Daniels
Date Released December 2019
Genre(s) Romance, Comedy
Notable Cast
Alan (Lead) Brad James
Tanya (Lead) Ashley A. Williams
Supporting Role Terri J. Vaughn (“The Steve Harvey Show, “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns”)
Mr. Brown (Supporting Role) Dorien Wilson (“The Parkers”)
Mrs. Brown (Supporting Role) Cocoa Brown (“American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson,” “9-1-1”)

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Official Plot Summary

Brad James (“Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse”) and Ashley A. Williams (“Black Roots,” “Frat Brothers”) as a lovestruck couple who can’t seem to live with or without each other. As the two work on repairing their relationship woes in couples’ therapy, the film takes audiences down memory lane through their hilarious courtship and history of breakups and makeups. From friends with benefits to husband and wife, His, Hers and the Truth takes a real look at the evolution of a relationship and a couple’s fight to preserve it.

Trailer Reaction

Alan (Brad James) and Tanya (Ashley A. Williams) on a date.
Alan (Brad James) and Tanya (Ashley A. Williams) | UMC

I’m not going to lie, this movie does come off very goofy. However, while Mr. and Mrs. Brown bring a certain campiness to Tanya and Alan seem like a couple you can get behind. For while, yes, they definitely follow tropes we’re all familiar with if you like urban comedies, then comes those cute moments that make you swoon a little bit. That lead you to hope, whatever led our leads to couples’ therapy, can be fixed. Since, after much in the way of trials and tribulations, it seems they found their groove and learned to love one another. So you can only hope they rediscover what brought them together.

So definitely keep up with us to learn of the official release date later this year and, until then, check out UMC.TV. Like most services, they have a free trial to check out their programming, which includes classics, like All of Us, as well as original programs, movies, and acquired films like this one.

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