Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Stan Lathan

Directed by

Dave Chappelle

December 31, 2023

Written By

Released (Netflix)


As has become customary, Chappelle is by no means afraid or against controversy and does have jokes aimed at the trans community and people with disabilities.


But, alongside that he brings up him and Chris Rock being attacked on stage, and the meaning behind the title of the special "The Dreamer."

Review Summary

In many ways, with "The Dreamer" you can see Chappelle is using the media for free publicity by doubling down on the concept of "Punching Down."

Review Summary

In some ways, you get it, but at the same time, you shouldn't let others hate watching this for headlines take away from genuinely comical moments.

Review Summary

Never mind moments which remind you how masterful of a storyteller Chappelle is, especially as he talks about what it means to be a dreamer who brings his dreams to reality.

Who Is this For?

Like other veteran comedians, Chappelle isn't looking for new fans as much as trying to deliver for fans who enjoy politically incorrect comedy and don't hold comedians to higher standards than those with real power.

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