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With the state of TellTale Games in decline, it makes the idea of this being possibly last episode depressing.

Developer Telltale Games
Publisher Telltale Games
Director(s) Chris Rieser
Writer(s) Mary Kenney, Adam Esquenazu Douglas, Douglas Lieblich
Date Released 9/25/2018
Genre Horror, Point and Click, Action
Newly Noted Voice Actors
Mitch Robbie Daymond
Lilly Nikki Rapp
Abel Alex Fernandez
Ruby Ali Hillis

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Play Through Time

2 Hours, 28 Minutes

Goodbye New Friends, Hello Old Familiars: Clementine, AJ, Louis, Violet, Mitch, Lilly, James, Abel


As you can expect, Marlon’s death rocks the school and makes it where emotions are high. Not to the point of people trying to get an eye for an eye and wanting AJ dead, but whether or not you and AJ get to stay is up for a vote. One which comes out 5 to 3 – with it not being clear who voted for what. I mean, one vote was Tenn, another Violet, but who was the third? Assumingly Ruby but it is hard to say.

However, with Mitch leading the outrage, and Louis losing his childhood best friend, there wasn’t much of a chance there. Add in Omar, Willy, and Aasim didn’t really make a connection to Clem or AJ in the first episode? Well, we never stood a chance, did we?

Though, to be kind, we do get escorted until we’re outside the safe zone and to the road. A place where we, within minutes, end up encountering someone we haven’t seen since season 1: Lilly. Alongside Abel, we learn that she not only survived but has seemingly risen to a leadership position. One which handles recruitment and between Clementine and the others, they’re being conscripted.

That is, until you get the opportunity to make an escape and meet James. A young man who seemingly was with a group who learned how to manipulate Walkers. However, being that his group decided to use their knowledge to conquer other groups, he left. Not for Lilly’s group either, for they also are battling for supremacy. Instead, with Walker skin on him, and copying their mannerisms, he lives solo. But, is still friendly enough to help Clem and AJ, who got shot by Abel, so they make it through the night.



It’s very weird how much this season has felt like a parenting simulator in a post-apocalyptic world. It makes you feel torn, in so many ways, for on one hand, you want to call people out, possibly burn bridges, yet at the same time, there is AJ watching your every move. On top of that, you feel responsible for this kid’s safety so it makes you want to be appeasing even when it is clear your social niceties mean nothing to who you’re dealing with.

But, even if rejected and upset for trying, there is this need to set an example for AJ. For even if we may never know how the season ends, though TellTale says there are interested parties, you have to be aware this kid lives or dies based off the example you set. Which, on one hand, if you take note of what Lilly says, may make him soft and easily manipulated. After all, being a kid may be a marvel to many but also is a liability. Yet, if you make him hard and distant, it means he may never make friends, find love, or a community who can protect him if anything ever happens to you.

Parenting anxiety aside, Lilly’s return was shocking and admittedly I handled it terribly. For as much as I would like Clem to be a badass and all that, that’s not my play style. I’m very kumbaya, let’s all be friends, and I’m not going to hurt you unless the game actually forces me to. Even then, I’m not going for the head. I’m just going to try to make you back down or off.

Hence why certain situations happen later.

Guess Who’s Back: Clementine, AJ, Louis, Violet, Mitch, Ruby, James

James escorts you back and with Violet and Louis seeing you in conversation with Lilly, while there are some red flags, Violet has your back. She isn’t without questions, which are asked as Ruby patches up AJ, but at this point, she will give Clem the benefit of the doubt over most things. However, Mitch is having none of it really. Louis, seeing AJ hurt like that, is taken back a little bit, but Mitch is still raising hell.

Luckily, you’re given the opportunity to win him over. Mostly by going to the greenhouse and helping him and Ruby get barbed wire and also finding material to make a bomb. You also get the chance to solidify your relationship with Ruby by showing kindness to a walker, formerly known as Ms. Martin. Leading to two weeks of prepping for Lilly and the raiders.


I am so glad I didn’t pick Louis for Clementine. Yes, he has his charm and it would be cute to see her with a Black guy. However, my little bi princess is so much better off with Violet. And let me tell you, I straight up thought AJ was going to die and TellTale was going to twist our expectations and present Clem with yet another tragedy. Luckily that didn’t happen, but I was in my feelings.

With that said, taking note of how they prepped for the invasion, all I’m going to say is, if Lilly and her crew were smart, and as resourceful as she said, with solar panels and all that, you’d think they would have come in through the back. After all, they got this large group and there are, what? Maybe 10 kids holding down that school? But we’re jumping ahead a bit.

The Calm & The Storm: Clementine, Louis, Abel, Violet, Lilly, Aasim

It takes two weeks for Lilly and Abel to show up. During that time, preparations are made and emotions run high. Lest we forget, these kids are troubled youth and also teenagers. Their hormones are pumping, they’re in mourning, and their lives are threatened. It doesn’t make for a copasetic environment. Hence Louis proposing a game which ends up becoming another opportunity for you to choose who you like. This time Louis and Violet aren’t your only picks, but arguably whoever you pick between the mysterious James, Aasim, and Ruby, for Violet’s Marry, “Flip,” Kill doesn’t really matter. Aasim is into Ruby, James is nowhere to be seen and as for picking Ruby to marry? Not sure what may come of that.

But, you do get another opportunity to pick between Louis and Violet. Then, just to make sure of your decision, at least with Violet, you can friend zone them, kiss them, or be more expressive about the future you want. Rather than have Clem just kiss Violet and maybe make her feel a certain type of way, I decided to take things slow. Violet still isn’t fully over her ex and why rush things? Plus, considering Violet’s ex might be alive, I gotta keep Clem’s pinch hitters ready to swap in.

Though, of course, nice moments can’t last. No sooner than Violet and Clementine are confessing feelings for one another, gazing at the stars, Clementine has watch duty with AJ and then comes Lilly, Abel, and other people. Leading to a battle which leaves Mitch killed and all the older boys kidnapped. Meaning Omar, Aasim, and Louis are taken. But, luckily for me, we got Abel and it seems he’ll lead us to the rest – if TellTale releases an episode 3.


They can’t leave us this way. Not in terms of Louis and the rest being kidnapped, for honestly who cares. More so, I want to know if Clementine may actually get some normalcy. Be in a relationship, you know? Because there was an attempt last season but that boy couldn’t keep up with Clem. Also, if I recall right, he’s dead. Clem needs someone like Violet. Maybe a bit of a hot head sometimes, but also has this sweet side. Not to mention, can handle herself pretty well. Not enough to avoid being in a position to be kidnapped but no one is perfect, right?

Though, I really do wonder what may happen if Tenn’s sister is alive and still has feelings for Violet. Will Clem be dropped on sight or will this be complicated for Violet? Maybe will she ask you what to do? Since her talking about abandonment issues, it makes it seem that telling Violet to go may put you in the position to lose a valued ally. Oh, so many choices that, hopefully, we’ll get to make.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was anyone watching the back areas because it has been two I’m sure they sent scouts, per a sniper on a roof, and saw what the kids were up to. They could have sent one team in the front and another in the back and mess these kids all the way up.
  2. How does Clem fit all those collectibles in her bag at once?


  1. Bisexual Clementine.
  2. The pressure is still on when it comes to raising AJ into a functioning adult.
  3. As seen by my many deaths, in videos to come, this season definitely pushes you to act smarter and with strategy.

Low Points

  1. With the final season being pulled from digital shelves, and the chances of future episodes seems slim (source).

On The Fence

  1. While there is a vibe you could have saved certain people, like Marlon or Mitch, there remains this weird feeling that a lot of decisions, while they branch off towards the middle, all funnel to a handful of decisions. In this episode’s case, either saving Louis or Violet no matter if you find this, that, or made everyone think the sun shines out of your behind.

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