A familiar face, once again, comes back into Akira’s life, but this one doesn’t bring fond memories.

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General Information

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Release Date (Netflix) August 28, 2023
Director(s) Toshihiro Maeya
Writer(s) Hiroshi Seko
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Shizuka Tomori Kusunoki
Akira Shūichirō Umeda
Kencho Makoto Furukawa
Kosugi Kazuki Kitamura

Plot Recap

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Admit It, Great Minds Think Alike – Shizuka, Akira, Kencho

With the internet gone and the electricity down, which means the water pump is down, Kencho and Akira agree that heading to Gunma now to check on Akira’s family isn’t a bad idea. But rather than just take Akira’s bike, it is agreed an RV would be the best way to head to Gunma, which is usually a 3-4 hour drive.

So, with there being an RV convention before the zombie pandemic, the men head there and just so happen to reach the entrance at the same time as Shizuka. This leads to Akira, once again, trying to see if Shizuka would join forces, but she immediately tells him no – devastating him.

However, as they go through the RVs and she goes from practical to seeing a luxury one and begins to understand the men wanting to enjoy life rather than think purely in a practical sense, she gets it. But what forces her to join forces with the men is zombies coming into the convention center, and with that, she doesn’t have time to hide or run and ends up joining Akira and Kencho to Gunma.

My Nightmare Has Comeback Into My Reality – Shizuka, Akira, Kencho, Kosugi

Originally, it was smooth cruising on the highway as Kencho was on Akira’s bike and Shizuka and Akira in the RV. But as they talked about stopping for food, if not the night, their tires are popped, Kencho is injured a bit, and Kosugi, Akira’s former boss, arrives.

Kosugi (Kazuki Kitamura) with a grimacing grin
“Kosugi (Kazuki Kitamura) with a grimacing grin,” Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, “RV of the Dead,” directed by Toshihiro Maeya, 2023, (Netflix)

Akira is triggered as soon as he is seen, and zombies begin to arrive. He is forced to either work for Kosugi for just two days or let his friends and himself die via zombies.

For the sake of his friends, Akira walks back into the nightmare that seemingly the zombie apocalypse woke him up from.

It’s Supposed To Be Two Days, But It Feels Like Forever – Shizuka, Akira, Kencho, Kosugi

On the first day, Akira becomes brittle but not broken. It all reminds him of how things used to be, and Kencho feels guilty about this, and Shizuka, in some ways, is also triggered by Kosugi. Mind you, she seemingly only has to attend to Kencho, but it seems her father was of Kosugi’s ilk.

But Akira tries to make the best of things, even drum up morale by setting aside some beer for everyone and using a generator to make it cold. Kosugi chides him harshly for doing so but has to save face when others find out what he did since they like the reward.

Kosugi, though, he makes clear that Akira is going to pay for that since Kosugi sees Akira like the zombies he has trained to pull cargo. Nothing more than a cog, a tool, who will never become more than that.



A Hint Of Shizuka’s Past

Shizuka (Tomori Kusunoki) looking out the window
“Shizuka (Tomori Kusunoki) looking out the window,” Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, “RV of the Dead,” directed by Toshihiro Maeya, 2023, (Netflix)

How and why Shizuka became so analytic, risk-averse, and even a bit of a loner is something worth asking. Seemingly, once she lets her guard down, she enjoys Akira and Kencho’s company, and while it has to be acknowledged they are a bit silly at times, she seems to enjoy their camaraderie and even finds a certain level of peace being around Akira.

So, we can only hope that whatever it is that Kosugi triggers in Shizuka is explored.

Our First Villain

Thus far, Kencho and Akira had nothing to worry about beyond zombies, but now facing a human being, never mind a formidable one with a following and setup that might be brutal but offers people their basic needs? It is going to be interesting to see how they handle Kosugi, Akira specifically, for as much as he is broken now, we’ve seen him break cycles and his way of thinking before.

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With our first multi-episode villain, and it being a blast from the past, now we’ll see what has become of Akira and whether the time since losing his past job has made it so he can truly stand up to Kosugi or continue to fall apart in his presence.

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