You: Season 2 Episode 2 “Just The Tip” Recap/ Review

Love, foolishly thinking, Joe cannot hurt her.

Joe is struggling with not being who he is, but he acknowledges it, Delilah sees it, and poor Love romanticizes it.

Joe is struggling with not being who he is, but he acknowledges it, Delilah sees it, and poor Love romanticizes it.

Directed By Silver Tree
Written By Michael Foley
Aired (Netflix) 12/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Jasper Krenn Steven W. Bailey
Rufus Jeremy Kent Jackson
Lucy Marielle Scott
Sunrise Melanie Field
Gabe Charlie Barnett
Henderson Chris D’Elia

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Breakdown (Recap)

If You Steal Someone’s Identity, You Inherit Their Problems: Will, Jasper, Joe, Rufus

Jasper (Steven W. Bailey) discovering Will is in a cell.
Jasper (Steven W. Bailey)

Like Joe, Will is someone who will do anything for love, including foolish things like trying to defraud someone who, allegedly, was in the Russian mafia. Said person is Jasper, who comes off quite nice, but has no problem cutting a person’s finger off. Hence the title of the episode “Just the Tip.”

However, to get the $50,000 Will owes, that he took to help some girl, Joe makes a counterfeit book, gets a bunch of pills from this weird gay guy named Rufus, and yet still comes up short. Leading to him willing to turn Will in but with Will in a cage, seemingly unable to do something to get Jasper his money, Jasper would rather Joe keep trying.

That doesn’t work for Joe, so the two of them get into a tussle, Joe kills Jasper, and then using his workplace to chop up and grind Jasper into an unidentifiable batch of glop in bags.

You’re Not A Good Guy, And I Can See It: Delilah, Joe, Henderson

Henderson (Chris D'Elia) on social media saying "Fuck Cancer"
Henderson (Chris D’Elia)

While you may think Delilah is as Joe thinks, at first, that isn’t the case. She reveals to us that she has had a hard upbringing between a miserable mother and possibly being raped by the big-time comedian known as Hendy or Henderson – when she was 17. And it is thanks to the life she has had that, despite Joe trying to be nice to her, she has him figured out. She knows he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and while she doesn’t understand why he gives off this vibe, she isn’t trying to dig into him like she does celebrities. All Delilah wants is for him to stay the hell away from her and her sister.

How Can You Mend A Broken (Heart/Man)?: Joe, Gabe, Sunrise, Lucy, Love, Beck

Being that Love lost her husband and bottled up what she wanted to say, rather than just saying it, she wholeheartedly believes in being upfront, honest, and not necessarily taking her time. Hence her kissing Joe, and wanting him to meet her friends Gabe, Sunrise, and Lucy, all queer people who are Love’s tribe.

Thing is, the whole Jasper situation prevents Joe from hanging out, but he does show up to peer in on their conversation. One that doesn’t put Joe in the best light, until Love makes it clear she really does like him and that leads them to come around.

But, then Beck shows up and with Joe really wanting to be a better person, and fearful what his emotions could lead him to with Love, he pushes her away – at first. However, despite Beck haunting him and Candace trying to find him, he decides it would just be best to take things slow – which Love agrees with. Though, with him snatching her panties, it is made clear as much as Joe wants to be better, and Love is willing to work him through his trauma, he can’t give up his bad habits.

Main Things to Remember (Plot Synopsis)

  1. Delilah is 25 and is a reporter of the TMZ variety
  2. Joe chopped up a human being and put him into a meat grinder
  3. Forty and Love are fraternal twins and very close
  4. Joe has started a new keepsake box and it includes Love’s underwear
  5. Jasper, allegedly, was in the Russian mafia

Comment Down Below

  1. While Delilah notes her mom is a terrible person, how and why do you think she is raising Ellie?



Loving Love

One of the things most shows and movies don’t always do is get better with their second season. Most begin their slump in season 2 and try to live off the high of season 1. “You” doesn’t do that for with a brand new cast, who arguably are better, minus Peach, who is dearly missed, it is better than the first. If not, it takes things to a new level that, honestly, it may not be able to top in a third season, but in terms of Joe cutting up people and the levels he is willing to go to, you can see the restrictions of cable television are gone.

But, the big time highlight is Love who is a true leading lady. She has personality, a life you want to take interest in, and with Beck, unfortunately, showing up, you can really see the leaps and bounds the show has taken. For while Ellie, formerly Paco, was a driving force in bringing out Joe’s humanity, one would submit Love is figuring a way to do that. If just by forcing Joe to acknowledge his trauma, the trauma he caused others, and pushing him to take ownership of his actions.

Delilah Being More Than She Seems

Joe is condescending. This has been well established but one of the best things about “You” is the reminder that as smart and adaptable as Joe may seem, he isn’t always right. When it comes to Delilah, who he has borderline pushed to seem like how most view the Kardashians, he looked down on her. However, with hearing her story, trying to be nice since he wants to plant roots, look at her now. She is someone that’s more than an older sister or what once seemed to be the landlord. Now she is a fully realized person.

Which you have to appreciate for if there is one thing “You” is doing that it may not get enough credit for is being rather diverse and inclusive in a way. Think about it, Love’s friends are all queer, and between Gabe being a person of color, and maybe Lucy, you got two queer people of color presenting. Alongside that, you have Sunrise who is a big girl who is in love, a mommy, and queer as well. Then you have Ellie who is really into movies, Delilah who is a reporter, and they have layers that show they aren’t just there to avoid criticism. And really, if you think about it, women, people who are queer, or read as queer, dominate this show without feeling like a dominating force. Instead, they just exist and being that it is LA, you just get the vibe that is how things are.

On The Fence

The Ghost of Beck

I will never say I hate Beck, more so I just never did and never will get the appeal and because of that, I find the character irritating. So I truly hope her haunting Joe isn’t going to be a thing. Let the dead lie and instead have Joe paranoid about Candace. Heck, or the doctor he framed. Where is John Stamos?

Will & Jasper

Will could become the new Beck. He is someone trapped, who isn’t likely going anywhere, and doesn’t bring much to the show beyond his stolen identity. Then with Jasper, with him supposedly being part of the mob, so comes the question of how much additional drama could that bring to Joe’s life? Do we really need organized crime as part of “You?”

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