Two mercy killings happen in this episode to allow future “Yellowjackets” seasons to move on from the weak storylines and characters it had.

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Two mercy killings happen in this episode to allow future “Yellowjackets” seasons to move on from the weak storylines and characters it had.

Release Date (Showtime) May 26, 2023
Director(s) Karyn Kusama
Writer(s) Ameni Rozsa
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Ben Steven Krueger
Teen Lottie Courtney Eaton
Teen Natalie Sophie Thatcher
Teen Shauna Sophie Nélisse
Teen Van Liv Hewson
Travis Kevin Alves
Teen Taissa Jasmin Savoy Brown
Teen Misty Samantha Hanratty
Kevyn Alex Wyndham
Matt John Reynolds
Callie Sarah Desjardins
Walter Elijah Wood
Adult Misty Christina Ricci
Adult Lottie Simone Kessell
Adult Van Lauren Ambrose
Adult Taissa Tawny Cypress
Adult Shauna Melanie Lynskey
Lisa Nicole Maines
Jeff Warren Kole
Adult Natalie Juliette Lewis

Plot Recap

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The Only Way To Save Them Was By Fire – Ben, Lottie, Natalie, Shauna, Van, Travis, Taissa, Misty

It’s hard for many to accept, but Javi has to be eaten. Travis is given time to mourn, Shauna time to be alone before slicing him up, and Lottie? Honestly, she is just trying to process Misty pinning this on her as if this was her idea. But, as we know, Misty is a master manipulator. But, not to be outdone, Van is a little off too. Maybe even callous since she has the audacity to be joyous about her life because it means she didn’t die – and she says this to Travis’ face.

Ben (Steven Krueger)
“Ben (Steven Krueger),” Yellowjackets, “Storytelling,” directed by Karyn Kusama, 2023, (Showtime)

But, as all this happens, Ben lurks in the shadows. He found a new place to take refuge, and it seems he believes, out of everyone, including Taissa, only Natalie can be saved. However, she doesn’t feel worth saving because of her guilt. So, with that in mind, when Ben decides to set the cabin on fire to kill all the girls, she isn’t spared.

Yet, despite this attempt, the ladies live. They even, before the fire, found themselves with a new leader as Lottie abdicated her position and pushed Natalie into the position. She seems to accept despite her never wanting that role and being Lottie’s antithesis.

Leaving you to wonder, as the new leader, what is her first act since their shelter has burnt down.

Just Play Along Until Help Arrives – Kevyn, Matt, Jeff, Callie, Walter, Misty, Lottie, Van, Taissa, Shauna, Natalie, Lisa

Lottie has gone off the deep end, and originally, the idea was to play along until a plan could be put in place. Taissa was pro-getting Lottie committed, Misty was going to get her doctor’s name, and Shauna was going to dull the knives for the hunt. However, complications arise as Van decides to play the game a little too well and push the idea she might be pro the hunt and someone dying. Maybe for the sake of curing her cancer?

It’s hard to say, but while they are trying to figure out what to do with Lottie, Natalie is trying to make sure Lisa doesn’t end up in the crosshairs. She is still haunted by what happened to Javi, and she foresees Lisa being put in a position where she could be sacrificed to save her life.

Separate from the preparations for the hunt are Jeff and Callie trying to find Shauna and end up leading Kevyn and Matt to the compound. Walter is also there, arriving separately and even finding Misty rather quickly, likely due to hacking her phone. He reassures her everything will be okay, but whether or not he means for his detective career or her, at first, is hard to tell.

Walter (Elijah Wood)
“Walter (Elijah Wood),” Yellowjackets, “Storytelling,” directed by Karyn Kusama, 2023, (Showtime)

But, with him poisoning Kevyn and getting Jeff to help him move the body, it seems clear where Walter’s loyalties lay. The same goes for Callie, who is increasingly empathetic towards her mom, especially when Jeff says anything critical of her. In fact, while she fears becoming like her mom, she does show restraint when Matt, as usual, picks on her. She has the gun Shauna took from the carjacker in her hands, but she holds back rather than kill Matt.

Sacrifices Have To Be Made For The Better Of All – Kevyn, Matt, Callie, Walter, Misty, Lottie, Van, Taissa, Shauna, Natalie, Lisa

So, how does the episode end? Well, Walter has created more than enough evidence to make Kevyn the fall guy for not only Adam’s murder but also Jessica’s. So, he sets Matt up to discover Kevyn, and Walter poses the question to Matt if he wants to be a hero or a target? Matt decides to be the hero who learns of what Kevyn did because that is how much of a bastard he is.

As for the whole sacrifice ritual? Everything happens as it used to. Masks are made, cards are drawn, and Shauna pulls the Queen of Hearts this time. She questions if this is when things stop, and they get serious about stopping Lottie, but as it is made clear the discussed plans have been abandoned, Shauna is forced to run.

Luckily, Callie shoots Lottie, stopping the madness, and Lisa later joins. This is very distracting for multiple parties. Lottie is quite taken by Callie and makes it seem like the entity possesses her, as she is the only biological child of any member of the Yellowjackets. But, with Lisa having a gun out, Misty brings her syringe out, and to save an innocent, Natalie sacrifices herself. Mind you, after doing so, she begins the five stages of grief and internally tries to bargain with death in the form of Javi, Lottie, and even her younger self. But ultimately, she is pronounced dead due to a drug overdose, and everyone now seems free from the entity of the wilderness, the police, and the various murders they committed – sans the ones in the wilderness that will likely haunt them till the day they die.

Collected Quotes

It’s Not Evil. It’s Just Hungry.
— Teen Lottie



Getting Rid Of Kevyn And Natalie

The whole Adam Martin investigation was going nowhere fast. Could Shauna and the rest be pushed to testify, questioned about the past, under oath, and divulge details they have kept to themselves for decades? Yes. However, would that be entertaining? No. So, killing off Kevyn, and showing Matt to just want fame over justice, allowed that storyline to have an ending. Not a satisfying one, since Kevyn wasn’t a bad guy, but as we’ve learned from the ladies’ time in the wilderness, there is no bad or good, just getting a bad hand.

Natalie (Juliette Lewis)
“Natalie (Juliette Lewis),” Yellowjackets, “Storytelling,” directed by Karyn Kusama, 2023, (Showtime)

Now, as for Natalie? While she did grow on us throughout the second season, there was always the potential she would peak this season and fall off in the next. Likely due to relapsing and Lisa being part of it. That scenario was set up as she warned Lisa not to get involved with the activities that were planned, and when Misty was ready to kill Lisa, it seemed like that would be the trigger, yet, Natalie sacrificed herself.

With that, we get two mercy killings within an hour, and while the story ends for Natalie, it also opens for Misty. That death made her immensely vulnerable and led to her best friend dying. This means Walter now has the ability to swoop in and fill that role, and considering Misty was on the path to healing, regarding her need to be needed, getting with a rich man who may want her but doesn’t need her will allow her to continue on her path towards growth.

Bouncing Around Who Is Truly Accountable For What Happened In The Woods

No one seems to want to accept accountability regarding what happened in the wilderness. In the past, Charlotte was pushed to accept it was her fault due to her being the leader and saying just enough to get someone like Misty started. Yet, Misty could be seen as twisting Charlotte’s words around. At the same time, Van came up with the card game to see who would be killed and Shauna? It can be submitted most of the girls wouldn’t be capable of chopping up someone. Never mind, she was one of the first to eat another person via Jackie, so she set a precedent and provided a path to survival.

And you can see in the adult years that no one really wants to take hold of their part in what went down except Natalie. She recognizes Javi’s death was her fault, and maybe, with becoming the leader after Lottie, she blamed herself for any deaths which followed. It’s hard to say who died as of yet since Van’s existence wasn’t confirmed till this season. Still, it makes Natalie’s end all the more fitting and full circle since she was the one who suffered and punished herself the most and finally got to be in peace.

On The Fence

Feeling Like Lisa Should Have Done Something

Misty stabbing Natalie and killing her, I think, should have led to a more notable reaction from Lisa. Her friend was killed by some stranger she just met, and we’re expected Lisa is just going to go along with the idea that Natalie overdosed? To me, if and when season 3 happens, I think Lisa should be promoted as someone who wants the truth of what happened in the woods in Cherry Hill, NY, and whether she gets it from Lottie or other means, I’m not saying she can be a formidable villain, considering what Walter is capable of, but she could be a thorn in everyone’s side that pushes more honesty than what most are capable or willing of.

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Asked & Answered

For More Information, Check Out The Character Guide

Why Is the Episode Called “Storytelling?”

Because Van, who often tells the ladies stories, decides to tell a new story based on what they are going through in the wilderness.

How Did Natalie Die?

As established, Misty usually has a cocktail-filled syringe to quickly and quietly kill people if she needs to. Perhaps even, at one point, Misty was going to kill Charlotte to end the hunt once she got her chance and was sure Van or someone else wouldn’t stop her. However, with Lisa showing up with a shotgun, unlike Callie with a handgun, she was seen as a much bigger threat and, thus, a target to be eliminated, especially since Natalie was moving like she wanted Lisa to be set up to be killed.
Yet, in the end, Natalie throws herself in the way, gets injected, and dies with Misty crying over her.

How Did Kevyn Die?

Like Misty, Walter likes to keep fast-acting cocktails on hand to get rid of people, and he has Kevyn drink some hot cocoa mixed with Phenobarbital to kill him. Though to ensure the job is thoroughly done, he also shoots Kevyn multiple times after he and Jeff dump Kevyn’s body into the trunk of a car.

Is Ben Still Alive?

While we still haven’t seen Ben in modern times, he does survive the season.

Is There Any Sign The Girls Will Be Found Anytime Soon Out In The Wilderness?

Consider this, Ben set the cabin the girls lived in on fire, and that sends a huge amount of smoke into the air. So while it isn’t clear what led to the girls being found yet, this could be a factor.

How Did The Adam Martin Case Get Resolved?

After Walter killed Kevyn, he made it so that Jessica’s case and Adam’s were linked to Kevyn. Walter’s narrative dealt with connecting bank transactions and phone calls to both, and Kevyn taking Adam’s case to impede the truth coming out. Now, what truth would that be? What financial transactions would have been done, and what would be on the phone records to present a motive? That isn’t said. It is just made clear a notable amount of evidence would make Kevyn look guilty, and if Matt didn’t co-sign and become a hero, Walter would instead make Matt look like the villain.

Did Lisa Do Anything After Natalie Died?

Yes, she ran off.

What’s Going To Happen To Everyone Who Was Part Of Charlotte’s Cult?

No idea. Lottie does end the episode being taken away, and being that we’re never told how she handles taxes, utilities, or any of the bills of the place, either someone will take up what she started or the place will fall apart.

What Happens If You Refuse To Draw A Card?

Based on the way Lottie talks, refusing to draw a card is akin to drawing the Queen of Hearts.

Natalie (Sophie Thatcher)
Yellowjackets: Season 2/ Episode 9 “Storytelling” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
“Yellowjackets” ends its second season damn near like it isn’t expecting a third, at least regarding the storyline of the adults.
Bouncing Around Who Is Truly Accountable For What Happened In The Woods
Getting Rid Of Kevyn And Natalie
Feeling Like Lisa Should Have Done Something

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