Yellowjackets: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Alongside learning what led to Jackie dying, the night of the high school reunion for the class of 1996 leads to a shocking reveal of who (likely) killed Travis.

Alongside learning what led to Jackie dying, the night of the high school reunion for the class of 1996 leads to a shocking reveal of who (likely) killed Travis.

Aired 1/16/2022
Network Showtime
Directed By Eduardo Sanchez
Written By Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson
Introduced This Episode
Randy                Jeff Holman
Allie Tonya Cornelisse


You Gotta Learn To Roll With The Punches – Jackie, Shauna, Charlotte, Ben, Misty, Natalie, Travis, Taissa

The time has come! Jackie reveals Shauna slept with Jeff, and honestly, no one cares. Why? Well, because there are bigger issues than Jackie’s feelings being hurt. Misty drugged them all, and it led to a shared experience that is fuzzy, and what can be remembered is traumatic. And what doesn’t help is Jackie being one of the few who can remember everything and damning everyone for what happened.

So with her taking a stand and talking about sleeping outside, despite Ben’s protests, she stays out there and ends up freezing to death. This is why Jackie’s death weighs on Shauna’s conscience because their fight led to Jackie being out there, and due to Shauna not heeding Taissa’s advice to go out there and reconcile, Jackie is dead.

Though, she may not be the only dead out there. It doesn’t appear that Natalie and Travis could find Javi, so there could be a chance he is dead too. At least, considering we didn’t see him when Shauna discovered Jackie’s corpse.

Don’t Trust Anyone With A Connect At The Morgue – Misty, Shauna, Taissa, Natalie, Jessica, Simone

Misty is a killer. She swoops in, calm, cool, even with a few jokes, as she starts handing out assignments so that Adam’s murder can be bleached and burned away. It’s all really shocking, yet, with it being Misty, are you surprised she has a connection at the morgue or that she kills Jessica by putting fentanyl in her cigarettes? You shouldn’t be.

However, what you should be shocked by is Taissa winning her election and Simone finding a shrine featuring the family’s dog’s head, Sammy’s toy, and a clear sign Taissa is into the occult.

What If You Were Searching For Answers That Didn’t Exist? – Shauna, Natalie, Charlotte, Randy, Jess, Allie

Misty, Natalie, Taissa, and Shauna arriving to their class reunion

All Natalie was hoping for was some answers. She needed Travis to not have killed herself for with their stories mirroring each other so much if he was willing and able to die, what does that mean for her? So, as promised to Misty, she shows up to the reunion where Allie is making things a spectacle and acting as if those who shared their graduating class with Natalie and the others had the same trauma. What a joke.

But, as Allie gives her speeches and tries to be included in a mini-yellowjacket reunion, Randy is freaking out. Thus, Shauna warns him that with her being unable to get angry at her husband, Randy will be dismembered beyond recognition if he crosses her. And with that, you can see Shauna has fully gotten her groove back since, between chopping up a body, threatening a person’s life, and her and Jeff having a new secret to rekindle their marriage, she is in bliss.

However, while Misty found joy by hanging out with the ladies, Shauna found herself back to having good times with her husband, and Taissa won her election? Natalie isn’t in a good place like the rest. Kevyn seemingly has found someone new or reunited with the mother of his children. So, her plan was to kill herself, Kurt Cobain style. But, no sooner than she was ready to kill herself, she is whisked away by people who have necklaces with that symbol on them, and Suzie calls noting Charlotte was involved with Travis’ bank account closing.



Learning How Jackie Died

Jackie realizing she is dead

Jackie’s death was one of the first confirmed, but it was always a bit murky how and when she died. We never saw pictures of her getting older, so we knew she had to at least have died in her 20s. But considering her souring relationships with everyone, the possibility of her being one of the first fed on was also an option. So to learn she died because of her own stubbornness seemed appropriate since, while everyone else adapted and accepted the shift that has happened in her life, she was determined to starve, pout, and try to bring her old selfish ways to this new life.

So, her being frozen in place is almost poetic.

How Charlotte Has Been Built Up To Be A Major Player In Season 2

Charlotte has always been a background character, but throughout the season, as her medication waned and powers grew, she became a bigger and bigger force. One that, while everyone was under mushrooms, even became a leader of sorts. So, fast forward 25 years and us learning she is the head of a cult that likely murdered Travis? I don’t know who is going to play Charlotte as an adult, but they certainly have a lot of hype behind their debut and might hold the most anticipated role of the second season.

Natalie’s Rock Bottom

Jackie’s death was something good to know, but Natalie’s potential suicide was an intense and emotional moment. We’ve seen Natalie’s highs and lows, laughed at her, with her, and while Travis was an unfortunate focus with her story, you got it. He was her first and potentially only love, who she was an addict with and tried to stay clean and alive for as well. So without the belief he was murdered, that he gave up, and their history being so intertwined, there was more than a suspension of disbelief – there was the need to truly question, is this it for it felt like it could be.

Learning Taissa Eventually Embraced The Occult

Taissa learning she won her election

When it comes to Taissa, there is a need to question what was in her basement. Was the occult material born out of becoming a follower of Charlotte or tapping into what her family perhaps was already into? For, lest we forget, Taissa, in 1996, was a teenager and could have been rebelling against the spiritual practices of her family. Hence, the man with no eyes could have been a spirit conjured or one that the family usually protected itself against – who knows?

But, with seeing an altar in Taissa’s basement, so comes the question of what kind of magic is she conjuring? Yes, we see the symbol from the woods, but that symbol predates her arrival. So could she be mixing and matching, strictly following Charlotte’s teachings and visions? There are a lot of questions to ask here.

Misty, The Serial Killer

I don’t know how they do it, but they continue to have it where Misty keeps finding ways to unnerve you more and more. For whether it is how nonchalant she is about killing Adam or how she handles Jessica, it really makes you question, as a nurse and an amateur detective, how dangerous is she really? Never mind, where is her line regarding when she’ll cut you off like she was planning to with Natalie or when she will kill you?

Alongside that, was her talking about telling her story a real thing? A part of me feels like, while Misty likes attention, getting to be part of the girl gang at the reunion is what she really wants. She wants to drink with the crew, laugh, be there for them in their darkest moments, just do all the things she couldn’t as a teen. You know, like Shauna was doing with Adam, to make up for lost time?

But, we’ll see in season 2 if she decides to go rogue and spill the tea.

Shauna & Jeff’s Relationship Healing Due To A New Secret

It’s weird to say, but I think the issue between Shauna and Jeff was the secret that brought them together, him cheating on Jackie and Shauna being Jackie’s best friend; once that fizzled out and was no longer scandalous, that tanked the marriage. But now, with Adam’s murder, Jeff blackmailing the ladies, and Shauna’s affair, it seems that brought them closer than ever. Once again, they have a shared secret, something that makes it, so it is them versus the world, and strangely enough, they now appear almost normal despite the reasons they are closer.

On The Fence

The Reunion Having A Slight Build Up, But Nothing Ultimately Happening

While only Jeff really noted the reunion, I must admit it did feel like a reason to get hyped up. It would be one of the few times the members of the Yellowjackets we know are alive would be seen in public together, and it was the opportunity to see other members and confirm they’re still around. We could have seen Ben, with a husband, and maybe one of those fancy leg pieces. Van could have been there with her own wife or single and flirting with Taissa. There was so much potential there, and yet all we got was seeing Randy and Allie. With Allie trying to grasp onto some of the ladies’ trauma without the harrowing experience.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So how big and how dangerous is the cult Charlotte runs?
  2. Was Taissa indoctrinated into Charlotte’s cult through Van and eventually believing Charlotte had foresight and powers, or could it be her family was always into occult magic, and she just hid it because she didn’t want to be ostracized?
  3. Did they eat Jackie?
  4. How will Taissa being a State Senator change things in season 2?
  5. Was Jessica really a fixer, or just saying that to get out of Misty’s basement?
    1. Also, if she was, did Taissa potentially pay for Jessica’s more violent services?
  6. Was anyone else confused as to why the bear gave itself over to the girls?
  7. While we know Misty has her detective group, did anyone else find it weird how she had a quick and easy plan for disposing of a body as if she did it before? Or should we write this off as Misty not having to get ready for she stays ready?
  8. With Charlotte’s life confirmed, who was running in episode one in that nightgown? Does Charlotte have people meant to be sacrificed wear that to honor Laura Lee?
  9. So, where is Javi? He wasn’t found as of the end of this episode.
  10. Who was Kevyn with at the reunion? The mother of his children?
  11. Who was that creepy figure in the doorway who was dead alongside Laura Lee? That wasn’t Coach Martinez, so who was that? Was it supposed to be the guy who died in the house?
  12. Will we learn about the man with no eyes in season 2?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Us seeing Charlotte as an adult and learn why she felt the need for Travis to be killed
  2. I bet Taissa’s family was into hoodoo, or some other indigenous practice, hence the appearance of spirits, among other things, in their lives.
  3. Jessica’s death causing a stir with Taissa since she hired her
  4. Us seeing more of Allie
  5. Kevyn either investigating Jessica’s death or being part of the investigation into Adam, especially if Shauna didn’t handle destroying his phone and sim card (which we don’t see her do)
  6. Hopefully, we’ll get to know the four girls we saw when Jackie’s death we get confirmed who likely are part of the JV team – since their existence right now is just reoccurring extras.

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