Wicca Book – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

Thanks to minimal dialog, “Wicca Book” has a specific creep factor but leaves you disconnected from its characters.

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A demonic symbol in the Wicca book

Thanks to minimal dialog, “Wicca Book” has a specific creep factor but leaves you disconnected from its characters.

Created By Vahagn Karapetyan
Directed By Vahagn Karapetyan
Written By Vahagn Karapetyan
Aired (TBD) TBD
Genre(s) Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Introduced This Episode
Man Christos Diamontoudis
Mia Kika Zachariadou
Woman Stelina Vogiatzi
Devil Nikos TsolerdisV

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

A single book with the ability to make someone a witch, is passed around and curses all who touches it. But, in time, there is an effort to make it so the demon who shall come forth from the book won’t be released. That is, if someone can stop the person hell-bent on making sure the demon comes out.


Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)


It Does Present A Certain Creep Factor

Satanic symbolism, dark figures, and vying for power are consistently seen in “Wicca Book,” and while you don’t get to know a single person, and even Mia is an unknown figure, it doesn’t take away from the fear it could inspire. After all, considering how little you know about your neighbors, can you imagine what they have going on behind closed doors? Much less if those plans include you?


The Disconnect You May Feel To The Characters

The preview we got was around 30 minutes, and unfortunately, in that time span, you don’t get to know the characters of “Wicca Book.” In fact, Mia might be named, but she sometimes feels interchangeable with the character known as “The Woman” due to there being little to no dialog. Add in most of the production is dark, so it makes visually differentiating them difficult, so creates the issue of becoming attached to a specific character. Ultimately making it where only the presence of the hooded figure someone you can consistently identify and any sense of fear conjured solely if you can put yourself in a character’s shoes.


Made For

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First Impression: Divisive

Despite the plethora of horror productions out there, it isn’t an easy genre to do. As noted in another review, it requires a villain who strikes terror, characters who inspire investment, and the ability to make it so it isn’t only the characters who are scared but you as well. In “Wicca Book,” there is an attempt to do these things but it doesn’t come together as needed. However, in a dark room, with the right amount of paranoia about what goes on next door, at the very least, “Wicca Book” will make you a bit more aware of the sounds that happen outside your door.


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