Wednesday in her Rave'n Dress
"Wednesday in her Rave'n Dress," Wednesday, "Woe What a Night," directed by Tim Burton, 2022, (Netflix)

At the Rave’n dance, Bianca and Xavier open up to Wednesday unexpectedly, as one beloved character is pranked and another possibly killed.

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At the Rave’n dance, Bianca and Xavier open up to Wednesday unexpectedly, as one beloved character is pranked and another possibly killed.

Aired (Netflix) 11/23/2022
Episode Title Woe What a Night
Director(s) Tim Burton
Writer(s) Kayla Alpert
Introduced This Episode
Lucas Iman Marson


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I’m Just Trying To Help – Xavier, Wednesday, Sheriff Galpin, Thing, Eugene

Wednesday has some strange need or desire to work with Sheriff Galpin rather than solve the case herself and then present the evidence to him or Larissa. But, with him not thinking highly of her, she and Thing do their own investigation at the morgue, where they learn the beast isn’t just mauling people but surgically removing body parts.

Then, with Xavier, Wednesday investigates his secret studio and learns he has seen the monster, and with Eugene’s help, finds not only a cave drawn in one of Xavier’s pieces but a claw and shackles. But, when she doubles back for more evidence and to maybe connect Xavier to the scene, she is caught and unable to distract him by tapping into his feelings. For at this point, it seems they are only leading to pain as he learns she doesn’t care about him, just this case, and no amount of vulnerability or honesty will work with her – at least in his case.

So Much For The Original Plan – Thing, Wednesday, Lucas, Xavier, Bianca, Larissa, Marilyn, Eugene, Tyler

One of the many things worth questioning in this episode is why Thing gets involved in Wednesday’s love life? He surely is aware of the drama with Xavier, but rather than let Eugene and Wednesday continue their investigation, he pushes Tyler and Wednesday together. He even steals her a dress for the Rave’n – a dance Marilyn has planned, and has been going on for ages. In fact, we learn Larissa went when she was a student, and the guy she liked asked Morticia out.

But Larissa’s jealousy aside, Xavier’s is the one that is worth noting. In fact, his jealousy leads to not only him revealing why he has beef with Tyler but also opens the door for Bianca and Wednesday to have a nice moment. First, regarding Tyler, it seems it was only a year ago that Lucas, the Mayor’s son, Tyler, and the others, were bullying those who went to Nevermore, and Tyler led a rather nasty attack on Xavier that, for whatever reason, Xavier didn’t speak about to anyone.

As for Bianca? After Xavier asks her to use her Siren’s song to wipe his mind of Wednesday, it seems she is done with him. The same song he accused her of using to control him, he wants her to use to wipe his mind of another girl? It is too much so she walks away, and in this vulnerable moment, Wednesday and she have a sweet one. Bianca and Wednesday offer one another compliments, with no sense of irony, as Wednesday calls her beautiful, and Bianca notes how she envies how Wednesday doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Which has long been a problem for Bianca since she never knows who likes or cares for her, or who maybe is under her spell – which an amulet she wears only has so much of an ability to mute.

Now, as for Tyler and how Wednesday feels about what he did? She seems to like him enough to never mind what he did and just enjoy dancing with, or rather around, him.

An Emotional Night – Eugene, Wednesday, Marilyn, Enid, Lucas, Ajax

Lucas asking Enid out to the Rave'n
“Lucas asking Enid out to the Rave’n,” Wednesday, “Woe What a Night,” directed by Tim Burton, 2022, (Netflix)

But, of course, the dance can’t end on a high note. Lucas and his boys ruin it by having red paint flood the sprinkler system, and with Marilyn planning a white party, it ruins everyone’s outfit. Mind you, at one time, Lucas changed his mind since, while he originally wanted to use Enid, since she is an easy mark, with learning they liked the same sports team and movies, he was coming around.

Alas, with the prank, he ruins what could have been but does open the door for Ajax, who reveals he accidentally stones himself and is given quick forgiveness. Which leads to a makeout session. However, with it being agreed they’ll take it slow, it is hard to say if this is a relationship and, if it is, will it be a public one or kept on the down low?

Now, as for how Wednesday reacts to all of this? Strangely, she doesn’t seek revenge. In fact, she doesn’t even have time to be disappointed that Lucas’ friends didn’t use pig’s blood and create a full “Carrie” moment. She gets a vision about Eugene being in trouble, and by the time she finds him, he has already been attacked, with Marilyn not too far behind her. Leaving you to wonder more and more, could she be the monster?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Xavier gain control of his powers, and what damage was done before he could? Especially since it seems they could potentially spring from his dreams or, rather said, nightmares?
  2. Why is Wednesday so hellbent on working with Sheriff Galpin considering his hatred for outcasts and low opinion of her father?
  3. So was Ajax becoming stoned a complete accident and he wasn’t sabotaged?
  4. Was it Gomez that picked Morticia over Larissa, thus leading back to the theory Larissa framed him for murder?
  5. Am I the only one surprised the only comment on Wednesday’s dancing was Bianca praising her for not caring what others think?
  6. How do most feel about interspecies relationships? Like Enid (Lycan) and Ajax (Gorgon)?
  7. Why was Gomez sent to Nevermore? Also, considering Morticia has psychic abilities, what are his? There has yet to be a normie presented in this show who goes to that school.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Wednesday exploring her feelings towards Xavier
  2. Eugene potentially being immortal, or having some other peculiarity, and being alive
  3. Larissa not going against Wednesday, but definitely having a moment with Morticia about this unspoken rivalry they had

Collected Quote(s)

Fire tests gold, suffering tests a woman.
— Bianca (quoting her mom)


Notable Performances or Moments

Bianca opening up to Wednesday about her relationship with Xavier
“Bianca opening up to Wednesday about her relationship with Xavier,” Wednesday, “Woe What a Night,” directed by Tim Burton, 2022, (Netflix)
  1. Bianca having a honest, heart-to-heart moment with Wednesday


A Recognition Wednesday Wants To Feel More, But Isn’t Able To

As noted in the first episode, there was a time Wednesday let herself feel but then drained herself of any and all feeling after her scorpion was killed. However, it seems she is now overwhelmed by emotion, and there are little cracks here and there caused by these new people in her life. Between Eugene reminding her of Pugsley, Xavier’s confession, and even Tyler’s acceptance of her, and vice versa, she is more and more emotionally engaged and doesn’t seem to recognize it.

So between love, tears, or another feeling she has long pushed down, it seems she’ll soon burst at the seems, and even if just a single tear, eventually, she is going to lose control.

Enid’s Need For Some Sort Of Connection

While Enid can be a bit annoying, and seem like the best friend from a Disney Channel show, potentially “The Descendants,” you can’t deny her value. She has already become someone Wednesday has invested in, and is part of chipping away at the wall she has made, but in her own right she has value. Mainly in watching her pursuit for a connection, you see while not desperate, there is a longing, an openness, and it helps you understand why Wednesday doesn’t just put up with her but likes her.

After all, if Wednesday didn’t, she wouldn’t let her in about the investigation or move her evidence out of their room for Enid’s sake.

On The Fence

They Couldn’t Have Killed Eugene

Wednesday over Eugene, after he was attacked
“Wednesday over Eugene, after he was attacked,” Wednesday, “Woe What a Night,” directed by Tim Burton, 2022, (Netflix)

We haven’t really learned why Eugene is at Nevermore, and being that Nevermore is home mainly to those who have powers, I don’t like that they are dangling his potential death out there. Even if to up the ante for Wednesday’s investigation, there surely could have been other ways.

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Wednesday in her Rave'n Dress
Wednesday: Season 1/ Episode 4 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As Wednesday finds herself more and more confronted with her own, and other people’s, emotions, paired with the need to question who, of the introduced cast, could be the monster, things are getting notably interesting.
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A Recognition Wednesday Wants To Feel More, But Isn’t Able To
Bianca having a honest, heart-to-heart moment with Wednesday
Enid’s Need For Some Sort Of Connection
They Couldn’t Have Killed Eugene

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