Wayne: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Chapter Eight: Musta Burned Like Hell…” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

We meet Wayne’s mom this episode, and the man who has distracted her for 11 years, as well as learn a few things about Orlando.

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Del and Wayne sleeping in the back of someone's car.

We meet Wayne’s mom this episode, and the man who has distracted her for 11 years, as well as learn a few things about Orlando.

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Director(s) Michael Patrick Jann
Writer(s) Spencer Sloan
Air Date 1/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
Reggie Francesco Antonio
Maureen Michaela Watkins
Calvin Kirk Ward

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The Responsible One: Orlando, Principal Cole

With every episode, we’re reminded that Wayne isn’t the only one going through stuff. Orlando, for example, isn’t just the man of the house because his dad isn’t there, but also because his grandmother has dementia. Meaning he is the one who has to make sure bills are paid, helps his grandmother with health insurance forms, and makes sure she doesn’t do anything which can destroy their home. Making this road trip a bit of a vacation for him and it further explains his relationship with Wayne and Principal Cole. For with Orlando having to worry about a full-grown adult a lot of the time, getting to be taken care of, worried about, and protected is nice.


Orlando explaining that for a long time in his life, he had to be the grown up and Principal Cole taking up that role felt nice.
Orlando: It’s nice to have someone else be the grown-up for once in my life.

While neither Orlando nor Cole may ever become a selling point on the show, with time they do grow on you. Orlando now isn’t just this annoying kid who gets beat up for selling counterfeit stuff. We learn the reason why he sells is to make ends meet. The reason he needs Wayne in his life is he can’t continue his business without Wayne’s protection. Also, Wayne is perhaps one of the few people who treat Orlando like a friend. Which, when you live in an area as Orlando does, finding yourself a Wayne is a Godsend. They protect you, are someone to talk to, and while you may not have much to give in return, usually they are thankful for what little you can give. Notably the essential thing: Time.

But, with us learning Orlando is being raised, or rather his grandma is keeping him out of foster care, so comes the question of where are his parents? Should we assume they are addicts or dead? With his grandmother thinking he is 47, was that the age of his father before he left or passed away? Also, considering his grandma got dementia and had at least one child, and Orlando knows about the south, surely there has to be someone checking on him right? A person, or people, who pitch in?

Ma?: Maureen, Calvin, Reggie, Del, Wayne

While Wayne’s focus has been on his car, that is in Reggie’s possession, after tracking down Reggie, pissing him off, and beating up his muscle, he comes face to face with his mother. This leads to a whole lot of awkward moments. Many of which come from Reggie and his father Calvin who flaunt the relationship they have with Wayne’s mom Maureen, as well as having ownership of Wayne’s car. However, Del jumps in too by questioning Maureen being a mother able to abandon her son.

Now, in case you was thinking she’d explain herself, that doesn’t happen this episode. Mostly because Wayne isn’t asking questions and only Del is pushing the subject. But it is hinted that Wayne Sr. was a hot head and worked all the time and, assumingly, that is part of the reason she left.


Maureen (Michael Watkins) saying hi to Wayne.
Maureen (Michael Watkins)

There are certain elements to all this which confuses me. First and foremost, is Maureen the mother of Wayne Jr and Wayne’s brother? Also, considering what happened to Wayne as a child, getting a black eye and his brother putting nail polish all over his face, where was Maureen? She mentions she was a manicurist at one time, but could she and Wayne Sr. not afford a babysitter? Heck, considering Wayne’s unnamed brother seemed to be alone with him a lot, how old is that dude? We hear the worse things about him but haven’t seen a picture, gotten a name, nothing.

That thought aside, it is kind of weird how easily Maureen welcomed Wayne, isn’t it? You haven’t seen the kid in 11 years, at most sent a postcard, never called, and he just slips right in like he spends the summers in Florida. Never mind the fact Wayne knocked out one of Reggie’s friends and nothing came of that. Well, besides Reggie and Calvin flaunting what they have since clearly they can’t take Wayne on physically. Though if you think a fight won’t break out by the season finale, we may have been watching two different shows.

Where Is My Place In All This?: Wayne, Maureen, Del

Maureen enters Wayne’s life, and with that, Del is forced to see she really does have a puppy on her hands. One that has never minded the whole idea of getting his father’s car and leaving, now he is smitten with his mom and follows her about like he is still 5. With him doing so, it leaves Del unsure what is she doing and what is her place in Wayne’s life? He is in fully mommy’s boy mode and isn’t making sure to hold Del’s hand or none of that.

So, rather than let things fester, the issue is addressed after Del tries to steal some beard oil – and wants to get caught intentionally. This leads to Del pointing out Maureen left Wayne and him reminding her that Del left him too. Also, he brings up the bus ticket back up plan which puts Del on the defense. The king which, since she isn’t in an advantageous position, she decides she’d rather leave than fight a losing battle.


Wayne dealing with his abandonment issues.
Wayne: You’re gonna leave me.

I think it says a lot about Wayne how he does what another person wants or needs to keep them around. With Orlando, while he causes trouble for Wayne, having some semblance of friendship seems worth it to him. When it comes to Del, having someone to kiss, hold hands with, feel the love from, it pushed him so far out of his comfort zone. Del even, with pushing Wayne to drink coffee, which he hates, continues to do what make her happy over himself. Yet, before you damn Del, you got to take note of Del’s position in all this.

Lest we forget, Del’s mom died mysteriously, and here she has Wayne’s mom who is very nonchalant about leaving her son when he was 5. Mind you, not leaving him with an ex fully capable of taking care of him. Wayne Sr. worked so much it was an issue in their relationship and Wayne’s older brother clearly couldn’t be trusted alone with Wayne. So imagine seeing this guy you love fall head over heels for someone who is part of the reason his life is so messed up.

But, you have to also add that now Del sees that maybe she wasn’t as special as she thought she was. Wayne being willing to wear shorts and take pictures, almost smile even, he was adapting to what Maureen wanted just like he did for Del. Which, of course, would make sense for someone like Wayne who didn’t have a mom most of his life. However, the entrance of another woman, even if it is Wayne’s mom, forced Del to really take stock of what a relationship with Wayne might be like. If some woman, or a nice person, smiled in Wayne’s face, would this mean Del would have to monitor that relationship and deal with Wayne making excuses? Does she have the patience for that?

Also, with Wayne bringing up her leaving, and him constantly thinking she may do it again, even to the point of being willing to abandon her himself, what does that mean for their relationship? Will his insecurity, and hers if we’re honest, be something they can work through? Yes, they took a long journey together, but it has been one that has always left Del with options because she is the “victim,” the one who has a family, and as seen in Richmond Hill, she could easily make new friends and not need Wayne. However, now things are flipped with her being the outsider since Wayne is the one who has found a place where Del isn’t necessary.

Del abandoning Wayne.

Making it so, overall, it should be interesting to see if this relationship can survive when both sides have options, and the power dynamic isn’t in Del’s favor.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will we meet Wayne’s older brother anytime this season?
  2. Did Maureen have any family in Brockton? Did they ever check on Wayne or know about him?


  1. Orlando revealing more information about himself.
  2. Us meeting Maureen and her being surprisingly sweet to Wayne.
  3. Del and Wayne’s relationship dynamic now being equal, rather than lopsided, and that forcing Del to adjust.

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