An Acceptable Loss builds upon the patriotism of movies released in the past and questions what is justifiable so Americans can feel safe?

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An Acceptable Loss builds upon the patriotism of movies released in the past and questions what is justifiable so Americans can feel safe?

Director(s) Joe Chappelle
Written By Joe Chappelle
Date Released 1/18/2019
Genre(s) Political, Action, Thriller
Good If You Like Politics

A Slight Air of Mystery

Seeing Women In Power & Taking The Lead

Isn’t For You If You Want Deep Twists & Turns
Noted Cast
Elizabeth Tika Sumpter
Rachel Jamie Lee Curtis
Adrian Jeff Hephner
Martin Ben Tavassoli
Jordan Alex Weisman

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An Acceptable Loss Plot Summary (Ending Explained on 2nd Page)

Elizabeth has been separated from being a National Security Advisor for four years now. To her, it was the right decision, the just decision, but it remains a decision that polarizes many. Not her resignation but the reason for her resignation. However, with a heavy conscious, she seeks a way to unburden herself. Leaving us to question, will she be unburdened by a confession or death? Also, if death ends up what relieves her from her guilt, who will be her executioner?


How What Elizabeth Did Is Drawn Out

Elizabeth (Tika Sumpter) taking note her mother still refuses to talk to her.
Elizabeth (Tika Sumpter)

I would never call myself a patient person. It’s perhaps why there aren’t a considerable amount of mysteries on the site. Yet, a well-done mystery, like Sharp Objects, qualms my need to know and can drag things out in a titillating way. Now, let me say, An Acceptable Loss isn’t on the level of Sharp Objects but does give you the need to get excited as we wait to hear what Elizabeth is being damned for. Especially considering how people react to her. Many divert their eyes, others stare, very few thank Elizabeth, and one man confronts her in a public place. Heck, what she did is so bad her mother won’t talk to her.

It is laying down that series of bread crumbs which will have you wondering what in the hell did this woman do? Especially considering how aggressively she is pursued to keep her mouth shut.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Due to my age, I know Jamie Lee Curtis for only two things: Being in the original Halloweenir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=e39238b6c86154a7a8f85ec4d49748ee& cb=1547961952977 and Freaky Fridayir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=23d5aad9f4ecd62e1011e6f9b345bedb& cb=1547961961128 – that’s it. So between a horror movie, a classic one, and one of the handful of movies which made Lindsay Lohan seem like she’d be the biggest star of my generation. The combination of those two movies was all I thought of when I thought of her and all I expected. That changed with An Acceptable Loss.

Rachel (Jamie Lee Curtis) having a bit of a Hillary Clinton moment after something major happens in the movie.
Rachel (Jamie Lee Curtis)

Curtis finds a way to harness that “America! F*** YEAH!” spirit of the pro-America movies we’ve been getting since 2014’s American Sniper but brings a sense of complication those didn’t have. For rather than be a soldier on the battlefield, she is one of the people giving them their orders. While many of them will remain nameless, just pawns in a chess game, she is the queen who chooses who gets sacrificed all the while controlling the board as no other piece can. Always, of course, fiercely protecting herself and trying to protect those who sit with her in the back row.

This brings about a darker side to Curtis which isn’t crazed or maniacal but calculated. She is the one who is willing to take on the weight of the world and make the decisions necessary to win the hearts of the scared who vote religiously for, despite them being nowhere near where any foreign terrorist would hit, they fear for their lives. And with a stomach for doing what it takes, and knowing who she needs to use, or ally with, to get what she wants, Curtis brings to Rachel someone who may seem like a villain but honestly leaves you in awe.

I’d even argue, ultimately, what Curtis brings is the ability to understand why fascist are able to rise. For there is a confidence, charisma, a sense of being assured, that enraptures you. Making it so, even though you know what they are doing is wrong, you feel like they are doing what they are for your benefit. Not because they are paranoid about their safety, wanting to start a war to continue the military industrial complex, but because they care about the safety of you and your family. That’s the energy Curtis brings, and while you admire it, as the high wears off, you can’t help but become a bit disgusted with yourself at the same time.

You May Not Be Able To Predict The Ending

I’m not going to pretend we get some masterful twists out of this movie. However, what we do get is what may not necessarily be expected. Do the good guys win, are the bad guys punished, do we get to see Elizabeth vindicated? There are questions you should ask and that I’m not putting on the first page. For the turns this film takes and the decisions some make to protect the truth from the public, or to get it to the public, are a tad too enjoyable to spoil.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Purchase, Rent, Get Tickets, or Merchandise On (Amazonir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=460051d07181e4e50acf8ac24f8da35d& cb=1547962050889)

Rachel (Jamie Lee Curtis) trying to talk some sense into Elizabeth.
Rachel (Jamie Lee Curtis)

While you may see low ratings on various websites, you’re not going to see that here. Thanks to Curtis’ performance, and Sumpter’s, to a point, we are given a patriotic film which goes beyond some sense of American exceptionalism, and being an exception to the law. Instead, we get a film which questions what the humane response is? Where is the line for the average American’s safety? Also, does the public really need to know why they can watch late night tv in peace? Does the American public deserve to know the inner workings of government?

Now, I won’t pretend the movie gets deep, but it does trigger some things to think about. Hence why An Acceptable Loss is being rated positive. The combination of Curtis’ performance and how Elizabeth’s truth is handled brings about an entertaining film. By no means a classic, but for something to watch on a day with nothing better to do, it is worth checking out.

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