Del and Wayne kissing.

Wayne and Del hit another milestone in their relationship as they barely miss Jay and Sgt Geller.

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Wayne and Del hit another milestone in their relationship as they barely miss Jay and Sgt Geller.

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Director(s) Stephanie Laing
Writer(s) Shawn Simmons
Air Date 1/16/2019

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Daddy Issues: Bobby, Carl, Teddy, Geller, Jay

With Bobby having broken bones and a collapsed lung, he isn’t going anywhere. On top of that, because the twins revealing Bobby is an alcoholic, he isn’t allowed painkillers. Thus making it Bobby pissed for he has nothing to drown out his pain. But, while Bobby is raising hell, Jay reminisces about his father. A man who was violent and beat on him and his sisters. Yet, taking note he still loved him anyway, Sgt. Geller hopes to trick Del to come to the hospital rather than continue to chase her and Wayne.


The twins dealing with being berated by Bobby.

While we often hear about a mother’s love and the complicated relationship many have with their mom, it is interesting for Wayne to do the opposite. Be it Teddy and Carl, or even Jay, hearing and seeing them talk about their dads, without much nice to say, but be there for them is touching. Take Jay, for example, while a jolly dude, most of the time, knowing he and his sisters got beat adds a layer to him. It also helps explain why he is close and cares about Sgt. Geller so much. For while Jay had a dad, who he loved despite the way he acted, a lot of those complications aren’t there with Geller.

Then, with the twins, you see what Jay talks about in action. We have yet to hear Bobby say a kind word to the twins, even when Donna was around, and he even forgot their birthday. Yet, who is there by his bedside? Who, despite the verbal and sometimes physical abuse, wants to spend time with their old man? They do. Heck, as we see later on, even Del, hearing her dad as bad as ever, sees him, gets him a drink, because that’s her old man.

Saying Goodbye: Trish, Jenny, Del, Wayne

After the party, everyone heads to Jenny’s house and while Wayne is given pills for his pain, which makes him very pleasant, Jenny and Trish are having sex. Oh, and Del sleeps in Jenny’s tub. Leading to things getting a bit weird the following morning as Jenny’s father arrives and seems to be fine with his daughter pulling up her pants and Wayne in his underwear. Mind you, this is with Wayne clearly high from the pills and Jenny trying to hide him. But, with Wayne outing Jenny, we’re left seeing Jenny’s dad trying to process what he was told and neverminding all else.

Then we awkwardly cut to Wayne seeing Bobby get beaten up on a gas station TV and hearing he is in critical condition – leaving Wayne with a moral decision. Should he tell Del or let it go? Well, considering he got to say goodbye to his dad and Del didn’t for her mom, he decides to risk it all and, once more, put her needs before his.


Jenny questioning why Wayne outed her?
Jenny: Did you just out me to my fucking dad?

I wonder if there may come a point when Wayne gets upset that he makes all these sacrifices for Del’s comfort? There isn’t a strong reason to believe he will, but you’d have to imagine with him changing for her benefit episode to episode, also showing how easily influenced he is by people around him, will someone negative ever catch his ear? Someone who doesn’t give him good advice?

Another thing to question is what happened after Jenny’s dad learned she was gay? Jenny just looks at Wayne, who is high, shocked and questions why he did that, and that’s it. Considering how close Del was to the girls, and how big of a thing Wayne did, I wonder if they may ever revisit Richmond Hill and see the aftermath of him outing her. Maybe after he gets his car back?

I’ll Be There For You: Del, Wayne, Bobby, Sgt. Geller, Jay

Once Del and Wayne get to the hospital, initially he was going to let her go by herself. Not because of him afraid of cops, though that is an issue of them being there. More so it deals with his dad. You see, when Wayne Sr. first got sick, he was under the impression being in a hospital would make him better. However, with his dad getting worse, it makes hospitals a bit of a trigger for Wayne Jr. But, as it becomes clear Del could use his support, he sets aside his feelings and joins her. However, Bobby, while happy to see Del, gets pissed when he sees Wayne. Thus leading to Sgt. Geller eventually catching the two.

This leads to the moment when Geller tries to appeal to Wayne, but ultimately fails. In fact, he gets a hammer to the head for his efforts and thus ends Geller being about second chances when it comes to Wayne.


Jay asking Geller if he wants to reconsider his thoughts on Wayne.
Jay: They’re gone, Sarge. What do you think about your boy now?

Wayne has truly messed up now. Geller could have pushed for things to have gone easy on Wayne when it comes to the arson case, maybe help him start a new life. However, with clocking him on the head and intentionally evading him, what can he do now? While Wayne does have the benefit of Geller and Jay not being on duty when Geller is assaulted, there remains the issue of Wayne’s past crimes. Crimes which may still include kidnapping and being that Wayne doesn’t have much in the way of advocates, losing two cops won’t help his case(s).

But, all that aside, Wayne and Del kissing is such a highlight. Yeah, they haven’t had that boyfriend and girlfriend conversation, yet, but they’re working their way there. And considering Wayne might be coming face to face with his mom soon, a person he hasn’t seen in 11 years, Del being committed to him might be what he needs. Especially if she cracks this almost indifferent exterior and causes 11 years of rage, among other feelings, to spill out.


  1. The way Del and Wayne’s relationship is progressing.
  2. Us hearing, from most characters, the complicated relationships people have with their dads.

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