A newspaper article about Wayne allegedly kidnapping Del.

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While things remain a bit of a bore in Brockton, Wayne reveals something which helps Del realize how screwed up he is.

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Director(s) Steve Pink
Writer(s) Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Air Date 1/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
Principal Cole Mike O’Malley

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We Gotta Save Wayne: Orlando, Principal Cole

It becomes clear this episode that Orlando and Wayne’s relationship wasn’t so much a friendship, but something Orlando took advantage of. As seen before, he is a bit of a hustler but might not sell authentic goods. So, seeming like a victim, Wayne would protect. However, without Wayne he is not getting his ass kicked and with cops asking questions, he is trying to guilt Principal Cole into helping Wayne.

Thing is, Principal Cole feels like he tried enough to breakthrough to Wayne, so he doesn’t really want to do it. He has many other issues on his plate: one which isn’t Wayne running away, allegedly kidnapping, some girl.


Orlando talking about how his life has changed since Wayne went away.
Orlando: It’s open season on Orlandos out there.

Well, that answers what Orlando was to Wayne. He pretty much was a mooch. Granted, a nice mooch, sometimes, someone Wayne occasionally did talk to, but not the kind of guy Wayne could rely on. Heck, who knows if Wayne was ever invited to Orlando’s house. Take note, Orlando telling his grandmother that the Principal would take him to Florida does lead her to offer money, so maybe she does know and care about Wayne? If not cares about her grandson who has a fresh black eye.

Second Chances: Jay, Principal Cole, Sgt Geller

While Orlando wasn’t able to convince Principal Cole to care, Jay and Sgt. Geller find a way. How? Well, long story short, Principal Cole has gone through 4 dogs in two years and has blamed himself. Jay and Geller reveal to him his neighbor was poisoning them. Thus, Cole realizes it wasn’t his fault but outsiders. On top of that, he gets yet another dog, who was about to be euthanized, and while originally adopted to get revenge, it is about second chances too.

Leading him to remind himself that maybe it wasn’t him, Principal Cole that is, who was the problem. It could be, like many adults, he didn’t get through because Wayne was used to people like him. Yet, while the kid was violent, there remained hope for him. The kind which Principal Cole doesn’t want to give up on just yet so he decides he is heading to Florida.


Principal Cole noting what could change Wayne's life for the better.
Principal Cole: […] but until that kid gets one real break, or a good thing happening to him…

I’m still very on the fence about the supporting characters of the series. I know I’d be the first one to question why a character didn’t get developed, but there is just such a stark difference between how Del and Wayne are written compared to everyone else. Maybe it is because there is a bit of dry humor with things up in Mass while the kids are in some kind of dramedy. Though, what perhaps doesn’t help is that Principal Cole and the rest don’t have a notable relationship with Del or Wayne, so they seem like outsiders providing commentary.

If not, similar to Bobby, it makes them even wanting to get involved feel like more of an ego thing than them caring about the kids. Not to say Principal Cole may not feel for Wayne, or the cops, but you have to recognize it is more so because of their job than anything else. Especially Principal Cole wanting to feel like he did something which changed one kid’s life, considering Orlando put the school on blast and made it seem people drop out just because they don’t feel safe.

Never Call Me A P***y: Wayne, Del

While hiding out in a motel in PA, Wayne may have seen his first female body. Not to imply Del got naked in front of him, but she was in a bikini. This leaves Wayne a bit stunned, but Del snaps him out of it by talking about going to the pool. Problem is with that idea, that pool is filthy. However, with some kids heading to Daytona pulling up, Wayne and Del find themselves hanging with them and Wayne picking up some lying skills. Not for a test run but to deal with the fact he and Del are in the local papers.

Now, at first, Wayne is fumbling with coming up with a name and playing it cool. However, then he tells a story about being abused by his brother over a record player which shocks everyone. Well, everyone but the leader of the kids heading to Daytona who calls BS. Which he was right about. Wayne being beat up over a record player, thrown downstairs, nearly killed, it wasn’t all true. That is just what his brother did, beat him up. At least until his dad came back from work and no sooner did he come back, raise hell, Wayne’s brother was off to join the marines.


Del and Wayne after Wayne reveals how his brother used to abuse him.

The more we learn about Wayne, the worse you have to feel for him. His dad probably wasn’t around much, working who knows where, so he had to rely on Wayne’s brother who’d beat the crap out of him. Hence explaining why Wayne is not only quiet but also loving towards his dad. For while there likely was a time he had issues with him, over leaving him with his brother, with him forced to be around, they got to have family time. Maybe not the kind which seemed normal to other people, but when a lot of your life features some form of abuse, just hanging out with your sick dad is something.

But what you got to wonder is if Del is really ready for all this? While she was falling for Wayne a little, or at least touched by the efforts he was making, it is becoming clear that if she lets him get in his feelings, it could potentially be dangerous. Him jumping off that roof, him wanting to fight that kid, that temper and fearlessness she may have some realm of control over now, but what happens when she doesn’t? What happens when they get into an argument and he goes from seeming like a sad puppy to blowing up at her?

I don’t know if she is necessarily in danger, but she was definitely smart to take things slow with Wayne.

On The Fence

  1. All I’m going to say is, can we get a smile or happy memory out of Wayne? Him having a good day with Del or something? Jesus.
  2. Anyone else have mixed feelings about seeing what is going down in Florida? It does set up what Wayne is heading towards but also, who are these people?

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