Wayne's rap sheet.

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I’ve come to realize that Wayne is the American equivalent of The End of the F***ing World but with more off-kilter characters.

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Director(s) Steve Pink
Writer(s) Shawn Simmons
Air Date 1/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
Tracey Janet Porter
Jay James Earl
Sgt Geller Stephen Kearin

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Meanwhile, Back Home: Bobby, Jay, Seargent Geller

As you can imagine, Bobby is pissed, and a bit embarrassed, Wayne came into his life, whooped his sons’ asses, bit his nose off, and took his daughter. However, with Sargent Geller having a cancer scare, he isn’t as gung-ho as Bobby. In fact, he wants to give Wayne a chance. You know, because his dad died of cancer, Wayne’s, and Geller now has a bit of a soft spot. One which Jay, one of his deputies, seems to want to protect like Geller is his dad.


These three men are ridiculous. I can’t even tell you which one the most because they are all actively competing. But the funny thing is, none of them are going over the top. Each one is weird, but no one is doing physical comedy, having ridiculous lines, they are just a step before the line before being eccentric becomes being a comedic character.

Well, except Jay. Jay is dancing on that line with his antics, like tasering Bobby for smoking around Geller. Though I love him for doing so since it provided such a cathartic release.

You Abandoned Me: Del, Wayne

It is becoming increasingly clear that Wayne had an odd childhood. Between not having waffles before, being unfamiliar with Lord of the Rings, and things like that, there is a need to question what kind of childhood did Wayne have? What did Wayne Sr do with his son? Well, with him dead, we’ll have to wait for Wayne to answer that question.

But, while Del begins to question who’s this weirdo she had been with, she learns her period has come to say hello. Which sucks for her since, on top of having no tampons, Wayne is rather uncomfortable with getting them as well. In fact, he goes to three stores before someone eases the pressure off him and helps him choose the right set. However, that took him an hour and led Del to think Wayne abandoned her in her time of need.


Again, there is the need to ask what did Wayne do as a child? His mom left when he was 5 and then his dad, assumingly, raised him, alongside Gail to a point. Also, while we don’t know anything about Orlando, it seemed like the two hanged out outside of school and talked. Are we to believe there was never a mention of having waffles, Lord of the Rings, and stuff like that?

I mean, granted, it could just be Del is a secret nerd who spent all her time watching movies all day. However, while that would explain Lord of the Rings, it doesn’t explain waffles. But let’s not harp on that for it could be the case of Wayne Sr. not having time to make waffles or being able to afford the kind Wayne may have wanted as a kid.

I’d Do Anything For Love: Tracey, Del, Wayne

Tracey (Janet Porter) trying to talk sense into Del.
Tracey (Janet Porter)

With Wayne taking an hour to find some tampons, Del abandoned the diner they were eating at and figured she was on her own. Leading to her wanting to book a bus ticket to LA. Why LA? No idea. The only thing we find out is about a woman named Tracey.

Now, who is Tracey? Well, she was the waitress at the diner, that Del gave attitude to, and also the ticket taker at the bus station, who Del pissed off to the point of fighting. Mind you, Del is 15 and Tracey 41. But, after all is said and done, Tracey tries to speak to Del, woman to woman, specifically when it comes to Wayne. At least in terms of giving him another chance for he is showing effort. Yeah, he is a little slow to take, but between drinking coffee, despite hating it, and eventually getting what Del asked for, he is struggling but trying.

Something Del sees first hand when she finds him bounded for trying to cross a golf course to win her back and then trying to buy a shopping cart full of feminine products. This touches her so deeply it seems she is going to try like he is. Meaning she’ll stop stealing and while she iterates they are going to take things slow, just be friends, for now, it seems she is slowly falling for Wayne.


This show is going to make me cry. One reason being Wayne clearly not knowing what to do, what to say, but trying his best. Basically playing catch up to where he should be at as a 16-year-old. But, there is also a need to address that while he is ignorant, he is not only willing to learn but be given help. That surprised me a bit since you’d think a guy like Wayne would lash out when he felt uncomfortable or insecure, but he actually let someone help him. Showing that it isn’t that Wayne doesn’t want to be better or is only doing so for Del, it could just be no one took the time to expose him to things, explain them to him, and really invest in his development. I mean, you saw his school, who knows how many kids slipped through the cracks.

Del crying in the bathroom.

Then with Del, while we see her father is protective, and brothers to a point, they aren’t nurturing. Hence why she knows about Lord of The Rings and stuff like that. For similar to Wayne, she didn’t have anyone take time up with her, so she had to venture and learn about things herself. Heck, in terms of her stealing, one could contribute that to her also not being given money and her dad not even buying the basics. Remember her talking about being cold and saying she should chop some wood? While made for a comedic moment, it also shows how much she had to do things for herself.

Thus making the idea of Bobby being so “worried” now more about ego than anything else. If not a sense of ownership since he clearly doesn’t really give a damn about her. Heck, depending on how her mom truly is, having custody of Del might be a way to punish the mom for leaving him.


  1. Wayne and Del showing a willingness to change, if not be better people, when they feel like they are part of something. Especially when it is something mutually beneficial.

On The Fence

  1. While a part of me appreciates the comedic side of the show, like with Bobby and Sgt Geller, I wouldn’t say that part of the show feels as well done as Wayne and Del’s. It helps add layers to their journey, but couldn’t stand on its own.

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