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As the possibility of Eddy finding their dad pesters Lyn, someone else’s died, and Emma learns an awful truth about Nico.

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As the possibility of Eddy finding their dad pesters Lyn, someone else’s died, and Emma learns an awful truth about Nico.

Directed By Jenée Lamarque
Written By Gladys Rodriguez
Aired (STARZ) 5/3/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

A Lie By Omission – Zoe, Emma, Nico

For a few days, Emma was in bliss. She let her guard down, and she thought it didn’t bite her in the ass. However, then Zoe reveals she and Nico are married, and Nico, caught with her pants down, isn’t sure how to backtrack and handle the situation. Thus leaving Emma feeling lied to, betrayed, but not yet flipping out. At least to the point of firing Nico. Their relationship is likely over, but Nico does still have a job.

Daddy – Lyn, Johnny, Mari, Emma, Eddy, Dona Lupe

With Eddy having proof Victor is alive, and Dona Lupe co-signing, it pushes Emma to put her foot down. In her mind, the idea of thinking about someone who, for decades, didn’t look for them or seek to contact them, it is stupid. Plus, with her and Lyn in a good place, she doesn’t feel the need to add a third.

Mari without makeup.

But, while they are dealing with whether their father is alive, Mari and Johnny’s actually dies. The reason? Well, Johnny forgot to take him for his blood transfusion is the unofficial reason, but he just died, so it isn’t necessarily official. All we know is paying for the funeral will be hard, since it is $8,000 just for a decent casket, but just as the death brings Lyn and Johnny together, maybe it could do the same for Emma and Mari?


How The Death Of Mari’s Father Could Connect Her To Emma

If we’re talking relationships, romantic or otherwise, Emma and Mari’s is in the top 2 or 3. Mainly due to Emma seeing so much of herself in Mari and Emma coming off like that big sister missing in Mari’s life. And, granted, Emma already has a little sister that gets on her nerves, but with Mari, it is different. Probably since Mari isn’t flaky, and Emma respects that.

Nico dealing with Emma learning she is married.

Though what likely is to bring them together is daddy issues. Specifically, Mari talking about how she wished she had more time or an opportunity to see or speak to her dad, and this likely triggering Emma to give into Lyn’s whims.

On The Fence

The Honeymoon Is Over

Yes, we know, shows need drama, and relationships are the easy option. However, Nico and Emma were a cute and functional lesbian couple. But, considering they were too cute and a bit too perfect, this should have been expected. Heck, Emma being far too calm as Zoe was showing her whole behind was probably a giant red flag saying, “You know this isn’t going to last, right?”

But, this is the final season, so we can hope for a happy ending.

Johnny and Lyn – Drama All Over Again?

That is assuming they don’t end up having Johnny and Lyn back together, since they have an end game vibe to them. Mind you, he is really trying to be a good dad, so who knows? But it does leave you to wonder, could both Emma and Lyn be with the person that seems perfect for them? Especially considering Lyn is with Ruby right now.

How The Death Of Mari’s Father Could Connect Her To Emma - 84%
The Honeymoon Is Over - 74%
Johnny and Lyn – Drama All Over Again? - 73%


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