Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Tracy Morgan: Still Alive

In Tracy Morgan: Still Alive, Morgan proves he is much more than the Black guy from 30 Rock or SNL, or the dude who made millions off of Walmart.


It’s quite a feat to go from being in a coma after a truck hits your limo to being on stage and joking about it. Yet, that is the kind of guy Tracy Morgan is. He is that weird kid in primary school, who was the class clown, all grown up. Someone who, in a few ways matured. Like he doesn’t believe in cheating, grown men with sagging pants, having that Flavor Flav look, and things like that. Yet there remains that mentality of saying the nastiest things because it gets a rise out of people and it makes him and others giggle.

All of which, strangely enough, Morgan balances out. He can go from the serious topics of his recovery to his ghetto family visiting him and harassing nurses. Saying they put the “Ho” in hospital. He can talk about his daughter walking for the first time, and him doing so too. Then, not too long after, bring up how he is learning how to suck breast better thanks to her. It is a sometimes jarring experience that only Morgan could possibly handle because there are very few other comics who could handle his style.

Thus showing you that despite him often playing a supporting character, Tracy Morgan is not a comic to sleep on.


He Finds Ways To Make Tragedy Funny & Also Address the Seriousness Of His Accident

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) 1

To some, comedy is about finding ways to get others to laugh at your pain. Maybe even learn from it. Which, without a doubt, Morgan does well. For while he is making jokes about how much he hated his grandma praying over him, and says god told her to shut the f— up, at the same time you see this appreciation that she was there.

Also, as much as he jokes about being in the accident and the damage that caused to his body, he reminds you how thankful he is to be alive. How thankful he is to see his daughter, his wife, and even though some of his family is a piece of work, like his aunt Flossie, he is thankful for her too. Even if her sole purpose is giving him material.

He Presents the Type of Jokes Which Reverberate & Have Longevity

When Morgan drops a lot of his jokes, you get a laugh, but then either because of a two punch combination or you analyzing what he just said, or how he said it, you find yourself laughing all over again. Sometimes to the point of choking a little bit. For while Morgan isn’t like these young comedians who fly all over the place during their sets and make various gestures, there is this energy in his storytelling.

It is like, all the energy you may see some comedian expend in a movie, his voice conveys that excitement. The way he drops jokes isn’t just for one-liners or even to be referenced for later, they are the type of jokes you want to revisit. For even though you know the joke already, Morgan presents one of the few comedy specials you can foresee having staying power. Perhaps representing that old school style of comedy which wasn’t about a handful of jokes going viral or becoming memes, but the viewer coming back for the whole set.

On The Fence

His Story Flow Is A Bit Off

Admittedly, when it comes to Morgan going from one story to the next, there isn’t the smoothest of transitions. Nine times out of ten he goes back to his accident to let you know he is going to begin a new thought or story. Which, once the story picks up, it’s fine, but it does slightly throw off his flow.

Overall: Positive (Watch This) – Recommended

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) 2

Not every single comedy special needs political elements, needs to have retrospective thoughts, and be that deep. We got enough comedians who do that. Making Tracy Morgan: Still Alive a welcome change for while there is some depth to what he is saying, there isn’t anything which can make people feel divisive. He is up there to have a good time and prove to himself, and his fans, he still has it. Plus, to let the people who know him because of the accident, he is so much more than a multi-millionaire now.

Hence the positive label for this really does seem like the type of special you could imagine yourself revisiting months or years into the future. For without political commentary which can become dated, or social commentary which is divisive, it truly seems just about laughter. So with 38 laughs [note]on the low end[/note], which is surprisingly more than Dave Chappelle’s Age of Spin, this deserved not only to be labeled positive but recommended.

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