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Esther Povitsky “Hot For My Name” Review/ Summary with Spoilers

by Amari

At times, “Hot For My Name” may make you wish Esther Povitsky didn’t say no to MTV about a reality series, for her parents damn near steal what should be her moment.

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Directed ByNicholaus Goossen
Written ByEsther Povitsky
Aired (Comedy Central)7/17/2020
Genre(s)Stand Up Comedy
Noted Cast
HerselfEsther Povitsky
Esther’s DadMorrie
Esther’s MomMary

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

As increasingly seen, Povitsky’s comedy set is as much about her jokes as it is understanding who and where she came from. Which, in some ways, does help you understand the old adage of all jokes having a bit of truth to them. However, there will come a point when Morrie and Mary, who are a bit shady towards Povitsky, damn near stealing the hour as they poke and prod at her. Thus making her time on stage Povitsky’s attempt at getting the last laugh.

Not just on them, but in the tapping as well.


On The Fence

At Times, You May Feel Esther Is Competing With Her Parents On Who Can Get The Most Laughs

A lot of comedians note that their parents are the reason they are how they are, for better or worse. However, I don’t think they allow them to be seen and highlighted to the level of “Hot For My Name.” For example, in Yvonne Orji’s special, she features her parents, her community, but she makes sure to always be the funniest one and for you to know it is about her. I’d submit Povitsky didn’t do that.

Mary and Morrie Povitsky making jokes.

Mary and Morrie Povitsky

In fact, her parents, Morrie especially, damn near steal her moment. For with a notable part of the tapping being about her relationship with her parents, and them cracking jokes on her, it makes some of her jokes underwhelming in comparison. I’d even say, you may feel like Esther, as a solo act, is okay, but who is she without her parents to play off of? Since that right there, you can see a reality or scripted show.

Ultimately making Esther’s jokes about her name, not being the hottest woman in the room, talking about her ex, or her current boyfriend, just not up to muster.


Would Watch Again? – One and Done

Rating: Mixed (Stick Around)

It’s hard to say if this would have been better or worse without Esther’s parents. They are the highlight, but also they stole her shine. Seeing them crack jokes on her, and you waiting for that fourth wall breaking moment, it was the funniest thing to watch. Making Esther’s jokes comical, yes, but like the break between car chases in an action movie.

Hence the mixed label. Esther Povitsky “Hot For My Name” strangely allows for the comedian’s parents to outshine the comedian, leaving you wanting more of them as a family than the comedian alone.

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