A new girl, Bryce missing, and everyone monitoring Tyler to make sure he doesn’t pick up a gun again – It’s all just another season of 13 Reasons Why.

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A new girl, Bryce missing, and everyone monitoring Tyler to make sure he doesn’t pick up a gun again – It’s all just another season of 13 Reasons Why.

Director(s) Michael Morris
Writer(s) Brian Yorkey
Air Date 8/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
Amorowat Anysia Achola – Ani Grace Saif

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Courtney, Clay, Ani, Jessica | How Things Began For Ani

After going to a multitude of schools, Ani finds herself at Liberty High School. On the first day, she meets Courtney, who quickly abandons her and hands Ani off to Clay. Someone who ends up responsible for her school tour and doesn’t really hold back. Somethings he says are simple, like the library being underfunded or the school plays being boring. However, then there is him rushing someone he thinks is bullying a kid and noting athletes get away with sexual assault. Two bizarre incidents which strangely don’t scare off Ani.

Yet, as she says herself, she is drawn to interesting people and doesn’t really do the shy thing. Hence when Jessica makes a stink at a student council meeting, and Courtney advises her to run, Ani encourages it. Heck, she says she’d even be her campaign manager.


Ani (Grace Saif) in Justin and Clay's room.
Ani (Grace Saif)

I really like Ani. I’m talking to the point of checking Grace Saif’s IMDB, following her on Twitter, and wanting to know what’s next. For while Ani isn’t necessarily replacing Hannah, she did take on the role as narrator and the voice in Clay’s head. Almost to the point of you wondering if she is real sometimes.

But, that aside, the best thing about Ani is that she integrated so quickly. Despite being brand new, the chemistry is there and the transition seamless. Almost like she was in the background, popped in every now and then, and now is just more prominent.

Tyler, Zach, Tony, Clay | The Night Of The Spring Fling

Zach called the cops after Tyler nearly shot up the dance and he remains untrusting of Tyler. Thinking all they did was delay what could be inevitable. Which may or may not be true. What we do know though is Tony and Clay have taken it upon themselves, and the others to a point, to monitor Tyler. For rather than reveal what he planned to do, they seemingly will escort him to and from home, and between classes. Make sure he isn’t bullied, has some semblance of friends, but not necessarily get him the help he needs.


Tyler the night of his failed school shooting.

I’m with Zach on this one. Tyler being babysat isn’t going to stop the triggers caused by him being sodomized. Also, with Clay being 18, I’m sure Tyler is or is close to that age. He can legally buy his own gun now. Maybe not to shoot other people, but maybe he might just kill himself. For all that we see this episode is Clay and the others shielding Tyler. Strangely trying to keep him sane to keep themselves safe. Not even just so they may not get shot, but so he may not expose Hannah’s tapes, among other things.

Which, when you think about it, makes this whole endeavor ridiculously selfish.

Bryce, Clay, Jessica, Tony, Zach, Alex, Ani, Justin, Tyler, Nora | The Monday After Homecoming

With Liberty and Bryce’s new school, Hill Crest having a game against one another, it leads to a brawl. I’m talking about one which supposedly damages the stadium, field, and calls for at least a dozen, or more, suspensions. Yet, the bigger deal to most is Clay being brought in for questioning about Bryce disappearing.

This leads Jessica to spread the word, and everyone reacts in their own way. Some are nonchalant, like Alex, Zach to a point, and others rush about, like Jessica, Tony, and Justin. But, at the end of the day, with Clay released, there isn’t much that can be done. Everyone just operates in fear, and Ani takes note of everything. Almost like a journalist in a foreign country just absorbing as much as possible and taking extensive mental notes.

All of which seemingly are going to be used for a tell-all to the cops.


Clay being forced to do a perp walk.

While Ani gives this show new life, this Bryce mystery isn’t giving 13 Reasons Why a strong heartbeat. For one, who gives a damn about a serial rapist? Especially to stretch out the question of who did it over 13 episodes? That’s nearly 13 hours to explore 8 months of Bryce after the Spring Fling, Tyler as well, and I just don’t know if that can be easy to sit through. Never mind binging, but reflecting on it as well?

Which isn’t to say I’m done with the series, but I’m definitely glad they announced the next season will be its last. For there is a certain loyalty which has a stronghold on me that makes me unable to quit this show (probably because it was one of the first major hits of the site – likely one of the first binge-watch shows we covered). But, even with those feelings, like most shows based on books, there is more reason for skepticism than high expectations as the source material becomes not much more than an outline.

Not that Jay Asher, the writer of the source material, after being accused of Sexual Harassment, would be allowed anywhere near the show.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will we see Bryce’s ex again?

Characters Introduced This Episode

Amorowat Anysia Achola – Ani (Grace Saif)

Ani (Grace Saif) talking to cops.
Ani (Grace Saif)

Character Introduction

After 5 high schools in 3 years, Amorowat, called Ani, so people don’t butcher her name, comes to Liberty High School days after Tyler nearly shot up a school dance. However, even with someone like Clay giving her a rather honest tour, which includes alluding to Hannah’s rape, among others, Ani shows no fear. It isn’t clear why but, with her being the type who is attracted to interesting people, there is something about Clay and his assortment of friends.

Of which includes Jessica who, after seeing her impassioned speech in front of the student council, Ani befriends her and asks to be her campaign manager for Jessica’s run as student council president. Which is agreed to, even though Jessica feels a little off about Ani. Yet, what can Ani say? She isn’t shy, likes to read people, and knows she stands out. So from speaking Swahili to asking questions about things most wouldn’t want to be involved in, she has little to no fear.

A trait which may be attractive to some, like Clay, but may end up being their downfall. Since, one would bet, as many secrets as Clay holds, Ani may have as much or more.

Additional Information About Ani
  • Her mom is Bryce’s Grandfather’s nurse – so they live on the same property. Making Ani a possible suspect – especially considering Ani was looked at with lustful eyes.
While You Can’t, And Shouldn’t, Compare Hannah to Ani, Grace Saif Has The Same Star Power Katherine Langford Has - 90%
The Complicated Emotions Of Nora Walker - 89%
Going From Widescreen To Full Screen To Note Whether We Are In The Spring Or Fall/Winter - 85%
It’s Too Soon To Tell If This Bryce Mystery Is Milking The Show Or Can Prove 13 Reasons Why Can Continue Without Hannah - 75%


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