The Umbrella Academy: Season 1, Episode 2 “Run Boy Run” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

The Umbrella Academy Season 1, Episode 2 Run Boy Run - Title Card

As Number 5 gets hunted, he tries to find one sibling who can help him stop what might be the apocalypse.

As Number 5 gets hunted, he tries to find one sibling who can help him stop what might be the apocalypse.

Director(s) Andrew Bernstein
Writer(s) Steve Blackman
Air Date 2/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
Eudora Patch Ashley Madekwe
Leonard John Magaro
Cha-Cha Mary J. Blige
Hazel Cameron Britton

We Could Have Been Good, You And I: Eudora, Diego, Luther

Eudora Patch (Ashley Madekwe) at the precinct.
Eudora Patch (Ashley Madekwe)

Being that Luther suspects Diego killed their father, he looks into his home base at a local boxing gym. Unfortunately for him, there is nothing there but what fits Diego’s basic needs, and by investigating Diego, it only pushes them further apart. But, pushing people is what Diego perhaps does best? At one time he was training to go from vigilante to cop, but with him so used to working outside the law, police academy wasn’t a good fit for him. However, he did make one friend in Eudora Patch. A young woman who, maybe if things were different, could have ended up Diego’s partner – in work and maybe life.

This Lonely Life: Vanya, Allison, Leonard

Since Reginald isolated Vanya as a child, no one in the family, nor her, really connected. She would just play her violin as the others made connections. Well, it seems Number Five at least saw her but with missions, among other things, who knows how close those two really are? It could just be, compared to the others, Number Five was more open to a relationship.

But, as adults, getting past the established relationships of the past is hard. Especially because of Vanya’s book which makes Allison unable to really connect with Vanya. Though, taking Allison’s word on it, Vanya has a difficult time connecting with people in general. Yet, there is something about her that attracts a student, an adult student, named Leonard. He takes a violin class with her, to connect with his deceased father, and seems to take a liking to her.

On The Run & Running Out Of Time: Klaus, Number Five, Vanya, Cha-Cha, Hazel

It isn’t clear what Number Five needs to find to prevent the apocalypse, but it seems there are those who want to make sure it happens. Hence Cha-Cha and Hazel being sent, possibly from the future. But, before they can get to him, he tries to see if maybe Vanya can help – but her being unable to understand makes her not the best ally. Then Klaus is employed, in order to get information on an eye Number Five brought from the future, but since the eye has yet to be made and allocated, Number Five is a bit too early.

Thus leaving him almost at square one and two well-trained hunters on his tail.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Can Number Five teleport with human beings?
  2. Does Klaus have any control over his powers? Also, when a kid, how did Reginald have him use his powers?
  3. What did Allison see on the tapes Mr. Pogo gave her access to?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

one grows used to things, even if sometimes, one shouldn’t.
— Mr. Pogo


Cha-Cha & Hazel

While we don’t know who their employers are, if they are human, or what is in Hazel’s briefcase, you have to admire these two badasses. Especially Cha-Cha since it’s Mary J. Blige. She always had an edge to her and seeing her torture someone really makes you think she is tapping into that side of her persona.

On The Fence

The Interpersonal Drama

Whether we’re talking about Diego’s issues with Luther, or his complicated relationship with Eudora, there is a bit of an eye roll there. Also, the same goes for Allison’s relationship with Vanya and the weirdness she and Luther have. There is a whole lot of underlying issues between characters, and I can’t say any of it actually hooks any interest right now. Either because of the writing or acting. Yet, I have hopes it could get better.

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