Laurel shows up to Cousins and seems ready to raise hell after Belly’s phone call.

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General Information

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Release Date (Prime Video) August 11, 2023
Director(s) Megan Griffiths
Writer(s) Vanessa Rojas
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Laurel Jackie Chung
Belly Lola Tung
Julia Kyra Sedgwick
Adam Tom Everett Scott
Skye Elsie Fisher
Steven Sean Kaufman
Jeremiah Gavin Casalegno
Conrad Christopher Briney

Plot Recap

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All That Was Needed Was Some Conversation – Laurel, Belly, Julia, Adam, Skye

Naturally, Laurel getting a call from her underage daughter crying, lying about where she was, and apparently drinking? Never mind seeing the state of Susannah’s house? Oh, she is PISSED! However, those feelings quickly subside as she learns about the situation and is forced to hold herself accountable.

Yes, Belly lied to her, and in her way of calling out Laurel was out of line and deserving of a smack. However, everyone is going through something, and she is the adult in the situation. Her withdrawal and inability to communicate shouldn’t be a burden on those kids. Hence she decided to do what Belly and the others couldn’t, and that is speak to Julia and Adam in a way that would allow them to see this is less about kids in their feelings and is about them in theirs.

Julia, forever feeling rejected by Susannah, her dad, and stepmom, finally gets someone to validate her feelings beyond Skye. Adam, who is often painted as the bad guy, rightfully so more often than not, is allowed to see the good of the house Susannah made into a home where so many memories could be had. And in just one conversation each, Julia ends the sale, and Adam offers to sell the Boston home for the one in Cousins.

Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) excited about Skye's first kiss
“Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) excited about Skye’s first kiss,” The Summer I Turned Pretty, “Love Affair,” directed by Megan Griffiths, 2023, (Prime Video)

And to really end things on a happy note, after Skye forcing Julia to come to the house by threatening to disown her, they have a nice chat, which includes Skye talking about their first kiss.

The Stanford Method – Belly, Steven, Jeremiah, Conrad

While, as a group, there is a happy ending, the next focus is Conrad’s. He could get into Stanford, but only if he passes his test, which is the following day. That will be a challenge since it isn’t an easy class, he has spent the last week focused on saving the house, and he is a pessimist. Yet, with Belly getting McDonald’s, and having help from Steven and Jeremiah, together they do an all-nighter in hopes that this will push Conrad to where he needs to be.

The Heart Wants What It Wants – Belly, Conrad, Jeremiah

After spending all night studying, the following day most have departed, and while Belly is still in massive trouble with her mom, she is allowed to join Conrad and Jeremiah for one last day. During this, Belly bonds with Jeremiah more and more, especially after Conrad is dropped off, and it seems she realizes, as much as Conrad was her dream boy, Jeremiah was the one who made reality worth living.

So, with that in mind, she pushes past his fears and insecurities, and they kiss. But, unfortunately for Conrad, they do it in public, where he can see, and not even pretend like he didn’t notice. Which leaves Belly, once again, in the position of breaking one brother’s heart in the pursuit of another.



Skye and Julia’s Relationship

Anyone who has a parent that felt like the black sheep or ostracized from the rest of their family can recognize what is going on with Skye and Julia. More than likely, Skye was Julia’s therapist, the one who was her confidant, best friend, and all things which likely weren’t appropriate for a kid to be for their parent. Yet, even though that has led to Skye being mature, it makes it all the more beautiful when they can be a kid, and you can see the other side of developing that kind of a relationship.

Because Skye can call out, and call in, their mom, it means there is an ability to be people, despite Skye’s age. They may not be fully equals yet, but Skye recognizes that, with their mom, there is a value they both bring that needs to be fostered not only with trauma bonding but also sharing in successes. Which makes the squealing and embarrassment of sharing information about that first kiss the cutest, pure moment of the season.

On The Fence

Two Conversations From Laurel Is All It Took?

So, we spent around six episodes where all the kids did everything they could, and Laurel has one conversation with each, within 24 hours, and that’s it? Julia barely knew Laurel, but her validating her feelings was all it took? Heck, Laurel and Adam have beef and yet one conversation about how he should spend and use his money and assets led to him doing right by his kids?

I can’t be the only one who feels like this is a very big ask regarding suspending disbelief.

Jeremiah and Belly

Belly (Lola Tung) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) kissing
“Belly (Lola Tung) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) kissing,” The Summer I Turned Pretty, “Love Affair,” directed by Megan Griffiths, 2023, (Prime Video)

Do I root for Jeremiah and Belly? Sometimes. The problem is, like so many shows with love triangles, more often than not, the woman in the middle you think needs to be single more than jump into a new relationship. For as much as Belly and Taylor have spoken about the challenges of getting beyond a first love, this is different. Your first love is the brother of the guy who could be your next, and while I don’t think Belly will intentionally break Jeremiah’s heart, a part of me thinks he is too good for her.

Which isn’t to say Belly is a horrible person – if anything, she is just a teenager overwhelmed by her options. I mean, the show’s title is “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” and season one painted the picture that Belly was used to being in Taylor’s shadow, maybe living vicariously previously. But, with that said, considering the life Jeremiah has lived, which was very flirty and getting to know what he likes and perhaps doesn’t, I don’t think he and Belly are on the same chapter, dating-wise, emotionally, and maybe mentally as well.

If anything, it seems like a relationship built on familiarity, both not finding who they want or need based on what is currently available to them, and since the other person is there, BOOM! Which will make Jeremiah going to college, and being there without Belly for a year, a test to see whether this relationship will last longer than Belly’s with Conrad.

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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this episode:

Why Is The Episode Called “Love Affair?”

For in this episode, Belly, and Jeremiah start their relationship.

What Did Laurel Say To Stop Aunt Julia From Selling The House?

Laurel gets Julia to open up about how she felt about the house, as well as her and Susannah never reconciling, and holds her accountable. Laurel gets Julia to acknowledge Susannah may not have called, but she did send a letter. And in time, she pushes her to recognize her guilt, her trauma, and how she is taking that out on the kids who did nothing to her but enjoy a house she never felt connected to.

What Did Laurel Say To Adam To Get Him To Buy The House?

She gave Adam the space to admit he was selling the house because it would be easier to let go of it than keep it and the memories it holds. She then followed up by, as she did with Julia, holding him accountable and pressing on him to think less about his feelings towards the house, or that live in it, and more about the kids who don’t hold negative but positive memories.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty: Season 2/ Episode 7 “Love Affair” – Overview


The penultimate episode of the season quickly wraps up the issue of selling the house, in an almost unsatisfactory way, as Belly ends up where she was last season with something burgeoning with Jeremiah and the question of how will she handle Conrad.

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  • Value For Intended Audience - 84%
  • Skye and Julia’s Relationship - 84.5%
  • Two Conversations From Laurel Is All It Took? - 72%
  • Jeremiah and Belly - 75%
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  • Skye and Julia’s Relationship


  • Jeremiah and Belly
  • Two Conversations From Laurel Is All It Took?

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