The Resort: Season 1/ Episode 4 “A History of Forgetting” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Emma and Noah in Alex's mural

On top of learning who was the unidentified man who died, Baltasar also reveals the history of the Oceana Vista, including its final days.

On top of learning who was the unidentified man who died, Baltasar also reveals the history of the Oceana Vista, including its final days.

Aired (Peacock) 8/4/2022
Director(s) Ben Sinclair
Writer(s) Manuel Alcala
Introduced This Episode
Alexander Ben Sinclair
Carl Dylan Baker
Jan Becky Ann Baker

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


With Baltasar cornered, he tries to get Emma and Noah to understand he is not like people’s perception of his family. So he tells the truth as he knows it. He begins by talking about Alexander, who created the Oceana Vista from family money or as a hedge fund manager. It is there Baltasar was able to reinvent himself and many others, like Luna, misfits in more ways than one, found not only a job but a home.

However, somewhere around the five-year mark, Alexander began to lose his memories and wits, and with that, repairs, renovations, and bills started to slip his mind, and while Baltasar was Alexander’s right-hand man, there was only so much he could do. After all, he was hired to be head of security as a means to allow Baltasar to live out his detective fantasies.

But, until Sam and Violet’s disappearance, Baltasar handled petty theft and handled marital strife. He wasn’t prepared to deal with Jan, Carl, and Hanna’s drama, and when it came to Murray? Well, again, Baltasar wasn’t prepared. And what didn’t help is Alex didn’t remember a thing from the night he confronted Sam and Violet, and yet they were painted on the mural he used to maintain some of his memories, and he was still in possession of Sam’s skateboard.

Though to damn Alexander, to a certain point, he is shown having blood on his hands the morning Sam is reported missing. Yet, at the same time, security footage doesn’t show Sam or Violet leaving Alex’s room, and there is no conversation about a secret exit. All of this pushes the idea Alex may have done something and doesn’t remember, with Sam and Violet being in the mural as the most significant clue to date.

That is until Baltasar realizes Noah and Emma are in the mural, 15 years after Alex’s assumed death in the hurricane. This leaves everyone to wonder, considering Alex predicted the hurricane would turn and head for the resort and how eccentric he was, could there still be more to this than meets the eye?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Sam and Violet’s families stay for the investigation, and at what point did they potentially give up? Assuming they did.
  2. Why is Alexander treated as a John Doe rather than Baltasar just noting it was his body that came upon the shore? Surely with hiring the people he did or allowing Baltasar to do so, locals had to assume he was eccentric?
  3. Why did Alonso, Baltasar’s brother, try to get him fired?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Learning more about why Baltasar was a black sheep in his family
  2. Potentially going deeper into Alex’s ability to predict the future
  3. Getting additional points of view of what happened in the past, like Hannah’s, Carl’s, Luna’s, and more



Unexpected History of the Oceana Vista

Being that many who worked in the Oceana Vista likely transitioned over to Bahia del Paradiso, getting an idea of who they are, their history, and how they all came together at one point is essential. It helps you understand there isn’t one person or type we should look at. Alexander does seem like a prime suspect, but let’s not discount all the people who would cover up for him to keep their job and protect their families.

Luna, for example, we’re told lost her parents in a car accident and seemingly was disowned for being a lesbian. With that in mind, making sure Alex didn’t get a finger pointed at him, Baltasar as well, would be an imperative for her and everyone else too. Thus expanding the potential suspects, even though Luna and Baltasar are the only ones we know are still around.

No Real Answers, Yet Not Becoming Frustrated

This episode completely skips what happened when Sam and Violet were found, and that could be considered frustrating. However, because we get so many suspects introduced, or just names like Baltasar’s brother, Alonso, it deepens your curiosity. As you see, Alex predicted Emma and Noah showing up, maybe even Sam and Violet at one time, again, intrigue grows.

Add in the possibility of misdirection, for who is to say Hanna didn’t kill Sam and/or Violet if not saw them run off, and “The Resort” just takes you further down the rabbit hole without a desire to question where you are being led to – yet.

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