Secrets are revealed, primarily in terms of past and current relationships you may not have guessed existed.

Episode Title Exposure
Director(s) Joss Whedon
Writer(s) Jane Espenson
Aired (HBO) 4/18/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Desiree Ella Smith
Beth Domenique Fragale

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A Personal Zoo – Lavinia, Augustus, Penance, Lucy, Hugo

Despite appearances, Lavinia is still a woman of high society with prejudices. One prime example is, as much as she may fight for the Touched, she finds it abhorrent for Augustus to be with Penance. After all, on top of being touched, she is Irish. Yet, Augustus does like Penance. However, with being a second-born child and someone who heeds his sister’s word, he pushes away Penance and hurts her feelings. Which he is lucky doesn’t lead Lucy to giving him a black eye since she acts as both a maternal figure and enforcer for those at the Orphanage.

Though perhaps one pseudo-positive thing that came from this is Hugo and Augustus’ bond, it seems that Augustus may embrace being Touched despite his former self-hatred. Well, not just Touched, in terms of his gift to see through the eyes of birds, but perhaps joining Hugo’s establishment and helping it expand.

A Shared Interest – Desiree, Mary, Amalia, Frank

Desiree (Ella Smith) with her son, looking for the opportunity to stay at the Orphanage
Desiree (Ella Smith) with her son, looking for the opportunity to stay at the Orphanage

With Maladie stirring up trouble, a woman, Desiree, and her son seek out refuge at the Orphanage for protection. Now, granted, she is a sex worker, so she is a bit of an outlier. Also, taking note Frank just raided the Orphanage, Amalia isn’t keen on new people.

But, that is until it is revealed Desiree’s gift as a member of the Touched is the gift of gab – specifically other people gabbing to her. With this reveal comes Amalia using Desiree on Frank and learning he was formerly engaged to Mary – hence his raid and intense focus on her. Thus adding a new layer to this case and Amalia finding herself having a possible ally since they both desire Mary’s safe return from Maladie’s clutches.

Hello Old Friend – Dr. Hague, Amalia, Maladie, Mary, Frank, Lavinia, Dr. Cousens, Beth, Penance

To much shock, Dr. Hague, the man whose focus has been on how the Touched get their powers, is working with Lavinia! Also, it seems they may have a giant piece of the being that gave people powers. But amongst these shocks is also the realization that, for those Dr. Hague doesn’t kill with his experiments, they become slaves. Case in point, a young girl named Beth was nearly dissected, but an interruption led to her just becoming a slave like many others.

Beth (Ella Smith) reading a poster advertising Amalia's help
Beth (Ella Smith) reading a poster advertising Amalia’s help

Lavinia and Dr. Hague’s secret aside, they aren’t alone. We learn Amalia and Maladie have a past! One which may have contributed to Maladie’s madness. You see, long ago, Maladie was actually Sarah, and Amalia was Molly, and they were friends. Maladie even pushes the idea they were best friends. However, then there was a betrayal which led Sarah to be put away two years, it seems, where she was raped, poked, prodded, and sliced up – thus, Maladie was born.

All of this, by the way, is heard by multiple people, like Mary and Penance, who are hanging from ledges, with Maladie making Amalia choose between them. However, with being unwilling to play this game, Amalia shoots herself to draw Maladie in and then shoots Maladie. This doesn’t kill Maladie nor Amalia, but all the back and forth gives Frank enough time to rescue Mary and Penance.

As for Amalia? Thanks to moving quickly and Dr. Cousens being touched, she is saved despite shooting herself in a vital organ!

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Public opinion is a brush fire.
— Ms. Bidlow

Horror and fascination go arm and arm.
— Hugo

Pain despises hope.
— Amalia



Relationships Revealed

While Frank being engaged to Mary is barely a blip on our radar, and we’re a bit shocked by Lavinia and Dr. Hague, the jaw-dropping reveal was Maladie and Amalia. Yet, in a way, it does explain her having far more sympathy for Maladie than most. Never mind why she didn’t come with a pistol to meet Maladie in the first place.

Though, with Maladie clearly wanting to punish Amalia, is there even the potential to reconcile? Heck, will Amalia even attempt to save Maladie if she has the chance? At this point, Maladie will be wanted for life, and there is little Amalia can do. Also, lest we forget, the one who legitimizes her place in society, Lavinia, is two-faced, so it isn’t like she’ll risk her name so that Maladie receives mercy.

Maladie in all her glory
Maladie in all her glory

This makes us wonder if Dr. Hague and Lavinia’s partnership is ever made public, how will the people in the Orphanage react? It isn’t like they have options for a home or benefactor – unless Hugo takes over. So, what would become of them?

Penance and Amalia’s Bond

Add Penance and Amalia to the list of duos used for the “Find me a better pair” listicles. Because there is just something so sweet about their bond. It gives you something which goes beyond friends, beyond sisters, yet doesn’t come off romantic. Rather, it has soul mate appeal, and each time Penance doesn’t let Amalia speak badly about herself, our heart sings.

On The Fence

Male Villains Remain Lackluster

Lord Massen and his lot, even Dr. Hague, there remains something very corny and basic about them. Maybe it is because, in comparison to Maladie, they lack a backstory and layers? Perhaps it is because they are privileged and aren’t made out to be physical threats? Either way, even with Lord Massen roughing up Hugo and cutting him with his words, they remain villains reliant on a system that can’t save them if they come face to face with any of the Touched.

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Relationships Revealed - 82%
Penance and Amalia’s Bond - 87%
Male Villains Remain Lackluster - 73%


As The Nevers continues to lay out its foundation, so further entranced viewers get as secrets are revealed.

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