Shy asking Miriam to keep his secret.
Shy: You can't tell anyone.

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Shy and Miriam’s relationship reaches a new level as Sophie causes more of a headache for Susie, and Rose comes off as a complete a**hole.

Directed By Amy Sherman-Palladino
Written By Amy Sherman-Palladino
Network Amazon Prime
Air Date 12/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Asher Jason Alexander


Arrested Development: Sophie, Susie, Gavin

There is something wrong with Sophie. Taking note she is famous and privileged, there also seems to be an issue of her not being used to criticism or people kissing her behind. Which, in a way, is why Sophie likes Susie, because she doesn’t enable her. But with Sophie having sex with Gavin and acting a fool, it seems Susie won’t truly get to enjoy any of her time with Miriam in Miami, for if it isn’t losing the venue, it is Sophie, and while her acting is good, her attitude is draining people.

The Life I Could Have Had: Abe, Rose, Miriam, Asher

Asher (Jason Alexander) sitting with Abe, with his eyes closed, trying to remember the good times.
Asher (Jason Alexander)

Abe remains nostalgic for who he was, and with a friend named Asher in Florida, he finds someone else to live out his heyday with. But with Asher feeling like he is in exile, for being a communist who McCarthy ruined the career of – a 20-year career in a matter of two months, Abe’s reminders of the past more so ruin the mood than create nostalgia.

But it isn’t like Rose is good company either. All Miriam wants is what many children do, and that is for her parents to be proud, to say she did good, and while Abe is willing to sit through the set, even notes he laughed twice, Rose decided to get embarrassingly drunk.

In fact, to add onto her drunken display, she blamed Shy for the reason Miriam isn’t married, still downplays Miriam’s career, despite the level it is at, and honestly, as much as you understand Rose is a woman of the times, it makes you wish she’d end up in the hospital. Not because a person did anything, but maybe a jellyfish sting, a shark bite, or anything which would grievously hurt her but not kill her.

My Mistakes: Miriam, Shy, Joel, Mei, Archer, Imogene

Mei reacting to Joel pushing her away for helping.

Being that Joel felt like the second fiddle in his marriage to Miriam, when it comes to Mei helping him, he doesn’t appreciate it. Even if it is something like getting a liquor license because that means he has a crutch and not standing on his own two legs. But, even with taking note of the troubles of his relationships, that doesn’t keep him from trying to stop Archer from following in his past.

How? Well, since Archer is no longer afraid of the Asian people in the basement, he is reinvested in the club, and this has caused Imogene to feel she is neglected and isolated. To the point she storms into the club and posts pictures of their children and their wedding photo. Also, she gives Joel a nasty tongue slice to make it clear she blamed him for their marital issues and thinks he is trying to drag her husband down.

Which, really, Archer at best is using Joel for an excuse. Now, why is he doing so? Hard to say. All that is clear to us is that, when Archer and Joel are researching other clubs, he takes off his wedding ring and seems to want to engage in conversation with women who aren’t his wife. Leading to Joel, with violence, trying to keep him from screwing up his life.

Speaking of violence, on the night Shy is supposed to perform, he gets assaulted – by a man. Why? Well, the truth is, Shy is gay and some guy he met up with, and brought back to his boat, got him good. Which Miriam discovers, and this leads to their relationship reaching a whole new level. One that even leads to Shy revealing his real name is Dwayne.

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Shy Opening Up To Miriam

Let’s be real here, when people of color enter a predominately white show like this, they usually steal the show. Mei isn’t doing as well as she could, since she has been relegated to a love interest, but Shy? Someone who might be friendly with Miriam but isn’t sniffing around her skirt, us learning he is gay, or bi, and is struggling with that? Oh, it puts him at that level where it makes you wish he could get a mini-series spin-off. That is assuming the character may only exist for this season for, when the tour is over, while he may stay in touch, maybe cross paths with Miriam like Lenny, the chances of him remaining consistent are slim.

Joel & Archer

Asher and Joel at Joel's bar before Imogene comes in.

While Joel remains a bit of a bore, at the very least, you can say he isn’t annoying and that there is some effort to make him someone you don’t mind being focused on. Be it him talking about trying to be his own man and not be reliant on whoever he is dating, or trying to keep Archer from the path that ruined his own marriage? All of this makes Joel someone you care about more than you might expect.

Low Point


During this entire series, I think the only time Rose has been someone I liked, and not due to sympathy, was when she was in France. Outside of that, fully recognizing she is a woman of a certain time period, it makes me wish this whole cutting herself off thing would have led to her really suffering and humbling herself. Rather than us suffering with her thanks to Moishe and Shirley.

On The Fence


Abe is the type of character who has promise, but the people they place in his life rarely match his enthusiasm and abilities so he is always tied to a ball and chain. Be it Rose or the hipster kids, Abe’s journey to rediscover himself could be cool, but someone always rains on his parade.

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Abe - 75%
Rose - 65%
Joel & Archer - 80%
Shy Opening Up To Miriam - 90%


Trajectory – Plateau: Shy’s reveal keeps things level as the humanity of many a character borderlines them being asinine and you wanting to hit them with a mallet.

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