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Tie Fighters and the New Republic Regime are a sign of new challenges lying in wait for Mando and Grogu.

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Season 3/Episode 3 – Chapter 19, “The Convert,” introduces several new cast members, primarily focusing on Dr. Penn Pershing’s integration as a neophyte recruit for the New Republic.

Aired (Disney+) March 15, 2023
Director(s) Rick Famuyiwa
Writer(s) John Favreau
Previously Noted Characters
The Mandalorian, (Din Djarin) Pedro Pascal
Grogu David Acord
Bo-Katan Kryze Katee Sackhoff
Dr. Penn Pershing (Amnesty Scientist L52) Omid Abtahi
Elia Kane (Amnesty Officer G68) Katy M. O’Brian
Parole Droid Regina Hermosillo
The Armorer Emily Swallow
Paz Vizsla Tait Fletcher


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Tie Fighters Attack! “The Mandalorian” Director:
Rick Famuyiwa, Disney+ 2023

Tie Fighters Everywhere – Mando, Grogu, Bo-Katan

Episode 3 takes up exactly where episode 2 left off, where Bo-Katan has rescued Mando from his deep plunge into the living waters. Mando regains consciousness, and Bo-Katan questions him on if he had seen anything down there, but he can only recall the landscape. She does not divulge her own viewing of the mysterious creature that may be the Mythosaur.

Upon leaving the Civic Center, the plan is for Bo-Katan to return Mando, Grogu, and R5-D4 to his ship so he can quickly submit his evidence of bathing in the living waters contained in a vial sample he procured. Alas, their progress is interrupted by Tie Interceptors who barrage them with gunfire in retaliation for past transgressions committed by Bo-Katan. There is an exciting interplay of chase and gunfire showcasing the nimble agility and weaponry of the Nobu Starfighter, but the Tie Interceptors fire upon and blow-up Bo-Katan’s home. There are too many to fight off, so they jump into hyper speed to elude their pursuers, and Bo Katan has no other recourse than to accompany them.

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The New Republic on Coruscant. “The Mandalorian” Director:
Rick Famuyiwa, Disney+ 2023

The New Republic on Coruscant – Dr. Penn Pershing, Elia Kane, Parole Droid

The majority of the episode takes place on Coruscant, formerly the home to the Empire, now home to the New Republic. The primary focus is on Dr. Pershing’s acclimation as a new recruit for the Amnesty program from his former employ as a scientist under the Empire regime. He was working under the direction of Moff Gideon in a cloning project involving Grogu.

As an introvert and a shy person, the attention of the New Republic is a bit overwhelming. Other recruits befriend him to integrate him into the team, including Elia Kane, a young, pretty female who, unbeknownst to all but him, also previously worked under Moff Gideon. In spite of his initial apprehension, the two become fast friends.

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Dr. Penn Pershing and Elia Kane, “The Mandalorian” Director:
Rick Famuyiwa, Disney+ 2023

Dr. Pershing feels stifled, suppressed, and suffocated in his corporate cubical, immersed in mundane clerical duties of decommissioning old equipment under his L52 scientist designation. Elia persuades him to pursue his ambitions as he only wants an opportunity to prove the benefits of cloning to the resistant New Republic. The two, in turn, board a hover train with plans to heist parts for a mobile lab station from a decommissioned yard housing a lab facility in an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

From beginning to end, this alliance smells of treachery, and sure enough, as they are departing the yard, they are met by New Republic soldiers and Elia steps forward to the astonishment of Dr. Pershing and confiscates the supplies revealing that she has set him up and betrayed him.

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The Mind Flay! “The Mandalorian” Director:
Rick Famuyiwa, Disney+ 2023

Things end badly for Dr. Pershing as he is strapped down to receive a mind flay which is a throwback to the regime of the Empire just under a new name. He is told it will erase unsettling memories to help him transition as he looks at Elia pleadingly, only to receive back a cold, removed stare. She asks to stay on as he is finishing up his treatment, but menacingly, Elia turns the machine from a mild setting to the highest, most damaging setting.

Redeemed and Welcomed Back to the Fold – Mando, Grogu, Bo-Katan, Paz Vizsla, The Armorer

Back to Mando and Bo-Katan, who arrive at the secret Mandalorian covert where their assertion of Mando bathing in the living waters is met with skepticism by Paz Viszla, who is probably still reeling from his defeat by Mando over the dark saber. Once inside, Mando produces the vial sample with the living waters and hands it over to The Armorer, who validates the authenticity. Mando has been lifted from his Apostate standing and is now redeemed and welcomed back into the fold.

Surprisingly, she also welcomes Bo-Katan with the option of joining their clan as she has also bathed in the living waters in her rescue of Mando and has not revealed her face since then.

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Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

1. Why did Bo-Katan not reveal the sea creature that may be the legendary Mythosaur?

2. If the Mythosaur truly exists, does this usher in the Mandalorian prophecy?

3. Why did Elia manipulate and betray Dr. Pershing?

4. What are the twisted machinations driving Elia?

5. Will Bo-Katan join Mando’s clan to perpetuate her plans to rule Mandalore again?

What Could Happen Next

1. The return of Moff Gideon



The Tie Fighter Interplay

This was reminiscent of the big screen Star Wars movie. The pacing for this episode was slower due to the introduction of a new storyline with new characters, so this was needed to keep up viewer engagement.

The New Republic of Coruscant

The switching between Mando and crew to the happenings on Coruscant felt a little disjointed, and the betrayal by Elia Kane was predictable and not surprising in the least. In contrast, the city’s presentation with all its trappings was nice with much in eye candy and a welcome departure from the vast landscapes lending a western feel as previously presented in the series. The presentation of segmented apartments and the corporate cubicles lends itself well to mirroring the isolation and floundering that Dr. Pershing feels as a small cog in the much larger machinery of the New Republic.

Redemption at the Mandalorian Covert

It is an interesting turn of events in the happenstance of Bo-Katan having to jump in the waters to rescue Mando. There appears to be a gleam in Bo-Katan’s eye when she is extended an offer and a warm welcome to join the clan. What IS churning inside her devious head?

2023 03 16 02 02 08 965
The Mandalorian: Season 3/Episode 3 Recap – Chapter 19 “The Convert”
This episode is slower in pace due to the introduction of a new storyline accompanied by new characters. It is still interesting enough as it is in service of laying the groundwork for a tie-in to the main lore to provide a more varied and complex plot.
The Tie Fighter Interplay
The New Republic of Coruscant
Redemption at the Mandalorian Covert

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