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Mando, Grogu, Bo Katan, and R5 face off against a number of nefarious dwellers of the deep in the salt mines beneath the Civic Center on Mandalore.

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Mando, Grogu, and Bo-Katan venture forth to the living waters in their quest for Mando’s redemption in the deep, dark, dank salt mines beneath the Civic Center of Mandalore.

Aired (Disney+) March 1, 2023
Director(s) Rick Famuyiwa
Writer(s) John Favreau
Previously Noted Characters
The Mandalorian, (Din Djarin) Pedro Pascal
Grogu David Acord
Bo-Katan Kryze Katee Sackhoff
Grogu David Acord
Peli Motto Amy Se
R5-D4 To Be Determined

Recap/ Review

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Mando and Grogu visit Peli Motto Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 3
Mando, Grogu, and Peli Motto discuss securing a memory chip for the RG-11 droid. “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa

We Can Rebuild Him – Mando, Grogu, Peli Motto, R5-D4

Our courageous duo of Mando and Grogu set off on their new adventure by preparing to embark on their redemptive journey. The stakes are high, and the danger is palpable. Their first stop is Peli Motto’s garage, a familiar location for fans of the series. Peli is as sharp-tongued and resourceful as ever, but cannot secure the elusive memory chip, so the RG-11 is not salvageable at this juncture which is hugely disappointing as he was a fan favorite last season. Who will forget his memorable and endearing self-sacrifice made at the end of season 2, nearly bringing a tear to the eye for a droid.

This episode ushers in a fearful anxiety-ridden R5-D4 bot as a replacement for RG-11, for the purposes of testing the atmosphere and spelunking, but he certainly lacks the thrilling bravado of the incomparable RG-11!

The Murky Depths of Mandalore – Mando, Grogu, R5-D4

As Mando, Grogu, and R5 in tow speed off to Mandalore, Mando, and Grogu share an endearing father/son-like moments as Grogu has chosen the Mandalorian life path and Mando is his mentor/teacher. These in-transit moments offer some of the most poignant moments of the episode, where in this case, Mando shares a bit of his own backstory with Grogu. It’s a rare glimpse into his past as Mando is so stoic in nature, and it helps us to understand the man behind the mask. We see he is not just a mere bounty hunter and warrior but a complex and multi-dimensional character with his own fears and vulnerabilities. It’s a brief tête-à-tête, but it strengthens the bond between the two. The three land on Mandalore in relatively good spirits considering the vast unknown leers before them.

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Crab/Eyed Droid Attack in the Salt Mines of Mandalore! “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Mando and Grogu rescue R5, which has been jumped by these hideous creatures known as Alamites. He is safely returned to the ship to test the air, which is breathable, lending optimism to Bo-Katan’s original assertion that the planet is not cursed. The mood still shifts to one of great caution.

As they set out into the unknown, the tension builds. The landscape is harsh and unforgiving, and danger lurks around every corner (“Lord of the Rings” Mines of Moria, anyone?), but Mando and Grogu are well-prepared. They have their wits about them, and they trust each other implicitly, but this is a dangerous place full of potential threats and enemies. Mando and Grogu are undaunted in their continued descent.

Unfortunately, no sooner than they begin to make headway, they are halted as Mando is abducted by a crab-like robotic creature housing a multi-limbed one-eyed droid reminiscent of “Robot” from Netfix’s version of “Lost in Space” with nefarious plans that involve draining his fluids.

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R5 Mans Up! “The Mandalorian” Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Grogu is plucky as he attempts a thwarted rescue, but Mando tells him to go to Kalevala and get Bo Katan for help. This is where we see Grogu shine and show his growth from being under Luke Skywalker’s limited tutelage. He manages to escape the mines rife with Alamites and direct R5 on the course needed.

Bo-Katan to the Rescue! – Bo-Katan, Grogu, Mando, R5-D4

Now it’s Bo-Katan’s turn to share with the mostly silent Grogu besides baby coo’s (Don’t you think a creature of his intellect should have a few words in English by now???). She needs to talk to wrestle with her demons, making her so stank! She wants to cast Mando off for good but seeing Grogu return without him, she knows he is in grave danger and does not hesitate to set off in a rescue attempt. She in turn has to wrangle with yet another Alamite and takes the opportunity to brag of her prowess (Diva!). She rises to the hype as she backs up this short-lived victory by deftly taking down Mando’s captor.

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Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

1. Will the living waters be viable for Mando’s redemption?

2.  Is Mandalore truly cursed if not by breathable atmosphere then what?

3.  Is the Mythosaur alive and kicking versus extinct?

2. Will Bo-Katan challenge Mando in the future?

What Could Happen Next

1. The Mythosaur becomes an added character in future episodes.

2. Bo-Katan and Mando become adversaries.



The Fight Scenes

There are some hideously interesting monstrous creations aplenty in this episode, including the multiple attacks of the Alamites and the abduction of Mando by the crab-like and one-eyed multi-limbed droid. The ultimate draw is the mystery surrounding the humongous creature that dwells beneath the living waters and snatches Mando down to its murky depths. Is this the legendary Mythosaur that is supposedly extinct?

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The Mandalorian: Season 3/Episode 2 – Chapter 18: “The Mines of Mandalore” – Recap/ Review
Overall, this episode of "The Mandalorian" is a masterful blend of action, adventure, and heart. It takes us on a thrilling journey into the unknown, while also deepening our understanding of the characters we've grown to love. With its stunning visuals, tight pacing, and powerful storytelling, this is another standout episode that solidifies its standing as one of the most beloved series on television.
The in-transit share back stories to flesh out the characteization of Mando and Bo-Katan interspersed with the rising action of fight scenes with creative monstrous creatures of the salt mines.

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