We’re introduced to Kam this episode. Someone who may not fit the profile of a villain, but certainly has ill intentions. Network Netflix Director(s) Jamie Donoughue Writer(s) Simon Duric, Hania Elkington, Stacey Gregg Air Date 8/24/2018 Characters Introduced Kam Abigail Hardingham What Is It That You Know?: Christine, Doug, John, Ryan Christine has seemingly discovered…

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We’re introduced to Kam this episode. Someone who may not fit the profile of a villain, but certainly has ill intentions.

Director(s) Jamie Donoughue
Writer(s) Simon Duric, Hania Elkington, Stacey Gregg
Air Date 8/24/2018
Characters Introduced
Kam Abigail Hardingham

What Is It That You Know?: Christine, Doug, John, Ryan

Christine has seemingly discovered that Lewis was not Lewis, but Elena. Something she confronts John about but with her using her powers as an officer. Something Doug catches and thus suspends her. But, with John realizing more and more people are learning the truth, he decides to tell Ryan. For hiding things haven’t helped so now he is done hiding to a point. This leads Ryan to reveal, multiple times, his mom would become someone and yet take care of him like nothing happened. Which he thought was a dream but now realizes was all real.


Christine questioning John.
Christine: Where was Elena on the night of the Pennines Five?

Though I doubt it, what if Doug is part of a cover-up? For, I’m sure Christine can’t be the first one to analyze the footage and discover this. Especially considering how odd this case has to appear. I mean, just take note of how odd Deborah’s situation probably was. You see her walking around with a Black boy as she looks like she is having a seizure in a hospital bed. Are you telling me no cop reported this and it got kicked up the line? Or did they just think a whole bunch of twins were playing games on the cops?

Also, did Elena shift into 5 different people all in one night? Christine’s line above makes me wonder that.

She Gets Me, She Gets Me Not: Kam, Andrew, Harry, June

It becomes firmly clear only women, as of now, are shifters. Kam, who masquerades as her boyfriend Andrew to meet Harry and June, confirms this. Yet, she also presents some theories as well. Such as they are descendants of Berserkers who were perhaps the first shifters. Which intrigues June for, on top of wanting to understand her powers, knowing the possible history is interesting as well. Since it begins to craft a sense of culture and make it while she is unique, there is less loneliness in the situation.

However, as June and Kam bond, Harry feels a bit left out. Maybe not to the point of jealousy but definitely feeling something is off. Especially as Kam shifts into Andrew before them and it pushes Harry to state he never wants June doing that to him. After all, seeing someone with their eyes rolling back, it’s kind of freaky.


Kam trying to empower June.
Kam (Abigail Hardingham): Don’t ever be ashamed of what you are. You have to embrace it.

Taking note that it isn’t made clear if either Kam or Andrew works, it does push you to wonder how they own a home like they do? Could Andrew, or maybe Kam’s interest in art mean they have a day job at the museum where Andrew/Kam met Harry and June? Or is it the more likely choice of Kam becoming who she needs to and taking their money? Because she seems like the type who would case someone, steal their identity, take their money, and move about without a care in the world. With Andrew fine about it for he benefits from it.

But, perhaps the thing that I find the most interesting is how some are affected by being taken over vs. others. Steinar, and Andrew, don’t seem worse for wear afterwards. However, the now forgotten Lil went into a coma, which we can contribute to drugs being involved, and Lewis now seems like someone who had a stroke. Those two only experienced being taken once and this happened but Steinar, and Andrew, went through this multiple times. So does it just affect people differently? I would ask if it deals with health but Steinar is a recovering alcoholic with suicidal thoughts, Lil was probably a habitual user of drugs, but not a full-blown addict, and Andrew seems to do coke. So, what is the exact reason someone may end up brain damaged vs. perfectly fine afterwards?

It Might Be Best To Split Up: Ben, Kam, June, Harry, Andrew, Runa, Sigrid

Andrew reveals Kam can be a bit possessive. As shown by her trying to separate Harry and June. First in just having a girls night kind of thing, in some basement fetish club, but then again by becoming Harry and speaking of his darkest thoughts. Which June rejects but the seeds are planted.

Making it where, after a call with Ben and agreeing to be picked up, Harry is done with the madness. Not June, but everything which comes with June’s condition. Yet, with Ben having Elena and June not seeing her mom in 3 years, she can’t miss this opportunity. So, be it a break or break up, Harry and June go their separate ways.

As for how Runa is handling the idea of Ben leaving? Well, not too well. She shifted for the first time in years and two days is a long time when you are so isolated that a boat is required to get back to civilization. Add in she is stuck with two women who are becoming triggers for her and you can see why she isn’t a happy camper.


June and Harry having an argument.
June: I just spoke to my mother for the first time in three years.

Is it just me, or does the drama of the show feel like it took a serious nosedive this episode? I mean, the story pushed forward but as much as Kam brought about some kind of intrigue, she didn’t take things as far as needed and felt rushed. She didn’t get enough time to seduce us so that, her being shown as possessive and maybe a bit cruel, it could have a full effect. Add in Andrew warning Harry and it sort of killed a good thing before it even started.

Then, when it comes to this Runa thing, honestly? It just has become really hard to care about her situation. I get she has no one but Ben, is isolated in a rather unhealthy way, but her insecurities don’t bring much to this show for me. Neither does Sigrid’s crush on Ben that he, maybe absentmindedly, fosters.

And it really helps me understand why, for shows like this, usually there is a government agency or some kind of madman involved. For, without that, you get a really dull production. Not to say I don’t appreciate this show taking a different route, but even if it downplayed the science and focused on the relationships, like Humans does, that would be better than what has thus far been delivered.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Kam’s trigger is pain and she uses it to initialize her abilities. As for what helps her easily tap out of someone, that isn’t revealed.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Elena come in contact with Lewis? Also, was the last straw for John when she may be shifted and became him?


  1. Up until the fetish club, it was Kam.

On The Fence

  1. While you have to appreciate this show not having over the top drama, it doesn’t really compensate not having that well. For with no real villain and the relationships between characters being lukewarm, at best, there isn’t anything to fear, get excited about, or often to swoon over. It’s so rooted in normalcy it damn near is boring.

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