As Runa goes off the rails, and June decides to maybe stay become she shifts, a threat is beginning to loom in the distance. Network Netflix Director(s) Farren Blackburn Writer(s) Hania Elkington Air Date 8/24/2018 Characters Introduced Deborah Clare Calbraith Andrew Andrew Koji The End of One, Beginning of Another: Steinar, Alf, Runa, Ben, Sigrid,…

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As Runa goes off the rails, and June decides to maybe stay become she shifts, a threat is beginning to loom in the distance.

Director(s) Farren Blackburn
Writer(s) Hania Elkington
Air Date 8/24/2018
Characters Introduced
Deborah Clare Calbraith
Andrew Andrew Koji

The End of One, Beginning of Another: Steinar, Alf, Runa, Ben, Sigrid, Elena

There has been a need to question what is Steinar to Ben? A crazy little brother used to do his big brother’s bidding? Just a hired madman? Well, in truth, Ben is Steinar’s partner. Long story short, after the death of Steinar’s parents, he went into a depression which led to a suicide attempt. However, Ben saved him and then gave his life purpose.

Something Ben also did for Runa, for a while, but what purpose he gave seemingly has led to her feeling used and being ready to be tossed aside. Why? Well, being that Runa is getting older, she’s 56, and seemingly developing memory issues, perhaps dementia, is a side effect of shifting, she is becoming a bit erratic. Well, maybe erratic is taking it a bit far but jealous is definitely a way to describe her. For while Sigrid passes her final exam, which seemingly is getting through all your triggers without an issue, which means she is going, Elena talking about staying is a major red flag for Runa.

Mostly because she just wants Ben to herself. While, seemingly, they aren’t married, we are left with the impression she is, at the very least, in love with him. Maybe he even loved her as well at one time but with them not being intimate in a long time, and two younger women, Runa feels devalued. To the point it seems she is triggered and capable of shifting after long being re-centered (aka being able to deal with life’s triggers without shifting).


Runa speaking on her insecurities.
Runa: I think I’m a puzzle that you have solved. And now, there are new challenges.

While I get why Steinar helps Ben now, it doesn’t explain why he is so crazed about it. For example, in the next topic, he is still very much about taking a needle to June’s neck. This is despite her seemingly wanting to talk and perhaps could come along peacefully. What has made this man so psychotic that he thinks a form of violence is required? And let’s remember, during their first encounter, it only came to violence because he presented himself as some creepy dude, in the dark, who wants you to get into the back of his van. Which, when that didn’t happen quick enough, tried to drug you.

Drugs which, by the way, Ben likely provided so it does make you wonder how Sigrid came to Ben? Was she drugged and dragged out there for 29 tests? Much less, there remains the serious question of how does Ben discover shifters or how do they learn about him? Outside of a method talked about in the third topic, it’s quite a mystery to me.

You’re The One That I Want: June, Deborah, Harry

As you can imagine, the recent discovery of being a shifter, paired with Harry vocalizing, around her this time, his fears and worries about June, it is triggering. So, with a needle pulled out, a new trigger thanks to Steinar, June becomes this single, pregnant, nurse named Deborah. Who she is seriously willing to take over. However, Harry doesn’t want Deborah he wants June. But, when it comes to shifting, while the initial shift is out of their control, it seems, once they calm down, they have some realm of control in turning back.

Problem is, with a car and a home, really the only issue for June is the baby. Yet, in her mind, she even spins the idea of them raising the kid. But again, Harry doesn’t want Deborah or her baby, so he has to lay it on thick to convince June to return to herself.

Plus, it has to be considered, what happens to the real Deborah and her baby because of all this?


June before she and Harry have sex.

Lil, by the way, is still in critical condition and it makes it unfortunate we won’t likely know Deborah’s condition to understand whether being the victim of a shifter means debilitating circumstances or you may just end up like Steinar. Which, with that in mind, maybe that is why he is so crazy? Not just because he has been used, perhaps multiple times, but because each time left him more and more deranged? For while Runa has clued us into what happens to the shifter, because of the shift, as for the person they shift into, we haven’t been given consistent information on what happens to them.

Then, on top of that, with Deborah being pregnant, and somehow June reproducing that, it really drives the need to question how does this work? I get this is a sci-fi/ fantasy show and thus not everything can be explained, but that took things to the next level and made things complicated. Even Mystique, from X-Men, I don’t think can reproduce the feeling of being pregnant. The look, yeah, but to feel a kick?

But, before we move on, I think we have to take note of June hearing Deborah’s memories. Does this mean that, the more you allow yourself to tap into the person you shifted to, the more access you have into their life? To the point you could really just become them? Which, based off what we’ve seen so far, I want to assume would kill them or put them in a coma.

Discovery: Harry, Ryan, Christine, June, Andrew, John

Two people discover June’s abilities this episode. One being Christine, who leads the audience to believe maybe Lewis’ coma was caused by Elena, and another person named Andrew. He sees a YouTube video, seemingly security cam footage, of June pre and post shift. Also, he may know something more, which, going by the next episode title, might be big.

As for John and Ryan? Well, once more, June asks for the truth, even pulls out that possibly faulty Elena video, and yet John doesn’t want to give the full story. He keeps dangling that he’ll tell her if she comes home and she refuses. She wants to remain free, and with Harry, but still wants the truth. Which makes it seem John isn’t for this nonsense and as the pressure raises, June is in that state where she can shift and Ryan almost touches her. Luckily he is stopped and soon after he hits John so the kids can run off.

Run off and have sex that is. Yup, despite knowing getting anxious, worried, and similar emotions, could lead to a shift, it is agreed that going nice and slow should keep anything from happening. Plus, with it being both of their first times, the romance trumps any sort of fears about the situation.


Andrew looking at a video of June shifting into Lil.
Andrew Koji

The sex was so cute, the build to it I mean. And honestly, it is so wonderful to see a young Black dude be vulnerable and sweet like Harry. I gotta wonder though, if Elena is the reason his dad is the way he is, how will he react? On one hand, this show isn’t that dramatic. People raise their voices but people don’t flip out every other scene like they are trying to cheaply get nominated for an award or have soap opera roots. So, considering he has seen what June has gone through, will he forgive Elena and not let it affect his relationship?

Also, there is the need to wonder, how many out there know about shifters and got evidence? Like this Andrew cat. Could there be some underground, X-Men type of shifting community? Be it good or evil? Because, it’s just weird to be watching a sci-fi show without a villain of some kind. For Steinar doesn’t count for he is a “partner” who is really an errand boy. I mean, he got sent across the sub-continent of Europe for a 16-year-old. Had to even call a friend he hasn’t spoken to in at least 3 years to get the job done. And said friend ended up betraying him when he didn’t agree with Steinar’s methods and helped June and Harry getaway!

So, all eyes are definitely on Andrew and what he may bring to this show.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I think I’m a puzzle that you have solved. And now, there are new challenges.
— Runa


  1. Harry showing he is fully down for June, and only June, despite her ability to nearly take over anyone. No matter what they person may have.
  2. How Lewis became who he is possibly revealed.
  3. Ryan with the cane hit to John so June and Harry could run away.
  4. Steinar and Runa’s origin story, in terms of Ben’s research, revealed.
  5. Sigrid passing her trials and us learning what it means to.

On The Fence

  1. The drama in Norway just really isn’t giving much to the show. Particularly Runa feeling jealous of Elena and Sigrid.

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