Tedros (Abel Tesfaye)
"Tedros (Abel Tesfaye)," The Idol, "Daybreak," directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

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Plot Recap

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No Help From The Upper Brass – Leia, Tedros, Jocelyn, Destiny, Chaim

Leia is freaking out. Tedros has fired people, moved his people in, and Leia’s position doesn’t feel secure anymore. So the hope was maybe Chaim could do something. However, between him and Destiny, what they hear is Jocelyn leaving the house, someone who may motivate her to create new music which could make this tour profitable, so as much as Leia may whine and complain, and Destiny may not trust Tedros, until there is something which truly is worrisome, it seems Chaim is willing to wait and see what happens and let Leia continue to struggle under the house’s new regime.

Is It A Cult Or Is It A Family? – Chloe, Izaak, Leia, Tedros, Jocelyn, Xander

Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) and Tedros (Abel Tesfaye)
“Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) and Tedros (Abel Tesfaye),” The Idol, “Daybreak,” directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

While Leia might be freaking out, Jocelyn is in some form of bliss. Though there still is this weird power struggle between her and Tedros that includes weird moments like him wanting to ejaculate in her and, as freak as she may like things, her forcing him to take care of himself or her pushing the idea he is gay, she’s happy. Between Chloe, a talented writer, and musician, Jocelyn has bonded with then the intriguing Izaak, who is mysterious and clearly attractive to her; Jocelyn has a lot of new stimuli in the house, which pleases her.

After all, it is a big house, and it being just her and Leia, who is a homebody, quiet, and doesn’t necessarily fill a room with her presence, can make things lonely. So as much as Tedros taking over may raise red flags, he has brought such a community with him that it is hard to tell if he has a cult or made what truly is an ideal family. Something which Jocelyn wants and desires since family, for her, has always been a complicated subject matter.

Case in point, Tedros operates with no secrets, which leads to him pushing for answers about Jocelyn’s mom, which is a touchy subject. Why? Because Jocelyn’s mom, until she got cancer and started chemo, was abusive. She would hit Jocelyn with a brush to motivate her like a dog or a racehorse with a crop. As for what Leia and Xander, Jocelyn’s friends, did during all of this? Nothing.

Leia doesn’t even defend herself, seemingly out of guilt, and Xander? He just pushes the idea that things were complicated, and Tedros really sees what Jocelyn is working with. Her so-called friends don’t defend or protect her professionally or personally, and Xander, as talented as he is, he doesn’t have the backbone to fight for his vision. That means they are easily manipulated.

As for Jocelyn? Tedros hasn’t broken her in yet, but he is working on it. With the reveal of the brush being a tool that she responds to, it seems he believes it can be what allows him to get deeper into Jocelyn’s heart and mind in ways getting into her bed may not allow. However, while his influence grows, he by no means is the puppet master yet.

Prepping For What/Who Is Next – Nikki, Dyanne, Jocelyn, Tedros

As Jocelyn finds a sense of family or community and develops a strange to toxic relationship with Tedros, Nikki has moved on. Dyanne has taken over and is given the music video that was meant for Jocelyn, and she might get the song too. Now, it isn’t clear if Dyanne betrayed Tedros like she did Jocelyn, since there isn’t a scene regarding her contract, but it is clear Dyanne is the label’s focus and Jocelyn is increasingly an afterthought.



The Increasing Need To Question If Tedros Is As Evil As He Seems

Chloe (Suzanna Son)
“Chloe (Suzanna Son),” The Idol, “Daybreak,” directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

I find myself questioning if Tedros is Lucifer surrounded by misguided angels? My knowledge Lucifer’s fall from heaven is average, but I can easily imagine from the former church boy in Izaak, Chloe, who has a cherub look, and then the sheep which are Leia and Xander? In many ways, maybe “The Idol” isn’t solely about idols in the form of music but the worship of false idols in general.

Which leads to the question, regarding Jocelyn, what is she supposed to represent when we think of angelic beings or biblical symbols? She certainly isn’t a God or Jesus, but she isn’t necessarily a shepherd. She holds some form of leadership but doesn’t seem to know her power enough to lead with any sense of confidence or foresight.

But, with us only three episodes in, maybe what we should compare her to will be revealed as the season goes on.

Lily Rose-Depp

What truly pushes every little complex thought is Rose-Depp. Yes, Jocelyn is as much part of the madness as Tedros, but with her ten years in, you can see this is normal for her. Hence people moving into her house, despite barely knowing their names, isn’t a big deal. Thinking about the way various musicians and actors have spoken about the industry, you are forced to get comfortable with strangers quickly and trust they know what they are doing. Whether it is hair and makeup, the director, etc., you are constantly put in someone else’s hands, and considering Jocelyn employs her friends and anyone who claims to love her? You get it.

Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp)
“Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp),” The Idol, “Daybreak,” directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

What Lily Rose-Depp continues to provide is a sense of understanding about how all of what goes on in Jocelyn’s life is possible, no matter how ridiculous things can get. For even the sex in the changing room thing, it is almost like Jocelyn wants to be caught and not just be this good girl turned bad for the sake of the music but truly break away from that persona on her own terms. I’d even bet you that picture that Xander wants to make a single or album cover; she leaked that rather than some guy she was messing with. For notice, there has been 0 conversations about who that could have been and when, and as much as Jocelyn is uncomfortable with the hashtags and discourse, let’s not pretend she feigns how she truly feels when it is to her benefit.

On The Fence

The Weeknd Music

Is it just me, or does the music on this show feel like the draft version of The Weeknd’s other music? Not necessarily the rejects, but stuff that didn’t make the album but was kept in a vault to maybe work on at another time?

General Information

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Release Date (HBO) June 18, 2023
Director(s) Sam Levinson
Writer(s) Sam Levinson
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Leia Rachel Sennott
Tedros Abel Tesfaye
Jocelyn Lily-Rose Depp
Destiny Da’Vine Joy Randolph
Chaim Hank Azaria
Chloe Suzanna Son
Izaak Moses Sumney
Xander Troye Sivan
Nikki Jane Adams
Dyanne Jennie Kim


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Tedros (Abel Tesfaye)
The Idol: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Daybreak” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
As Lily Rose-Depp continues to flourish as Jocelyn, it is hard not to push yourself to try to make yourself see Abel Tesfaye as a better actor and Tedros as a better character than he is.
Lily Rose-Depp
The Increasing Need To Question If Tedros Is As Evil As He Seems
The Weeknd Music

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