As Danni puts Dr. Lim in an awkward position, Alex continues to bump heads with Morgan and Shaun? Well, he is tasked with saving a dog.

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As Danni puts Dr. Lim in an awkward position, Alex continues to bump heads with Morgan and Shaun? Well, he is tasked with saving a dog.

Aired (ABC) 1/30/2023
Director(s) Gary Hawes
Writer(s) Melaina Wright, Peter Blake
Noted Characters
Alex Will Yun Lee
Morgan Fiona Gubelmann
Dr. Andrews Hill Harper
Lea Paige Spara
Shaun Freddie Highmore
Dr. Glassman Richard Schiff
Vince Amani Atkinson
Danni (Danica) Savannah Welch
Asher Noah Galvin
Dr. Lim Christina Chang


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When You’re A Parent, You’ll Understand – Alex, Morgan, Dr. Andrews

While Morgan remains the better surgeon, when you compare her and Alex, unfortunately, he is the one who can actually perform surgery. So as much as Morgan might be medically right in many ways, because Alex has the dexterity, he often can overrule Morgan.

But, what gets to Morgan in this episode isn’t Alex, for once, being right or using his ability to do surgeries, but rather him being a parent. This feels like a low blow that even Dr. Andrews, without much force, calls out. For unbeknownst to Alex, when he made his comment, Morgan is struggling to conceive. She lets him know later, which leads to some form of sympathy, but it doesn’t lessen him showing his behind, as he increasingly does.

Saving Someone’s Baby – Lea, Shaun, Dr. Glassman

With being a bit more sure Lea is fine, Shaun and her were supposed to go on a vacation. However, then a dog gets hit, and between Lea wanting to save it, maybe keep it, she and Shaun find themselves having to advocate for the poor thing. Mind you, it isn’t cheap either. The various surgeries, one of which Dr. Glassman had to join, totaled over $20,000! And in the end, Lea and Shaun don’t even get to keep the dog, for their owners show up after all bills are paid and the work is done.

However, all of this does lead to Lea and Dr. Glassman sharing a nice moment.

It Was Worth The Sacrifice – Vince, Danni, Asher, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Lim

Amani Atkinson as Vince, showing up to Danica's place, with a bullet wound
“Amani Atkinson as Vince, showing up to Danica’s place, with a bullet wound,” The Good Doctor, “The Good Boy,” directed by Gary Hawes, 2023, (ABC)

Vince, the man who saved Danni’s life after her accident, shows up at her door with a bullet wound, hoping she can help him. He has a record, is on probation, so going to the hospital could mean him going to jail, not seeing his kid, and his family being torn apart. So, with that in mind, Danni does her best to help and ends up making Asher curious enough to get him involved.

But, with her lying to Dr. Lim about what is going on, she is eventually caught, and being that she did the surgery in her living room, without proper supervision, and Vince nearly died? As much as Dr. Lim’s life was changed for the better because of Danni, she can’t and wouldn’t save her. Asher simply gets on probation, but Danni gets fired because Dr. Andrews doesn’t like the pattern forming and doesn’t think Danni realizes how serious the situation was.

Which he isn’t completely wrong about. Despite being fired and how Vince nearly died, Danni did save his life, and Dr. Lim, to repay her debt, did make it so the bullet got lost and couldn’t be used against Vince. But, with Danni no longer employed, it is hard to say if the two may ever see each other again.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So how many episodes until Morgan just asks Alex for his sperm? It seems inevitable at this point.
  2. Will someone new replace Danni?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Something dramatic happening at Lea’s baby shower



Lea, Shaun, and Dr. Glassman Reaffirm They Are Family

Maddie is mentioned in the episode, as Lea seemed triggered about the dog dying in relation to her helplessness when his first child died. So, Dr. Glassman, to relate, maybe help her calm down, brought up Maddie, what he went through, and how things will be different. This is a major turning point in Lea and Dr. Glassman’s relationship because Maddie is a very sensitive subject. Yet, with him mentioning how Shaun came into his life and took him out of a dark place, then him continuing and putting Lea into the equation? Yes, Shaun and Lea are married, but that is probably one of the most notable things Dr. Glassman said to make it clear he sees her as family.

Low Points

How Dr. Lim and Danni Are Handled

I feel like, with Dr. Lim now walking with a cane and the show dismissing Danni, a character and actor who actually would use a wheelchair, or a prosthetic, they wasted a perfectly good storyline and character. On top of that, it makes me angry that Dr. Lim can bounce back the way she did, but Morgan is forever unable to operate on people due to damage to her hands.

Much less, between Danni and Daniel, I feel like Vince should have been someone attached to his storyline, and he should have gotten written off. But I guess when a character can’t easily become someone’s love interest, they are expendable.

Signs Morgan and Alex May Try To Have A Kid Together

Why must Morgan and Alex be end game? Morgan has so much more to offer than to be this man’s off-and-on love interest, and Alex? He surely has something to offer.

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Dr. Lim learning what Danni was doing in secret
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