The Good Doctor: Season 5/ Episode 3 “Measure of Intelligence” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Shaun’s issues with Salen’s changes reach a fever pitch, many seek out Dr. Glassman to intervene due to being unwilling or unable to talk to Salen and change her mind.

Aired 10/11/2021
Network ABC
Directed By Anne Renton
Written By Adam Scott Weissman, Thomas L. Moran


The Challenge Of Relationships – Jordan, Asher, Morgan, Alex, Lea, Shaun, Dr. Glassman, Dr. Lim

With the wedding drawing closer, Lea finds something new to think about: Shaun inviting his mother to the wedding. This feels disastrous because she knows the reaction that could cause, so she holds onto the invite and seeks out Morgan and Dr. Glassman to advise her. Their advice? Talk to Shaun. This is a challenge for her despite her handling so many more difficult situations and conversations with Shaun.

Yet, in the end, Shaun notes he only was going to invite her because a book said he should. So, with Lea not wanting her there, he is indifferent at worse, fine with it at best.

Alex and Morgan cuddling

But, while those two handle their relationship drama, so are Morgan and Alex, overpassing gas in front of each other, and Jordan and Asher over Asher’s insensitive comments about religion. Dr. Lim pretty much handles things by breaking down how ignorant all parties are for both of these situations. With Jordan and Asher, Dr. Lim reminds Jordan of the pain religion has caused Asher and reminds Asher of the healing religion has given Jordan. Then with Morgan? She just calls out how Morgan is trying to maintain a façade, even if it means bloating and pain, which is ridiculous.

This ultimately leads to Morgan and Alex farting in front of each other and Jordan and Asher reconciling and doing karaoke.

You Know We Can Both Be Right, Right? – Shaun, Salen

Shaun has had it to here and decides he will do as Lea did and speak to Salen. So he gathers data from varied sources, and when his agitation reaches a fever pitch, he presents this to Salen, who listens, is understanding, and makes across-the-board changes in some areas and exceptions for Shaun in others. This, unbeknownst to Shaun, comes with the exchange of him being used to promote the hospital and the company Salen started – with his autism in focus.

Either Work With The System Or Against It – Dr. Andrews, Dr. Lim, Mateo, Salen, Dr. Glassman

Most complain about Salen thinking more about money than care and even presenting some of the proposed legal liabilities, but she isn’t wrong. At least in Dr. Andrews’ mind, she isn’t, for the hospital has far too long overvalued what the surgeon thought would be the best procedure, without any worry about insurance or payment.

Think about it, before this season, when was the last time the cost of these miracle procedures ever brought up? The obscure ones Shaun comes up with or are experimental and could go wrong? I would say season 1, maybe 2? But, while Dr. Lim and Mateo are ready to butt heads with Salen, even drag third parties into this, Dr. Andrews rather revert to who he was in season 1, and partly 2, and work with the system and remember he is part of it.

Dr. Lim exasperated by Salen

So while everyone, in the long run, gets what they want, Dr. Andrews also makes himself valuable to Salen, and considering Dr. Glassman would rather stay home than play ball, Dr. Andrews may get the opportunity to get his old job back.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What is Salen’s specific role? She isn’t president of the hospital, isn’t the legal head, and while she is focused on financials, was she noted as CFO?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I can fully imagine Salen firing someone due to insubordination.
  2. Andrews, since he is trying to align himself with Salen, perhaps moving back into an administrative role – either due to Dr. Lim being demoted or Dr. Glassman stepping down. Which would definitely lead to the clinic being closed.
  3. Shaun and Lea’s wedding definitely seems like it’ll be the midseason finale in the winter.



Dr. Andrews Reminding Us How Politically Savvy He Is

Since Dr. Andrews lost his job and Dr. Lim helped him back in the hospital, it has seemed Dr. Andrews just wasn’t the same. Note that he lost his wife, couldn’t have a kid, and fell far from grace, so it isn’t like he hasn’t gone through a lot. But, it seems with Salen, he is starting to regain his groove and regain what it takes to become someone notable, and with power, in the hospital again.

This should allow us to see how much Dr. Andrews has evolved since he was ambitious and was willing to take down Dr. Glassman and use Shaun, to rise up in the ranks.

Salen Standing Firm When She Needs To And Flexible When Appropriate

Salen is the best thing to happen to The Good Doctor in a long time. She brings back that often forgotten aspect that hospitals are a business that needs money. That and one of the reasons being a doctor isn’t as glamorous as it can sometimes seem, is because of the legal liabilities that come with the profession. So while she is a bit weird, with way too much of it put on her ADHD, I do appreciate she forces everyone to realize you can’t just aim to be a hero and flex your surgical knife. Sometimes you have to learn that you can only do what you can.

Salen talking to Shaun

That, to me, is long overdue. Particularly if The Good Doctor is going to have it where rarely, if ever, someone dies, or something goes wrong. To compensate for this, the show needs someone to present the idea doctors can’t always do the most expensive or extravagant procedure for the sake of experience over the patient.

On The Fence

Alex and Morgan’s Relationship & Asher and Jordan’s Relationship

Did they really give us a storyline dealing with Morgan being uncomfortable about farting in front of Alex? I know that is a real thing that couples deal with, but it feels like such a silly thing for Morgan to be dealing with, especially as a former surgeon who works in a clinic, which is a hole in the hospital’s budget. In my mind, she should have been taking the role Alex had in worrying about cuts since Dr. Glassman is the sole thing keeping that part of the hospital alive – and he seemingly is creeping his way out.

Then, with Asher and Jordan, I just felt like their conflict was for the sake of conflict. Maybe it is due to Dr. Lim squashing it so quickly, or the vibe Asher and Jordan sometimes feel like they are there to stir the pot more than develop into individual characters? With Asher, he still seems to have not outgrown his past with living under an oppressive faith and with Jordan? Honestly, I know we’ve gotten random facts about her based on patients she was interacting with, but as for who she is? That remains a mystery.

So here is hoping something is done with these four that makes it clear they are here to present value and not just quantity.

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Shaun in a advertisement for the hospital
The Good Doctor: Season 5/ Episode 3 “Measure of Intelligence” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Salen's arrival is definitely compensating for some of the show's weaker points, which purely stem from a lack of investment in supporting characters. Many of whom may have had small arcs throughout the show but clearly don't have the type of arcs Shaun has, which shows a long-term investment. Almost as if the writers want to keep their options open to cut anyone for the sake of a pop or sad moment.
Dr. Andrews Reminding Us How Politically Savvy He Is
Salen Standing Firm When She Needs To And Flexible When Appropriate
Alex and Morgan's Relationship & Asher and Jordan's Relationship


  1. Hey Amari, guess what? Salen used her big-girl voice for the entire episode!! That means I wasn’t pulled out of the episode by hearing a loopy, little-kid’s voice coming from an adult, and thus could appreciate her character for what it was – an administrator more concerned for the bottom line than the patient’s well-being. And you’re right in that it makes for a very interesting storyline and Salen a very interesting character. It also presented a different angle to the 2 medical cases of the week, especially the bicyclist. I also like how she handled Shaun and then hung that big poster of him. I did not see that coming!

    Unfortunately, there were other storylines as well. I didn’t mind Jordan and Asher. I found their conflict interesting. Plus, I used to like it when Dr. Lim would shut down whatever problem or argument Shaun was having while everyone was in the operating room because she would end Shaun’s argument with such style and good humor. So it was nice to see Dr. Lim do that again with Jordan and Asher’s conflict. But OMG, Alex and Morgan’s storyline?!? If the best thing the writers can come up with is a storyline about passing gas, then just break these two up immediately!! In fact, that would be 100% more interesting then the dreck we were forced to watch. Remember when I wrote how I wish they would just cast some hunk for Morgan to date? They did it for Dr. Lim, with Mateo, so why not with Morgan? Then Alex can get all jealous, and we don’t have to watch an episode about them farting. What’s next, burping? How about them chewing with their mouths open? Just pathetic!!

    And Lea was obsessed with the “Save the Date” card sent to Shaun’s mother. That wasn’t so bad, but she kept interrupting Shaun at the hospital to talk about it. It was like the writers were trying to get Lea into the episode but weren’t sure how, so they had her keep bugging Shaun while he was working. How about discussing this at home? Or during your time off? At least they weren’t discussing passing gas!

    1. You could say Lea interrupting Shaun at work was mirroring when he does the same to her throughout the day.

      I feel like Morgan got too big on the show and this is the writers way of trying to bring her back down to a expendable supporting role. I would say something about Alex, but at this point, what is there to say which can be considered nice? He has overstayed his welcome, the show seems unsure what to do with him, and thus we get a storyline about people passing gas.

      1. I tried replying to your comment, but when I clicked on “Post Comment”, it disappeared. So I’m writing it again.

        Excellent point with Lea interrupting Shaun at work just like Shaun interrupts Lea at work!

        It’s a shame the writers want to bring Morgan down to an expendable and supporting role, especially with Claire gone! Maybe Morgan could try to take over the clinic, now that its budget has doubled (or has it tripled?). And then she can butt heads with Salen when a poor person needs an expensive operation. Wait, that would leave Alex out in the cold. And TPTB would never allow Alex to be ignored. So much for that idea!

        1. I think that’s a brilliant idea! Morgan is a fighter and it could actually bond her with Alex, in terms of recognizing Salen’s changes come at a price.

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