The Good Doctor: Season 2/ Episode 5 “Carrots” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Present and future relationships are being established and tested as people take leaps or push some out of their comfort zone. Network ABC Director(s) Sharat Raju Writer(s) Liz Friedman Air Date 10/29/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may earn money…

Present and future relationships are being established and tested as people take leaps or push some out of their comfort zone.

Director(s) Sharat Raju
Writer(s) Liz Friedman
Air Date 10/29/2018

Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may earn money or products from the company. Most affiliate links contain an upward facing, superscript, arrow.

The Perils Of Getting Close To Me: Shaun, Lea

Though Shaun doesn’t pick up on every sign, gesture, and word said to him, it is clear to him something is there with Lea. She kissed him, ran away with him, when she came back she came directly to him, so something is there right? Maybe. Initially, Lea softly rejects whatever could be seen as Shaun trying to test the waters but part of the reason why is she hasn’t had the best track record in relationships. So, with that in mind, she isn’t trying to ruin this friendship she has with Shaun.

However, with the idea of moving in together, officially being roommates, something Shaun is persistent about, she eventually reneges. If only for the sake of the friendship. For as Shaun exhibits, if they don’t live together they’d likely never see each other. Shaun would be working, barely staying in for more than a meal and sleep and Lea will be working, dating some drummer, trying to get over some drummer, and Shaun would no longer be someone who she could easily fit into her life. So while she, by no means, wants Shaun to believe their friendship could become a relationship, she wants him to at least know, since he says it will be, their friendship is strong enough to continue co-habituating.


Lea having another difficult conversation with Shaun.

I really don’t know how to feel about the “Will they or won’t they?” of this situation. It’s not hard to understand Lea’s apprehension because, even when she met Shaun, she could have been emotionally recovering from her last relationship. Hence her loving Shaun’s openness, wanting to be reckless with him, and maybe kissing him as well? Not to make it sound Shaun was just a well-timed rebound but I think Lea is just starting to realize she has Shaun sprung in a way.

Which, maybe a little, possibly a lot, she is feeling guilty about for she doesn’t want to feel like she is taking advantage of Shaun. After all, she is Shaun’s only friend and it seems, at this point, while Claire is nice and Dr. Glassman is a father figure, neither will have as active a role as Lea will. Claire is a good ear for problems at work, but she hasn’t been invited over and Shaun hasn’t been asked to hang out since they got a beer in season 1. Then, with Dr. Glassman, he is just so prickly now since his ego is making all of his relationships difficult.

Dropped the Ball: Dr. Lim, Dr. Park, Dr. Glassman, Debbie, Dr. Blaize, Shaun

As for how his ego is making things difficult? Well, as they say most doctors are, Dr. Glassman is being a rather difficult patient. The big thing is him not walking about which, according to Dr. Blaize, is because he doesn’t want to seem weak to the people who used to be his employees. So, Shaun tries multiple ways to try to get him out of the bed but, like a stubborn child, Dr. Glassman refuses. That is until Debbie, the woman who works in the café, comes to visit and, using her knowledge from formerly being a nurse, gets Dr. Glassman to walk – in the middle of the night. That way, his anxiety about being seen, possibly falling in front of people, would cease.

But ego isn’t just something affecting Dr. Glassman. In a way, Dr. Lim and Dr. Park are going through their own thing. Mostly in the forms of being divorced. However, while it seems Dr. Lim is cool with her divorce, Dr. Park? Not so much. It seems his wife had an affair and he still wonders what could have been if he didn’t catch her. Leading to the need to question if his ex-wife may pop up in the future?


Debbie visiting Dr. Glassman.

Is it wrong that I completely forgot about Debbie? It’s just, between Shaun, Dr. Glassman’s daughter, and the way he was dealing with the surgery, she became a bit of an afterthought. But, hopefully, she’ll be more active because it is always nice to see people of a certain age dating and having lives outside of work. Rather than simply be mentors and only have use when servicing the youth.

Then again, considering how this show doesn’t seem to desire to give anyone but Shaun a personal life for us to see, maybe we won’t see much of Debbie? It’s hard to say since, you’d think after Jared left, we would have gotten a bit more Claire. Be it seeing how difficult it is for her to date with her baggage, her dealing with coming home to an empty space or roommates – something. I know this is Shaun’s world and they just live in it but sometimes I wish this show was treated as more an ensemble. For certain characters you just want more of.

There is an “I” In This Team: Claire, Dr. Melendez

Though, when it comes to Claire, it seems we may see even less of her since Dr. Melendez might have had it. While he is trying to adjust to her being more assertive, he is having a bit of a hard time. Maybe doesn’t like it period and with Claire never minding his decision and going to a patient, either that was the final straw or justification he was looking for to not seem sexist. Since, I’m sure, you can’t just kick a doctor off your team without justification. The hospital is one dedicated to molding the next generation of doctors.


Dr. Melendez explaining why he is kicking Claire off his team.
Dr. Melendez: And I expect them to then accept my decision.

All I’m saying is, if Dr. Melendez isn’t Claire’s supervisor it does open him up to be a possible love interest. There is less conflict of interest and they’ve had their moments. I do think Dr. Melendez thinks Claire is a formidable woman and even before Dr. Andrews’ assessment, he admired many qualities of her personality. Especially how caring she is. For with him doting on his sister, in the last episode, and working hard, I think he knows that’s what he needs.

Like Shaun, he doesn’t necessarily need someone to be his everything, for his job provides him with quite a bit of fulfillment, but someone to see and talk to outside of work is necessary. Perhaps so, similar to Athena in 9-1-1, they can leave the job at the door. Meaning, the mistakes, the “What ifs?” and just focus on the person they care about and joy, conversation, sometimes aggravation, they bring to their life.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What does Claire do when she isn’t at work? Dr. Melendez, we can assume, often visits his sister, Dr. Park probably cyber stalks his ex-wife, but what about Claire? Heck, what about Morgan? Why can’t we get more than a scene or two an episode, which has to be passed around, of these character’s personal lives?
  2. How long until we learn who is replacing Dr. Andrews as Chief of Surgery? I’d assume he is still doing the job until he gets a replacement and that has to be taxing on his person and his marriage. On top of being president.


  1. Debbie coming back in Glassman’s life.
  2. With Claire being kicked off Dr. Melendez’s team, it means them possibly getting together.
  3. Lea and Shaun officially becoming roommates.
  4. Us getting something beyond Dr. Park being a cop. Even if you could have missed what little character development he had.

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  1. Re. Dr. Melendez and Claire, I think you hit it right on the head with him taking her off the team using the “going to the patient” excuse so he doesn’t seem sexist. Nice call!! I thought that reason (especially when he tried to back it up with “I welcome the interns questioning my decisions”, which is baloney because he used to get so annoyed at Shaun every time Shaun would question him!) was definitely not the real reason he wanted her off the team. But being called out for being sexist in the O.R. was not an experience he wanted to go through again, and without Claire there, he most likely won’t. But I wonder if Claire will be too upset by this to want to date him. I know I’d be like “Get lost, dude!”
    I’m still not sure I like Shaun and Lea sharing an apartment, but I’ll keep an open mind, since I enjoyed this episode with them. But I totally agree that it is time to see the personal life of another resident. I vote for Morgan first.

    1. It’s hard to tell with Claire since we’ve barely gotten to know much beyond her mom being a mess and her growing up poor. As for her dating life, all we have to go by is Jared and that was a relationship of convenience for both. I still believe something could happen between them but will admit it seems less likely by the episode. I don’t think Dr. Melendez likes not being in control or right. Maybe because of his upbringing or just being a butt head.

      I dig Lea and Shaun sharing an apartment and yet, like you, I have some reservations. Only because I feel Shaun will make more of it than Lea will and she already can see that happening. Add in what others will say when they find out, like Morgan, and thus the frustration builds.

      As for Morgan going first? I don’t know… My fear is they’ll humanize her in a way which takes away from her edge. One of the things I’ve always liked about her is that she doesn’t handle Shaun like he is delicate. Making her often seem like a villain when really she just challenges him to gain some intuitive. That is, as opposed to asking people over and over until he gets an answer which sits well with him.

      1. While Dr. Melendez was able to not be a father for Jessica, I think that was because he saw Jessica as his equal. He sees Claire as his subordinate, so I think he’ll always feel the need to be in control over her, thus imo not opening the door to any type of romantic relationship, at least not while she is still a resident. And like I said with Claire, I still feel she won’t want to date him while there is an imbalance of power.

        I agree that Shaun is already making more about the apartment then Lea, which is obviously not good. And I shudder to think what Morgan will say about them sharing an apartment. Speaking of Morgan, I hope there is a way to look into her background without humanizing her. I would really like to know what makes her tick, but you are totally right in that I don’t want to feel sorry for her or have her lose her edge. Maybe the writers can find a nice balance.

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