As Edward shows himself as a man of routine, so comes the question of whether he is a threat to Emma and Jane or just a lonely man with a type?

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As Edward shows himself as a man of routine, so comes the question of whether he is a threat to Emma and Jane or just a lonely man with a type?

Aired 12/19/2021
Network BBC/ HBO Max
Directed By Lisa Bruhlmann
Written By JP Delaney, Marissa Lestrade
Introduced This Episode
Peter Ben Addis
Carol Amanda Drew


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Emma – Emma, Simon, Edward, Jane

While Simon would hope and love to get back with Emma, Edward swoops in almost as if there are cameras, or at least an audio feed, which would allow him to know when the perfect moment to strike was. But, luckily for him, with Emma wanting Simon’s name off the lease, he doesn’t have to arrange a meeting with her. And honestly, he’d prefer it to be more natural yet controlled.

For that is something Edward likes, control and routine. Hence why, for both Jane and Emma, he pursues them the exact same way, maybe to mirror how he did with his wife?

But, the unique thing with Emma is that she isn’t someone who seems to like to kiss after sex, and with her dealing with a trial since her rapist pleaded not guilty, she has more of a life outside of Edward than Jane has.

Jane – Jane, Peter, Edward, Emma

Now, this shouldn’t be seen as Jane not having a life at all, but she is older, still coerced a bit to be on maternity leave, and a bit more Edward’s stride. What youth she may not have is paired with her knowledge of architecture and perhaps understanding Edward in ways Emma could only be fascinated by.

Peter (Ben Addis) looking around a corner in episode 3
Peter (Ben Addis)

But, something they share is having a hard time getting Edward to open up and talk about things, like his ex-wife or finding ways to get him to lower his façade. However, while Jane may not have a rape case to plague her, she does have losing her child, and the added issue of Peter, who works with Edward, and like many, makes Jane question life in Edward’s house.

For example, Peter alludes that Edward has a pattern of dating and having sex with those who live in that house, which is alarming for Jane since she knows Emma died by falling down the stairs. So, with being a grown woman, she asks Edward, who denies this. In fact, while not insulted, he does seem annoyed she’d even think Peter’s words were true.

Is He Someone I Should Be Worried About? – Carol, Jane

Yet, Jane can’t let what Peter said go. And with the door to the server room open and a space holding what looks like a place to hide with Carol’s, Emma’s therapist, number? Jane does some investigating, and upon mentioning Edward to Carol, her demeanor changes, and Carol may keep Emma’s information private, but she issues a stern warning about Edward.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was it a mistake that killed Edward’s wife?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Us learning Simon killed Emma by accident while fighting Edward



Understanding Why Women Don’t Go Through The Process Of Reporting a Rape

Criminal proceedings are long and arduous tasks, and it’s bad enough if the situation is over money, but a personal matter like assault/rape? Can you imagine? Well, you don’t have to since Emma plays it out for you. You’re the victim, there is evidence available, yet it appears to be insufficient. Then, to drag out the proceeding, your rapist can claim innocence, and not that means you increasingly have to be involved. This means potentially being in the space with someone who violated your person and now haunts your living space and dreams and has impacted your personal and sexual life.

All of which is wonderfully played out and might be triggering for some.

Being Unsure If Edward Is A Bad Person Or Not

Carol (Amanda Drew) talking to someone
Carol (Amanda Drew)

There is no denying Edward is weird, clearly is trying to relive his relationship with his ex-wife, and can be aloof at times. Yet, there is the need to ask if he is a bad person? Him trying to be closer to his wife through women who look like her isn’t a damning thing. Surely it is uncomfortable for Emma and Jane, but not the kind of thing that makes Edward terrible. If anything, it just is a strange means of grieving.

But, should we be worried with the house uploading Jane’s computer data and gathering who knows what other information, which Edward may or may not have access to? The way Carol talks, we should be, but let’s not forget that we don’t know what Emma said to her or if Simon or someone else spoke to her before Jane did. So the mystery continues, and we’re left to wonder if Edward is misunderstood or all that he is suspected of and more.

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