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In this post, you’ll find quotes gathered and .gifs made from December 2021.


Anonymously Yours

[…] tragedy plus time, that’s apparently comedy.
— Pushkin

Podcasts & Interviews

“You don’t make terrible decisions, you make strong decisions.”
— Taylor Tomlinson (EP 1: Countdown to Breakdown – Sad In The City)

“Compromise so everyone’s a little bit miserable.”
— Good For You (Emily | Ep #117: HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR | Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings)

Closure does not come from other people. It comes from you, and you only.
— The Breakfast Club | Judge Faith Jenkins in “Judge Faith Jenkins Talks Divorce Court, Rejection, Relationship Triggers, and Embracing Her Journey”



The circus don’t stop for just one clown.
— Charmaine (2.7)


Sometimes it’s not about making the smart choice.  It just has to make sense to you. And it doesn’t have to be the smart choice to be the right choice.
— Tiffany (5.7)

You gotta be really intentional with the people you love.
— Molly (5.7)

Our Kind of People

Getting by is the devil’s playground. It’s not the right place to be.
— Teddy (1.8)

Ready To Love

[…] don’t rush into anything just because somebody said the right things to you at the right time.
— Sabrina (5.10)

Station Eleven

Survival is insufficient.
— Patrick (During Decode) – 1.2

We need not just entertainment, we need art.
— Patrick (During Decode) – 1.2

I am at my best when I’m escaping.
— Miranda (1.3)

The Girl Before

Never apologize for someone you love, makes you look like a prick
— Edward (1.1)


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