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TV Series The Get Down: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Forget Safety, Be Notorious” –...

The Get Down: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Forget Safety, Be Notorious” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s make or get broken bones for Jackie, as Shaolin Fantastic makes the desperate journey to find the source of the bootlegs to bring him to justice and earn a pass from the Grandmaster. For, otherwise, his DJ’ing dreams are over.


Trigger Warning(s):
Drug Use (Includes use of needle)

Major Characters

Mylene | Shaolin Fantastic | Francisco | Zeke | Ra-Ra

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Coming Clean (Ra-Ra and Shaolin Fantastic)

Shaolin finds out what the boys did, and Ra-Ra admits to Winston that it wasn’t looters which destroyed the shop, but a party him and his brothers threw. Leading to Shaolin being pissed, and heading to the Grandmaster to apologize, only to be denied an audience by a Caesar, and Winston ready to tear up Ra-Ra until he is a shade of pink. But, in the end, it seems Ra-Ra and his brothers will be safe thanks to their mom, but they are on watch.


I was kind of glad that the Kipling boys had their own storyline going on this episode. For while Dizzee has his graffiti thing, which Boo-Boo sometimes joins him on, and Ra-Ra is the calm one who gives decent advice, they have felt a bit neglected since episode one. Though with the situation at the salon, as well as Dizzee making a new friend, who could become a love interest for Dizzee, it seems the kids will be alright.

Topic 2: Redemption/ A Better Future (Shaolin Fantastic & Zeke)

With members of Kool Herc’s crew revealing to Shaolin what his boys did, after begging for forgiveness from the Grandmaster, he goes on a search for the bootlegger. A journey which takes him wide and far until he comes upon an old friend name E. Some sort of pimp, with a Nickelodeon orange vehicle, who is a key figure in learning who is this Cassette King.

Meanwhile, Zeke, thanks to his aunt, Ms. Green, and Mylene, gets an audience with Francisco for an internship in Manhattan. Something he gets immediately, but with Shaolin showing up needing, or rather wanting, Zeke to come along, once again Zeke puts Shaolin before Mylene and leads her to question her decision to not only sleep with him but invest in him.

But while things may be now rocky with Mylene, at the very least Zeke and Shaolin’s constant breakup to makeup relationship ends with them as a team once more. For with the Kipling brothers in assistance, it seems they foil the King of Cassettes. In front of Kool Herc of all people.


Being that we know Zeke’s ultimate fate, it takes away from trying to figure which side he lands on, in terms of going corporate and perhaps becoming an ally to Fransisco, to him sticking with Shaolin and becoming an MC. Without this air of mystery, but seeing Books cry as he raps in the future, it hints he lost someone on the way. Which I’m starting to think will be Shaolin. For while that boy is ambitious, between Annie and her boys, to the enemies he quickly and easily makes trying to prove himself, you know that boy is bound for trouble.

Topic 3: Certain Expectations (Jackie, Francisco, and Mylene)

With Mayor Beame no longer willing to support Francisco’s vision, or him at all, enter future Mayor Koch. Someone who is a bit rough with Francisco, calling him a poverty pimp to his face, but luckily Koch’s associate Herbert Gunns is a bit more political minded. So, those two strike a deal for Francisco’s 10-million-dollar vision.

However, with one deal down now comes the question of the one which still hasn’t shown results. Jackie, due to him being drugged out of his mind, isn’t answering anyone’s calls. Thus leading Mylene, who wanted Zeke to come, taking Regina and Yolanda with her to see him. Leading to them finding him damn near dead and Regina, in her rare moment in the sun, reviving him. Leaving us with them taking Jackie to Francisco, who wants to see him to learn of his progress, and things end with wild piano playing and Francisco not looking too happy.


Honestly, with Netflix marathon fatigue starting to sink in, I was mostly focused on Regina being more than Mylene more, experienced, friend. For like Zeke’s friends, Mylene’s friends have pretty much been in the background and while you know their names, they don’t often do things worth noting. But with us seeing that Regina is in a potentially abusive relationship, repeating the type of relationships her mom was in with her dad, I felt sort of reminded that while the show may not focus or revolve around these characters, they still have a life.

Things To Note

Lydia and Ramon have a fight after Ramon discovers the money Francisco gave Lydia for the church.


Mylene and Zeke’s friends having stronger roles than before or, at the very least, getting the opportunity to shine.

Low Points

At this point in the show, it is hard to not begin to get tired of the back and forth between Zeke and Mylene when it comes to their relationship, Shaolin going off and reconciling like nothing happened, and Jackie being a screw-up. I must also note, Francisco in his role as a politician isn’t as interesting as when he is dealing with his family or what Fat Annie offers as a gangster.

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0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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