Movies Mixed (Divisive) Kevin Hart: What Now? - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Kevin Hart: What Now? – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


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Kevin Hart brings those of us who aren’t trying to travel and pay crazy ass prices for his comedy tour another movie special. One which, unfortunately, once again, features a 10-15 minutes “pre-showtime” sketch.

Main Storyline

What we learn about Kevin is that family is very important to him. Be it his now wife, his kids who don’t got enough edge in his opinion, or his crazy dad. However, ain’t no way in hell he would put their life before his own. Ain’t no way in hell if his girlfriend is attacked by anything and looks like the next horror movie icon is he staying with her. Hell Nah. Yet he does love them and their eccentric ways. Though sometimes he just has to ask himself, as many of his fans and peers do when it comes to what is next in his career, “What Now?”


  • 59 uncontrollable laughs and who knows how many smiles and chuckles. All thanks to jokes dealing with animal attacks, sex toys, the complications of relationships, being a dad and dealing with his dad, and of course the kids who seem like such characters that it is hard to fathom where the truth ends and Kevin’s embellishments begin.
  • The best jokes came from him building off not only his fear of animal attacks but how he would handle if his fiancé at the time got attacked and mauled by an animal – but lived. That joke, as well as lying because the truth isn’t believable.

Low Points

  • Some jokes Kevin grinds into the ground to the point they just aren’t funny anymore. One joke being about the face and script Black women use when they don’t believe a story. Another thing which kind of got lame was how he would repeat the same line over and over. If you’re familiar with Kevin’s work, part of what makes him funny is the voices he does and his facial expressions. Well, he really drags out what is one of his best assets and plays up to the camera and everything. Problem is, he treats it like a hill and valley type of joke. Meaning, the first time is funny because the expression is new, but then it gets old and you expect him to move on – hence the valley. However, he keeps going and while some find it ridiculous enough to work their way up that hill to a laugh, some like me question when is he moving on and why is he milking this joke for all it’s worth?

Overall: On The Fence (Home Viewing)

While longer than his previous stand-up movie, there is this weird sequel feeling to this movie. Like the best jokes and times are behind us and while there is still something there, a strong reminder why you went to the movies to see this, it is just not the same. Which I know is weird to say when I laughed so much, but the jokes build off his family like you should be aware who all these characters are. On top of that, I still have no idea why he has these pre-standup segments. This time around he is parodying the latest bond movie and The Equalizer a little bit. Something that, even with Halle Berry and Don Cheadle assisting, isn’t funny nor interesting. It is like a bad opening act which makes you glad once the headliner comes on.

But the reason why I’m marking this as on the fence vs. positive is because it doesn’t feel like Kevin really took it to the next level to the point you should leave your home to see this. This just feels like a really good HBO or Comedy Central special that is getting a limited theatrical release just to make some extra money.

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