Recap On July 13th, 1977 a lot of lives change for our characters. For some it a positive step forward, for others a step back, but no matter what it is all about survival as the blackout hits.   Major Characters Topic 1: The Trouble Before Glory (Zeke, Jackie, and Mylene) In Mylene’s pursuit of…

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On July 13th, 1977 a lot of lives change for our characters. For some it a positive step forward, for others a step back, but no matter what it is all about survival as the blackout hits.


Major Characters

Topic 1: The Trouble Before Glory (Zeke, Jackie, and Mylene)

In Mylene’s pursuit of music stardom, she learns Jackie isn’t what he used to be. Yes he has Grammys, yes he has produced gold and even platinum records, but he is a joke now. A coke addict with a gambling problem. However, he still has a good ear, can perhaps write a song, so Mylene puts her faith into him and hopes for the best. As for Zeke? Well, to get new turntables and more he and the crew use a found Grandmaster Flash tape and damn if they don’t throw a party and make it seem Boo-Boo is DJ’ing. Something which The Caesars, who protect the Grandmaster’s name, find out about and put an end to the party and trash the salon it is held at. Leaving Zeke and crew in a world of trouble.


For reasons I can’t put my finger on, I have never really been a Kevin Corrigan fan. He seems like a nice guy and all, but something about him bores me to tears. It is like he isn’t trying to really emote much and forces his co-star to do the heavy lifting. Which for Guardiola, was a bit too much to bear. For, in a rare moment, she, outside of her singing her heart out, didn’t shine like she usually did. All possibly thanks to Corrigan. Though to be honest, it could just be because everyone is such a character and Jackie is a bit more subdued, that could be the problem.

Topic 2: The Broken Family (Francisco and Lydia)

The 1977 blackout has hit NYC and has left Lydia and Francisco in a dark room together. She came there to note how her family is falling apart after Fransisco’s role in Mylene’s outrageous display in church, and she asks him, as Ramon did, to stay away. Problem is, Fransisco can’t. Be it because they are the only family he has, he has feelings for Lydia, or maybe Mylene is actually his child, something keeps him holding on and only wanting the best for everyone. Though it seems he may keep his distance now.


Francisco, since his introduction, has always walked that tightrope between seeming like a corrupt, potential gangster, politician and someone who genuinely wants better for people. This is why it is easy to like his character. Though with the way he danced with Lydia and spoke with her, you have to question if something was once there? Could it be Francisco lost Lydia to his brother? Maybe they had a situation like Mylene and Zeke where they were off and on, came together one night and made Mylene, but Lydia decided they were not right for one another? It is very hard to tell but you can’t deny the chemistry in their dance. Though Lydia seemingly will.

Topic 3: Closer To Heaven (Zeke, Shaolin Fantastic, and Mylene)

After Fat Annie gets herself a piece of Shaolin Fantastic, she arranges for the first steps for him to be part of the family. Something Cadillac ain’t happy about for who would like to see their mom with some boy in his underwear? So, to give him some dirty work, he gives him the keys to DJ Malibu’s car with a dead body, from the kid in the last episode, in the trunk. Something Shao didn’t know about until Zeke and his boys were supposed to help him push it into a river. Leading to the Kipling brothers getting majorly pissed but Zeke calming them down and trying to reforge the group’s brotherhood. However, there is no mention of them stealing the Grandmaster’s work of their own.

But Zeke has other things to worry about. Mylene, who has been asking for more of his time lately, is once again showing signs that her belief of not dating because it could be a distraction is nonsense. Well, at least when it comes to Zeke. For between him opening up to her about the body, and then them having sex on the roof, well their relationship remains quite complicated.


Honestly, I’m looking forward to how Fat Annie plays into Shaolin’s dreams. Especially since it seemed she was going to treat him like dirt for leaving her. However, with him part of the family now, you have to wonder what good and bad this is going to bring him, and maybe his boys too. But what is really worth noting is this Mylene and Zeke situation. Now, we were told an episode or two back they were off and on since 8th grade. Well, one can only imagine that with them likely being each other’s first, you could only hope they are officially on now. Though I stand by the idea something bad is going to happen to that girl beyond her getting kicked out the house. Considering how crazy her father seems, and the fact he beat her before, who knows what he may do, or what dangers Shao may bring to Zeke’s life which may effect Mylene.

Review Summary


Francisco and Lydia’s scenes together and the question of what past they share.

Zeke and Mylene, possibly, becoming official.

Fat Annie and what she may have in store for Shaolin Fantastic.

Also, what may happen to Shaolin and his boys since, during the blackout, they all steal from Fat Annie the disco’s records and turntables.

Low Points

Mylene’s scenes with Jackie, especially since they are the foundation for their relationship and her music career.

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