As Delilah and Robyn try to help out their friends who are put in life-threatening positions, Harry and Detective Dante slowly venture toward danger because of their activities.

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Plot Recap

Only The Best Don’t Walk Away – Drake, Aunt Vi

P.J. Sosko as Drake and Lorraine Toussaint as Aunt Vi
P.J. Sosko as Drake and Lorraine Toussaint as Aunt Vi

After Robyn chastises her about putting Delilah in danger with the protest, Aunt Vi isn’t in the best headspace. Luckily, Aunt Vi has kept in contact with Drake, who, after being shanked, ended up in the hospital, and while she is unsure of her place in Robyn’s household, sometimes, at least with Drake, she feels like she has a firm place.

But this isn’t to say Drake makes it easy. He desires to be an architect, but he is in prison. When he gets out, he’ll have a record; he hasn’t taken a test since high school, and the list goes on. On top of that, he is about to be reassigned from the library, which would make it easy for him to get books to the laundry.

Aunt Vi listens to all this and deals with Drake’s pushback but ends up sticking by him, encouraging him, and giving him some hope. In return, he listens to her problems, which he has little influence or control over, but considering all she is doing for him, he makes it clear that her family is lucky to have her.

Secrets & Decisions – Harry, Detective Dante, Captain Watkins

It isn’t clear what Fisk has Harry doing, but he pushes the idea Mel cannot know, and Harry hides what he is doing from his wife. But, while Harry is working for Fisk, someone he could potentially sever ties with if or when he reveals some sort of coercion, Detective Dante’s situation is more complicated.

Fisk might be a notable contact for Robyn, but Captain Watkins is Detective Dante’s boss, who has previously noted she disapproves of vigilantism, especially members of her team legitimizing vigilantes by cooperating with them. Yet, she catches Detective Dante in a photo with Robyn, which will surely become a far bigger headache for him than his father, Ben, trying to go to a funeral and expecting his son to take him without notice.

You Gotta Support Your Kids – Robyn, Delilah, Raya

In this episode, Delilah and Robyn work together for the first time, and while Robyn isn’t having her daughter fight, never mind shoot, beside her, she does allow her to participate in the investigation. Specifically into the disappearance of a young trans girl named Raya – one of Delilah’s many friends we haven’t heard about until now.

Raya, who has fairly recently begun to transition socially, has the support of her mother but not her grandfather, who is the reason she disappeared. He signed her up for a conversion camp, and being that no one would willingly walk into a conversion camp, Raya and other LGBT+ kids are kidnapped and coerced to go through various torture methods.

Luckily, despite how secretive the camp is about their location, Robyn’s team is able to find Raya and keep Raya’s mom from harming someone, including her father.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Drake P.J. Sosko
Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Harry Adam Goldberg
Detective Dante Tory Kittles
Captain Watkins Indira G. Wilson
Robyn Queen Latifah
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes
Raya Avery Sands

New Character Description(s)


Avery Sands as Raya
Avery Sands as Raya

Raya is one of Delilah’s friends, not a close friend but a friend nonetheless, who has recently come out as trans. She is a dancer with a secret boyfriend and a mother who is supportive. Both her biological mother and her House mother, specifically the House of DuBois.



Check Your Privilege

It’s interesting and a bit comical to see Aunt Vi and Delilah try to relate to people in vulnerable populations. Delilah trying to push she and one of the members of the House of DuBois aren’t that different, while that person is trans, homeless, and undocumented, helps reinforce why the kids at Delilah’s school sometimes give her the side eye. She might be well-intentioned, but it seems she doesn’t fully grasp how privileged she is, even considering what she has gone through due to her mother’s work.

As for Aunt Vi? With a liberal arts education, a nice home to live in, and her main task being a co-parent to a rather ambitious young lady, is her life easy? No. As shown, Aunt Vi attaching her life to Robyn has led to her identity becoming wrapped up in how she could serve Robyn and, by extension, Delilah. Which makes Delilah getting older, needing her less, creating the need to think about what’s next for the first time in years, which is scary considering where she was before Robyn asked her to help out.

But, again, pushing life is hard to who Aunt Vi does? A man who just got shanked and could have died? Even if Aunt Vi was feeling low at one time, it’s good to see the show doesn’t present the idea that either Delilah or Aunt Vi aren’t speaking from lofty positions. In many ways, it helps you see the difference between a professional like Robyn, when she is talking to vulnerable populations vs. Aunt Vi and Delilah.

Captain Watkins Potentially Cracking Down On Detective Dante

Indira G. Wilson as Captain Watkins
Indira G. Wilson as Captain Watkins

Detective Dante’s storyline has been on a steady decline for a while. In terms of something romantic happening, his relationship with Robyn feels dead in the water and doesn’t feel like a huge loss. His storyline with Ben may give him something to do beyond being the arresting officer for Robyn’s cases, but it isn’t an arc that holds much oomph, so what could save Detective Dante is Captain Watkins.

Granted, we know nothing serious will come about her monitoring Detective Dante more closely, since Detective Dante’s place on “The Equalizer” is the cop who is part of Robyn’s team. But, as said many times before, the show needs a villain, an obstacle, and they need to exist for more than an episode, and it seems, in lieu of some major crime lord, Captain Watkins will do just fine.

What Is Fisk Pushing Harry To Do?

In many ways, it can be easy to compare Harry and Detective Dante since both are members of Robyn’s team whose characters are highly dependent on others, as they rarely get much in the way of solo arcs. However, Fisk and Harry having some secret thing is of great interest. Is Harry looking for the mystery person Robyn and Fisk were speaking to? Michelle maybe?

Fisk is someone with his hands and interest in many places and things, and being that Harry isn’t too far removed from faking his death and his lab being shut down, there is always the need to question what has he gotten himself into and can Robyn dig him out when the time inevitably comes?

Background Information

Episode Title Legendary
Release Date April 28, 2024
Network CBS
Director(s) Tamikla Miller
Writer(s) Faythallegra Claude, Onalee Hunter Hughes
Previous Episode Season 4/ Episode 6
Series Page The Equalizer
Character Guide The Equalizer Cast and Character Guide

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