As Robyn finds herself once again facing off against international agents, seemingly with no repercussions, Delilah continues to move towards following in her mom’s footsteps.

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Plot Recap

But I’m A Rebel Mommy – Delilah, Robyn, Aunt Vi

With someone dubbed a climate change denier being approved to give a speech soon, Delilah believes she needs to show up and speak out. Originally, Aunt Vi and Robyn were on board. However, the closer Aunt Vi and Delilah get to the site, the more Aunt Vi believes the situation is too dangerous. But Delilah wishes to push on, and so they do until they are forced to run.

This leads to Delilah getting arrested and while Aunt Vi is able to get away and eventually get Delilah, Robyn isn’t happy with her aunt not protecting her child.

This Week’s Case – Robyn, Mel, Harry, Dante

Robyn finds herself involved in international issues as a Chinese sleeper agent gets activated and refuses to execute orders, so they are poisoned. To make a long story short, the Chinese were looking to create a biological weapon based on a specific person’s DNA, and through multiple agents, they almost got everything they needed. However, Robyn, Mel, and Harry are able to stop them with Dante’s help.

However, the sleeper agent doesn’t get a happy ending. While Robyn is able to secure an antidote for him, he isn’t able to get one for his wife. Now, why was she poisoned? Because she, too, was a sleeper agent tasked with making sure her husband followed the plan. So, when she didn’t kill him for refusing his assignment, she was poisoned, and when Robyn presented the antidote with only enough in the vial for one person, the sleeper agent’s wife forced her husband to take the whole thing.

But, in her defense, while the sleeper agent was innocent and wouldn’t face jail time, his wife would have for espionage, among other crimes.

A Case Of The Ex – Miles, Robyn

Stephen Bishop as Miles
Stephen Bishop as Miles

Miles is single once again, called into action by Robyn to treat the sleeper agent for whatever he is poisoned with, and the excitement gets to him. This time, he doesn’t question what Robyn is doing or how it will affect Delilah. Instead, he wants in, which is a bit of a shock to Robyn, who doesn’t offer him a response before the episode ends.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes
Robyn Queen Latifah
Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Mel Liza Lapira
Harry Adam Goldberg
Dante Tory Kittles
Miles Stephen Bishop



Delilah’s Storyline

It remains strange that Delilah is the sole character whose storyline continues to move forward, but we appreciate it. With Aunt Vi’s storyline always on the back burner and Robyn’s storyline being a waiting game between when Michelle may reappear or Dante asks her out again, only Delilah presents the idea that she doesn’t live in an episodic world.

And what pushes things further in a positive direction with Delilah is that her storyline is going somewhere. As it becomes clear she is learning to fight and has a strong sense of justice, her ending up in the military seems like the best move. Imagine her being in reserves, a season ending with a situation Robyn couldn’t quell, like with the sleeper agent, and now Delilah is shipped off for war or gets into the CIA and has to handle a missing her mom didn’t stop?

With Delilah, there is potential, theories, and things to look forward to, and while I wouldn’t say she is carrying the show, as noted previously, they are certainly setting up so many ways her character could go.

On The Fence

Miles Wanting More Involvement

To us, Miles and Robyn have more chemistry than Robyn and Dante. Miles comes off like an equal who will call Robyn out, and Dante (Marcus) seems like he is still in awe of her. Granted, this is cute, but it makes his hesitance to really pursue Robyn understandable.

But, while Miles seems like a better match, there remains a need to question if a romantic storyline is really what Robyn needs or should have? I’m not against her finding love, but based on what we’ve gotten so far, it seems anything given might be lackluster, and maybe they should focus on making sure these random battles with international agencies mean something.

Background Information

Episode Title DOA
Release Date April 21, 2024
Network CBS
Director(s) Paul Holahan
Writer(s) Kim Rome
Previous Episode Season 4/ Episode 5
Series Page The Equalizer
Character Guide The Equalizer Cast and Character Guide

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The Equalizer: Season 4 Episode 6 - Review/ Recap


“The Equalizer” is starting to show its age a little bit as it seems unsure what to do with certain characters besides the bare minimum. Which leaves you to wonder, when in need of a huge splash, what dramatic move might be taken for the season finale?

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  • Miles Wanting More Involvement - 74%
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  • Delilah’s Storyline


  • Miles Wanting More Involvement

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