The Doll Factory: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Episode Recap/ Review

“The Doll Factory” begins with a host of curious or eccentric characters who all seem to yearn for more, often from the darkest places of their heart.

Community Rating: 88% (2 votes)

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Plot Recap

The Girl With Red Hair – Iris, Rose, Mrs. Salter, Louis, Silas, Albie

Iris and Rose work for Mrs. Salter at her Doll Emporium. Iris paints the faces, and when it comes to picking up things for the shop, she handles that as Rose is sensitive about her face since contracting smallpox when she was 16 – thus leaving her with some scaring.

But Iris’ life doesn’t just revolve around the shop’s needs. Albie, a kid who lives at a local brothel, occasionally brings her useful things, and she tries to look out for him.

However, being that Iris is of age and beautiful, Albie is the least of her worries. If anything, men like Silas, a taxidermist with a love for oddities, and another man, Mr. Louis Frost, an artist, are far more worrisome.

Why? Because both have an interest in her and between Silas being an odd man and Mr. Frost being promiscuous but determined, Iris has to be mindful of them and how their pursuit could affect her reputation.

New Character Description(s)


Esme Creed Miles as Iris The Doll Factory Season 1 Episode 1 Directed by Sacha Polak 2023 Paramount scaled
Esme Creed-Miles as Iris

Curious, more than willing to stick up for herself, yet still youthful, Iris may work for Mrs. Salter to make a living, but you can tell she desires far more than what life currently holds.


Mirren Mack as Rose The Doll Factory Season 1 Episode 1 Directed by Sacha Polak 2023 Paramount scaled
Mirren Mack as Rose

At one time, Rose was fast. However, smallpox humbled her and created insecurities to the point now she walks out in public with what looks like a widow’s veil.

Mrs. Salter

Pippa Haywood as Mrs. Salter The Doll Factory Season 1 Episode 1 Directed by Sacha Polak 2023 Paramount scaled
Pippa Haywood as Mrs. Salter

A functioning alcoholic who prides herself on the airs and graces to be successful in her industry, she sees herself as a saint for taking in Iris and Rose and giving them not only employment but shelter. However, like anyone else, she has her sins hidden away.


George Webster as Louis The Doll Factory Season 1 Episode 1 Directed by Sacha Polak 2023 Paramount scaled
George Webster as Louis

A renowned artist part of a local collective, like most men in the area, Louis is looking for a muse who will do far more than pose for a portrait.


Eanna Hardwicke as Silas The Doll Factory Season 1 Episode 1 Directed by Sacha Polak 2023 Paramount scaled
Eanna Hardwicke as Silas

The local taxidermist and collector of oddities, Silas might be a kind man, but he is also an odd one.


Reece Kenwyne Mpudzi as Albie The Doll Factory Season 1 Episode 1 Directed by Sacha Polak 2023 Paramount scaled
Reece Kenwyne-Mpudzi as Albie

A kid of a yet undetermined age, Albie lives with his sister in a brothel, where she is a sex worker.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Created by: Charley Miles
  2. Based on Work By: Elizabeth Macneal


Community Rating: 88% (2 votes)

On The Fence

An Air Of Danger & Curiosity

For most of “The Doll Factory,” things are interesting but not necessarily notable. Yes, Iris’ curiosity and her associates do make you raise an eyebrow and push you to wonder where this may go. Also, Louis and Silas competing for Iris’ attention could make for an okay love triangle.

But then comes the push that something sinister might be going on, and that’s the hook. For, honestly, all the period drama aspects aren’t offering much. Whether it is the respectability politics, following around these handful of poor characters, or the show sprucing things up with a masturbation scene.

Yet, Louis may be involved with something that could lead to deadly consequences, and considering how cute Albie is, you know if not a hair is harmed on Iris’ head, unfortunately, he might suffer a cruel fate. The who, what, and when pushes just enough intrigue to want to continue to see if the worst-case scenario may happen or if this may not live up to its potential.

General Information

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Release Date

November 27, 2023


Sacha Polak


Charley Miles

Newly Noted Characters and Cast


Esmé Creed-Miles


Mirren Mack

Mrs. Salter

Pippa Haywood


George Webster


Éanna Hardwicke


Reece Kenwyne-Mpudzi

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The Doll Factory: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Episode Review


I wouldn’t say “The Doll Factory” begins as an instant, must-watch, type of mini-series. But it does present the level of intrigue that makes you want to go beyond the first episode.

  • An Air Of Danger & Curiosity - 74%


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  • An Air Of Danger & Curiosity

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