Drawings Carys did on wallpaper as a kid, while trapped in a room.

As we learn what is causing the whispers, it also becomes clear who the members of the occult likely are. Network BBC One Director(s) Mahalia Belo Writer(s) Kris Mrksa Air Date 2/23/18 Characters Introduced Verity Pippa Haywood Laura Anastasia Hille Harry Ifan Huw Dafydd Is Eddie A Victim or Masquerading As One?: Eddie, PC Graves,…

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As we learn what is causing the whispers, it also becomes clear who the members of the occult likely are.

Director(s) Mahalia Belo
Writer(s) Kris Mrksa
Air Date 2/23/18
Characters Introduced
Verity Pippa Haywood
Laura Anastasia Hille
Harry Ifan Huw Dafydd

Is Eddie A Victim or Masquerading As One?: Eddie, PC Graves, Aron, Rose

Aron threatening Eddie if he doesn't go through with what was planned.

With Rose in hospital, and all signs pointing to Hal and Matilda to blame, it has put him on edge a bit. For while he is clearly part of something shady going down, which Eddie is involved in, it is hard to say what exactly. For while you could easily put him as one of the Scryers, it could just be he is trying to make quick cash doing something else. Who knows?

The only thing we know for sure is that Rose might have brain damage and all of this is upsetting little Davey terribly. In fact, it is upsetting Aron too. To the point that, either for cover or because he is really feeling down, he drinks excessively at Harry’s pub and when he goes to leave, and sees Hal, he beats his car with a crowbar and gets one good lick at Hal’s knee. Thus leading to PC Graves, who has tried to be a champion for his family, having to ask him to come in and let Stephen babysit Davey.

Leading to us learning that Eddie called Aron three times after Ewan’s death, even left a possible 3-minute message. Of which Aron says has been deleted, but with the way he talks, PC Graves is getting a little too close for comfort. Which, while Aron may keep his hands clear of any wrongdoing, that doesn’t mean Eddie won’t be his scapegoat and end up like the lambs who were slaughtered.

With Some Assistance From Trudy: Trudy, Hal, Matilda, Nick

After being assaulted, it begins to seem like Trudy may have taken to Hal. I mean, she does offer her bedroom to the dude. Something he seems to accept. But, it isn’t just Hal she is helping but also Matilda. She tries to jog up her memory, presents pictures from her childhood, but nothing is coming about.

Luckily though, while Nick is definitely a bastard, one worried about Meredith having an autopsy, and flushing Matilda’s pills down the drain (though maybe that was a kind gesture), he tries to help too. Considering the fainting spells, her destroying her cello, and just being a bit erratic, he recommends his lawyer’s wife, Dr. Verity Satlow for her. Which she goes sees and while there is nothing physically wrong with her, besides these brand new scars on her clavicle, mentally she still feel a bit off. Leading to her getting some anxiety meds which are the ones Nick tosses away.

Sylvia waiting to have a chat with Nick.Why? Well, maybe he knows something. It isn’t clear but with Sylvia greeting him before he can run off, it seems he may have made a deal with the devil and she doesn’t like having to look for people to keep up their end of the deal.

But, before moving on, we must note Laura. From what it seems, she could just be the town’s crazy person. Someone who heard voices, of a spirit named Bessie, before being sent to this psych hospital named Glyncollen where she was given more than enough drugs to shut Bessie up. However, before Bessie was silenced, she presented a lot of curious information about Carys. Such as where she is, what happened to her, and who did it. All of which makes you kind of wonder if Laura could be Carys, after quite a bit of mental torture, but who knows.

The Scryers: Sylvia, Nick, Sean, Matilda

The only thing we learn for sure is that Bessie was telling the truth. In that formerly locked up room, with the windows bricked in, Matilda finds the flowers behind the room’s current wallpaper, where Carys was and Carys’ drawings all over it. Also, after talking with Sean, and walking into the Blaidd Carreg, and learning about the Scryers and how they would call Angels through children, of which Ewan likely used Carys, Matilda sees Sylvia drugging her.

Leaving us to question, alongside Sylvia, who else are the members of the Scryers? Someone, according to Sean, has to be calling out these angels and with Davey being the only innocent kid we’ve seen, more than likely he will end up their medium. The question is though, who will snatch up that child for said purpose?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Harry and Rose have an affair? I don’t know why, but something in me really believes Rose either had an affair or made some sort of arrangement with someone, based on Janice’s pictures. Heck, who knows, maybe Trudy’s mom knew Janice and she just played a role? Because, I swear to you, someone we’ve have seen or met is lying about the day Carys was kidnapped and with Sylvia having pills to knock people out and make them forget, I’m sure Janice could have been using those enough to wipe Matilda’s memory. Assuming she is Carys.
  2. So, after being told by Kath that she had a legit birth certificate, we’re just going to pretend it is fake?


So Many Suspects, So Many Secrets

Nick asking Lloyd if he thinks they'll do an autopsy on Meredith?

Was Meredith murdered? What in the world did Eddie call Aron for and what is Aron blackmailing Eddie about? Why did Sylvia drug Matilda and could it be that Rose didn’t try to kill herself but someone tried to kill her? Things are ramping up a bit and a lot of possible leaders are coming about. Not to the point I’m necessarily giddy over the answer, but I am curious.

On The Fence

The Actors

Let me first admit I’m in a period of fatigue, so take this with a grain of salt. However, I must say that while the story pushes excitement, the actors don’t necessarily do that. Not to imply they are bad at what they do but more so they just feel adequate. Like, not BAFTA or the British equivalent of an Emmy worthy, but good enough to keep getting steady work.

Which there is nothing wrong with but it really does push you to wish that like The End of the F***ing World, there would be more shows, that aren’t straight comedies, that would just be a half hour. For an hour with these folks, it is like a slow processing sedative at times.

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