The Dangerous Woman Diaries feels like a throwback to all the documentaries Madonna used to do.

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The Dangerous Woman Diaries feels like a throwback to all the documentaries Madonna used to do.

YouTube Premium
Creator Arianna Grande
Director(s) Alfredo Flores
Air Date 11/29/2018
Genre(s) Documentary
Good If You Like Behind The Scenes Documentaries

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The Introduction

While a rather avid user of social media, it seems there are things held back when it comes to superstar Ariana Grande. What in particular? Well, working with Pharrell in the studio or Dave Meyers during the filming of “The Light is Comingir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=fed768cf73480f0228f97a6e9a4adc3d& cb=1543551749225” and “God Is A Womanir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=da2e854660a5e3cd53881a792bda6020& cb=1543551763271.” As for anything groundbreaking, which will get the blogs talking – maybe even have you see Grande in a new light? Well, episode 1 doesn’t have that.

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

“I don’t feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone. I feel like I found it.”


What’s with the VHS Filter?

Ariana talking about how personal the album "Sweetner" is.
Ariana: It just feels like super close to home.

I think we can all agree, the 90s camcorder look was unnecessary. Considering the quality a phone has, why in the world we got grainy, VHS quality video is beyond me. One could assume it was to pay homage or for artistic reasons but, visually, that idea should have been striked down.

On The Fence

With The Way Social Media Is, And The Internet In General, Nothing Seems New And Noteworthy As Much As Additional Details To What You Already Know

With how Instagram and Twitter have become living, breathing, documentaries within themselves, it makes something like this feel almost odd. Maybe even out of place, hence the old video filter. For really, outside of added details to what many a fan has seen and heard of Grande’s, what do you get out of this? A few behind the scenes clips that don’t really say or show us anything besides a few members of her team acting silly? Dave Meyers making it seem he is overdue for a documentary on his work in music?

I’m not trying to be “a hater” or anything but the way this is being seen as a docu-series is like when, sometime in the early or mid-2000s, people with 3 albums suddenly started to have greatest hits collections. On one hand, who doesn’t like what you already know plus a handful of new things to enjoy? Yet, at the same time, you kind of wonder was the release more about money than releasing something which seems like a period or statement.

First Impression: Mixed (Stick Around)

Ariana noting she hopes people enjoy the series.
Ariana: I hope you enjoy.

The main issue with Dangerous Woman Diaries is that it leans more towards feeling like a marketing promotion than us getting to know who Ariana is once she gets off stage and the cameras are off. One could even say, the way things are presented, what we get are extended cuts of Instagram stories. The type where, if you are a superfan who buys merchandise, concert tickets, follows Ariana on every platform she has, this may seem like heaven. However, if you aren’t a stan and maybe are expecting something refined in terms of editing, but certainly more raw, like Gaga: Five Foot Two for example, this kind of comes off as a disappointment.

So, one can only hope in future episodes, all of which are already available on YouTube Premium, but will be made free weekly, on Thursday, we’ll see beyond the pop princess. For considering her mental health after the tragedies she has been through, among other things, there are many facets to explore. Ones which may have been hinted about on social media, in interviews, and many a blog post, but haven’t truly let fans, stans, and the curious know who Ariana Grande-Butera truly is.


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