The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Full On Gangster” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

While Thony reaches a major milestone, Hayak starts to ask all the right questions about what Arman is doing at the wrong time.

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Thony calling out Arman's name

While Thony reaches a major milestone, Hayak starts to ask all the right questions about what Arman is doing at the wrong time.

Aired 2/28/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Marisol Adler
Written By Raf Green, Charli Engelhorn


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A Rock And A Hard Place – Marco, Thony, Luca, Arman, Nadia

Marco’s gambling problem was no minor issue. Back in Manila, Marco would gamble with the mortgage, borrow money from friends, and has shown the kind of irresponsibility that fully helps you understand why Arman’s willingness to assist is a Godsend. For Thony can hold onto money, but her husband cannot.

However, money remains a major issue for with Marco gambling his way to $100,000 then losing $75,000 of it, now all that is left is $25,000. Which, yes, is enough to keep the donor but not enough to get the surgery done in America. So Thony has no choice but to go to Mexico and take that risk. Luckily, with Arman trying to salvage his arms deal, going to Mexico works for him, and with the lowered cost, he is able to pay for Luca’s surgery. He even asks Nadia to cover for him, with her only knowing about the arms deal portion, not taking Thony across the border.

Grasping At Straws – Thony, Dara, Luca, Garrett, Katherine, Nadia, Hayak, Fiona, Arman

Thony sitting on the floor, outside the operating room

While Thony, Luca, Dara, and Arman make it to Mexico safely, the trajectory of things actually going in the right direction doesn’t last long. Why? Well, you could say karma. For after kissing, once again, the night of their arrival, both Thony and Arman are dealt with heavy blows.

Arman learns that Hayak is asking questions and didn’t buy the lie he told Nadia to tell. Thus, Hayak is now aware that his guns have been moved and is ready to interrogate Nadia like he doesn’t know her. On top of that, Garrett, through talking with Fiona, and snooping around her house, is aware Thony isn’t in the United States, and with that, he talks to Katherine about that and her slowing down the ATF so he can make a career arrest. For all Garrett needs now is to catch either Arman or Hayak red-handed, and that’s it.

Which is something he may get as Arman is forced to return home immediately and face Hayak, who has a load of questions. And while Arman is dealing with Hayak and Garrett’s investigations, Thony learns Luca got bumped off the surgery schedule. This forces her to use Arman’s reputation to do what most see as unethical – perform surgery on a family member. Yet, by pushing her luck, she gets to have the surgery done and either extend, if not outright save her son’s life.

Trust Is Everything – Hayak, Carlos, Nadia, Thony, Arman

Hayak’s trust is officially broken. Despite Nadia making it seem Arman disappeared to have an affair with Thony, Hayak knows the truth. He tortured Carlos and already and just wanted to give Nadia and Arman the chance to come forward themselves. Yet, they didn’t, so now they are on Hayak’s s*** list.

But with Nadia learning from Garrett that Thony and Arman were together in Mexico, that’s it for her. She thinks he is having an affair, and with that, it seems she is done. This, for Thony, complicates things since Arman being in trouble means Thony can’t get the special attention she needs. Add in Arman barely missing a potential murder attempt through a car explosive? Thony seemingly will be stuck in Mexico for more than Luca’s recovery time.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Katherine after having a drink with Hayak

  1. Is it safe to say Hayak planted that bomb, or was it the competition? Because, thus far, we haven’t seen anyone who competes with Hayak and Arman in the arms race.
  2. Why is Nadia so hurt when she had an entire orgy without Arman?
  3. So does Katherine have a full-on, romantic crush on Garrett, or is simply envious that he got to have a whole life outside of work, screwed it all up, and yet still has the chance to bounce back?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Nadia and Arman are brought back together through her taking care of him
  2. Arman using his connections to potentially escape Hayak or try to fight him
  3. Thony being left on her own, as previews show, and then finding herself having to win back Garrett for what minuscule protection he might have actually been providing


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Luca Finally Got His Surgery

While Luca isn’t out of the woods yet and surely trying to cross the border won’t help his recovery process, at the very least, there is a better chance he’ll survive now. Also, this makes it so Thony can worry a little less and maybe focus on the other drama in her life a little bit more.

Nadia Realized The Truth

Each episode feels like it is trying to build up to something notable for Nadia. Will she remain on Arman’s side or screw him over? She has multiple opportunities to do what she may think is best and potentially get away with it. Lest we forget, she controls the books for the club, and handing that over to Garrett is a smoking gun. Also, she can side with Hayak and attempt to not end up like Carlos. Never mind, considering her knowing where the money could be, she could make a run for it solo and leave Arman to suffer.

But, of course, there is the possibility of sticking beside her man. It remains hard to envision that because the show has just started to build up this relationship, but it is possible.

Hayak & Garrett Closing In

Hayak interrogating Carlos

Arman is between a rock and a hard place. Garrett has always presented taking down Hayak as an operation that also is supposed to take down Arman. There was never an Hayak or Arman. It was always both. So with him knowing where the weapons are and multiple agencies itching to move in, it seems clear Hayak is about to suffer a financial loss with Arman to blame and being in the crosshairs of both.

But while Garrett’s crosshairs may lead to a trial, Hayak’s could lead to the grave. Clearly, Hayak has no issues having members of Arman’s team murdered, and with him mentioning torturing Nadia, being a woman doesn’t exempt you. So learning his right hand tried to steal from right under him due to being overlooked won’t bode well.

In fact, it pushes you to wonder whether that car explosion was supposed to be the end of Arman or simply a warning shot.

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Thony calling out Arman's name
The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Full On Gangster” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As we slowly creep towards the season finale, many questions about who may live or die become more and more prominent. Especially as Garrett comes closer to completing his goal, Hayak learns of Arman’s betrayal, and Nadia becomes an uncertain ally.
Luca Finally Got His Surgery
Nadia Realized The Truth
Hayak & Garrett Closing In

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