The Circle: Season 2/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Courtney gets to choose an influencer for this elimination round, and it seems #JusticeForSavannah might be eminent.

Episode Title A Love Triangle
Director(s) Sam Campbell
Writer(s) Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 4/21/2021

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A Play For The Heart – Chloe, Mitchell, Trevor

While Mitchell isn’t up for elimination this week, like Chloe, he sees flirting as a way to stay on. So, with Chloe the biggest flirt, he plays with her a bit, and things get a little bit dirty. Not enough to utterly blow Chloe’s mind, but just enough for her to feel torn between Trevor and Mitchell. But, with Trevor giving her something more mature, less one night, a few texts, and then ghosting? Well, Chloe leans more towards Trevor.

The Search For The Joker – Terilisha, Khat, River, Courtney

With The Circle revealing the existence of a Joker and what they did, so comes Terilisha questioning who it was? Especially since River being chosen as an influencer by The Joker doesn’t really reveal who it could be. So, Terilisha goes to Khat to see what was said and learns she and Chloe were pointed out, which leads to the belief Emily is The Joker – as Courtney wanted.

Though, to really show Courtney is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, he ends up becoming the 2nd influencer chosen to block someone.

Elimination Time! – River, Courtney

So, with River and Courtney chosen as influencers, so comes the question of who will be blocked? To quickly run down the list, Chloe is safe, Lance is safe, and Trevor? Well, Lee (River) didn’t appreciate how one-sided things have been thus far, but with Courtney vouching for him, he is safe. This leaves two people: Emily and Terilisha.

Now, you know both of them are in Courtney’s crosshairs, so it is a tough decision for him. However, with Terilisha trying to have him eliminated early on, all signs point to her being kicked. Especially since Courtney revealed to River that Savannah told him that she wanted Courtney out. Add in River doesn’t take kindly to Terilisha starting up the drama with Savannah, and she is once more ranked at the bottom? Well, it seems Terilisha is going bye-bye!

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I think Terilisha is gone. Lee (River) has long had issues with Terilisha and noting how she started the battle with Savannah. It has left a permanent stain on her reputation. Add in that she has consistently been at the bottom, and all her assumed alliances went south, and it has to be over for her.



Wondering If More Tricks Await

Thus far, nearly every elimination presented something to complicate the next. The first one had the ability of the influencers to protect someone from elimination, following that was the introduction of “The Inner Circle,” The Joker, and The Joker getting to pick an influencer. So, what could be next?

Jack saying he is going to shit himself
Jack saying he is going to shit himself

Granted, while Terilisha seems to be a goner, there is the possibility she meets a catfish and puts them on blast. Alongside that, there are so many things the game can throw at the players, so Emily doesn’t end up the next person eliminated. However, the real twist could be nothing is set up for the next round as well.

Either way, Courtney right now is our favorite to win, alongside River – because Trevor, I feel, is going to get exposed, eventually.

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Wondering If More Tricks Await - 83%


As we prepare to eliminate yet another player, what twists may come as the game continues?

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