Chris noting that is how you handle a party.
Chris: And that's the way you do it.

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As we await a new member making themselves known, those who survived the first round get to reveal another side to themselves.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/1/2020
Introduced This Episode
Herself Miranda

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

These Folk Ain’t Loyal: Karyn, Antonio

While some seem to have the competition on the back burner, a secondary goal, others seem to want to make actual friendships. Karyn and Antonio aren’t those kind of people. Karyn is ready and willing to manipulate these men, especially Antonio, and with Antonio thinking he is God’s gift to women, and every dude’s potential best friend, he is trying to gather up and all alliances he can get.

However, with many thinking the other person is a sucker, who will end up the real fool in the end?

It Goes Down In The Group Chat: Joey, Sammie, Seaburn, Karyn, Antonio, Chris

As you can imagine, with nearly everyone in their 20s, but Chris, who still can party like he is in his 20s, things get a bit wild and loose. Not in the way most reality shows would, if they could see each other, but people open up. Be it in the form of pictures, like Sammie in a bikini, Chris showing himself expertly beat, or even Joey showing himself as a family guy.

However, while it goes down in the group chat, new profile pictures, the reveal some are bi-sexual, or at least willing to experiment, raise some eyebrows. Making it awkward for some, like Seaburn, as he realizes Antonio may have an interest in his girlfriend. Though there is also Karyn, happy to know Sammie has been with girls and maybe, just maybe, that leading to thoughts about what the future can hold.

A New Player Enters: Miranda

Another girl from California with tattoos, flexible sexuality, and a commitment to being herself enters the game. But with her having a rough past, falling easily for people, and the ability to private chat before being thrown into the fray being available, will she make it to the next round?

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. A new girl named Miranda enters, and she plans to be her most authentic self.
  2. Sammie posts a bikini picture and reveals she is sexually open, which gains the attention of many – especially Joey and Kyra.
  3. Antonio thinks he has multiple people on lock, when really it seems a good portion of people can’t stand his ass.
  4. Seaburn is really doing a good catfish for while they had a speed bump with Chris, since then it seems people believe he is a real girl.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Karyn giving props to Alana's goodbye message.
Karyn: You talk your shit. That’s right!

Comment Down Below

  1. Can you imagine the reunion show for this?

Review/ Commentary


Buteau’s Commentary Kills Me

In the truncated episode on YouTube, you don’t get a strong sense of Buteau’s comedy. However, in episode 2? Oh, it is like she is live-tweeting and hitting the nail, and jokes, each and every time. Heck, I’d even say, if you didn’t dig the people on, and wanted them all replaced, you’d at least have Buteau to throw shady and be catty with.

Karyn & Seaburn – Joanne The Scammer Would Be Proud

Being fake to people’s faces is often a source of drama when it comes to reality tv, but “The Circle” doesn’t allow even a video chat – until you are kicked off. So, watching Karyn and Seaburn scam everyone to the degree they do, is not only hilarious but lowkey terrifying. At least if you are someone who makes connections online or through apps, for dating, network, or friend purposes. Because these two, they are the reason why the whole “Stranger Danger” system we were taught in the 90s remains relevant today.

Shubham Is Adorable

I don’t know if Shubham can or will win, but his innocence is so adorable that I wouldn’t be mad if he did. Plus, while I’m sure he’d love the prize money, I feel that he is the only one not trying to manipulate someone to win. He truly is just glad to be there and looks forward to getting private messages and creating connections with people.

On The Fence

Joey & Antonio

If there was an audience vote, the two who could be blocked for me would be Joey and Antonio. Antonio just because he is definitely getting a bit full of himself and Joey just due to him being a decent guy with the most asinine traits. Plus, Joey comes off a bit thirsty when it comes to the girls, and with Antonio having a girl, but not making his lie as entertaining as Karyn or Seaburn, he feels very replaceable.

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Joey & Antonio - 75%
Shubham Is Adorable - 80%
Karyn & Seaburn – Joanne The Scammer Would Be Proud - 90%
Buteau’s Commentary Kills Me - 95%


Trajectory – Plateau: Like most reality shows, the drama is the reason to stay, and between all the lies being shared and some people revealing interesting anecdotes, you find yourself hooked like a child on sugar.

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