Taking a nod from social media, “The Circle” makes it so only a profile and chatbox allows you to influence your peers to win $100,000.

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Taking a nod from how social media has changed interactions, “The Circle” makes it so only a profile and chatbox allows you to influence your peers to win $100,000.

Created By TBD
Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/1/2020
Genre(s) Reality TV
Introduced This Episode
Herself – Host Michelle Buteau
Herself Samantha
Himself Seaburn (as Rebecca)
Himself Chris
Himself Joey
Herself Alana
Himself Shubham
Himself Antonio
Herself Karyn (Mercedeze)

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

The way “The Circle” works is 8 players are playing to win $100,000 by influencing and winning over people they never meet. So, between a profile and chatting solely by text, they have to hope they can get into the top two rankings. Those two, who are voted on as the favorites, are not only safe from elimination but can choose who is eliminated. Meaning they can choose the third most popular person in the circle, or the person in last place.

But here is the kicker, the person who is eliminated has the opportunity to meet anyone face to face. Which with two people currently catfishing the others, it means their secret being revealed – but luckily not to the remaining members of “The Circle.”

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are they trapped in those rooms, or can they go elsewhere?
  2. Can they send photos or just text?



It’s A Fascinating Concept

Take note, this is the American version of a UK series that has finished its second season, so it isn’t new. However, it does present the most curious of rules and procedures. Think about it, the whole idea is manipulating others to like you enough so that either you are empowered to choose who goes or are liked enough to stay – solely through superficial judgement. Which for most is a bit of a bore, since they say they are going to be themselves. However, when it comes to Seaburn and Karyn, things get interesting.

For Seaburn, him masquerading as his girlfriend, Rebecca, thus gender-swapping, draws serious attention as you see him privy to how the ladies think while getting to connect with the guys. Then with Karyn, with her pretending to be a feminine woman, Mercedeze, it makes the whole idea of the person eliminated seeing one contestant of their choice so exciting. If just to see the reaction to someone losing to a person who was catfishing everyone else.


Met Expectations

As someone who doesn’t watch a huge amount of reality TV, let me just say this is the kind of show I can see sucking people in. The concept may not be new, since it is adapted, but the idea feels very fresh and allows for mischief. How much mischief and how far can people go? Well, we don’t know yet, but the anticipation is half the fun.

First Impression: Optimistic

This show seems like a hot mess in the making, especially considering the people picked for it. I say this due to the people clearly ready and willing to manipulate others, the allegiances, and that end game opportunity to meet anyone of your choosing. That, to me, add just an extra level of drama, and discouragement honestly, that will definitely make “The Circle” one of Netflix’s first big hits of 2020 – thought you can watch it now on YouTube.

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It’s A Fascinating Concept - 85%
Met Expectations - 89%


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