The Chi: Season 2, Episode 7 “Blind Eye” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

A picture of a young Miss Ethel that Jada found.

Alongside venturing into Detective Cruz’s past, part Detective Toussaint’s is revealed, and Jerrika makes a big move. As does Douda to make sure Brandon becomes a fat fish.

Alongside venturing into Detective Cruz’s past, part Detective Toussaint’s is revealed, and Jerrika makes a big move. As does Douda to make sure Brandon becomes a fat fish.

Director(s) Becca Rodriguez
Writer(s) Cinque Henderson, J. David Shanks
Air Date 5/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Detective Moreno Elliot Villar

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The Truth Can Set You Free, If You Tell It: Detective Cruz, Detective Moreno, Emmett, Kevin, Ricky

We jump back to the past to learn Detective Cruz being a bit of a social pariah at work isn’t anything new. Back when he worked in Kansas City, in 2013, he almost stepped out on his partner, Detective Moreno, who fatally shot a Black civilian because he was reaching for something. We learn it was for his seatbelt, but when asked to toe the line, Cruz did so with reservations. Hence why, years later, he is trying to be hardline when it comes to the rules and justice. Even though his confession from Ronnie was tossed out, and he was put on desk duty.

Detective Moreno (Elliot Villar) defending himself.
Detective Moreno (Elliot Villar)

But, while we dig into Cruz’s past, Emmett is digging into Keisha’s present. For with her not hitting him back, he decides to talk to Kevin who lets it slip what kind of car Ricky drives. Leading to Emmett doing some investigating and learning Ricky is the track coach at the high school. Leaving us to wonder what he may do with that information.

A Little Sunshine After The Storm: Ronnie, Jada, Miss Ethel

With Jada talking about moving on again, this time just job wise, Ronnie decides he wants to take her out. However, instead, she offers him the opportunity to put a bookshelf together and have dinner at her place. Which ends up being a nice occasion with some talking about generational curses, Shanté’s baby and it leads to a kiss goodbye. One that makes you wonder if Ronnie is seeing Tracy anymore, or has he moved on?

Either way, the man is walking on sunshine for with him fixing that old car, and even getting Miss Ethel to dance a little bit, things are looking up for Ronnie. Here is hoping it lasts.

Planning The Next Move: Brandon, Otis, Jerrika, Greavy, Detective Cruz, Detective Toussaint

With Otis giving Brandon $50k, a truck worth $75k, and making it seem he is giving more than investing, red flags are popping up all over the place. Toussaint finds all this gang association a red flag, leading Cruz to want to talk to Brandon and see what is going on. Brandon, naturally, is uncomfortable with Otis’ investment which, as we know, is to make him someone to take down so Toussaint will mind her business. But it is Greavy who really paints the picture that Brandon is acting like a fool. At least with his explanation that Otis, even in grade school, was a cold mofo and Brandon probably doesn’t realize what he got himself into. Especially since he has already started spending some of the money.

Douda telling Brandon to raise his expectations.

Yet, one thing he is thinking of spending the money on you may support: A engagement ring for Jerrika. For with them dating quite a bit, living together, and marriage being a discussion in the past, it only seems right. Also, with her holding him down for so long, he not only wants to give her time to find her dream but also prove they are forever. Though we already know that isn’t the case.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. A realtor, perhaps the one which told Ronnie that Miss Ethel was evicted, was found dead this episode and there is a need to question what may come of that? Never mind who killed them?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • While looking into why cops would be so paranoid about traffic stops, I found an article on CNN noting the 47 officers killed in 2018 and a handful were due to traffic stops. Many others from just showing up on a scene unwanted – one set of cops were shot at a drive through without rhyme or reason.
  • Detective Toussaint was suspended, without pay, for a month due to killing a gang leader who was apparently hurting her son. Someone currently in jail, seemingly for his association with said gang leader.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Don’t ever let another man dream bigger dreams for you than you’re dreaming for yourself.
— Douda (Otis Perry)


The Older Generation Investing In The Young Generation With Either Time or Money

Setting aside the Otis bit, you have to appreciate how things are expanding community wise. On a regular basis now, Brandon is cutting Kevin’s hair and engaging in conversation. This episode about his feelings for Maisha and him not so sure how to handle them. Alongside that, there is Brandon and Greavy, for the first time, hanging outside the house and having real conversations. Making me wish the ladies of the show got the same but, with Jerrika iffy when it comes to her parents, Miss Ethel not being much for talking, and Maisha in every few episodes, I guess they’ll be playing catch up as usual.


I just love her growth this season. Particularly her now on the verge of searching for her own dream since it seems Jerrika has been on auto-pilot for a long time. Her parents wanted her to be a lawyer, so she went on that track until she got off to get into the family business. Now the family business is on the cusp of just being her, but with a conflict in how she would want to run things vs. her parents, it is clear that she needs her own vision for life.

Making me hope she may get into politics. I double we have seen Alderman Bonner for the last time, and while Jerrika’s connections are through her parents, I’m sure she made some of which she owns herself. Which could lead to quite a campaign.

Jerrika noting it is her turn to follow her dreams.

Miss Ethel & Ronnie Smiling

When it comes to Miss Ethel and Ronnie, it feels like we barely ever see either one, never mind both, smiling in the same episode. Ronnie has long been on some downward spiral and Miss Ethel, while you get she is more so particular than mean, usually is scowling. So seeing them step dance in the street, filled with joy, it warms your heart a little bit. But also leads you to wonder if it will last.

On The Fence

Cruz’s Backstory

Despite the step back Cruz has taken this season, I’m still very iffy about the character. I recognize on a show like this you have to have police presence, even addressed their role on making bad situations worse sometimes, yet there is this consistent feeling of wanting only just enough Cruz on the show. Only to represent the cops but not necessarily have a life outside of his duty.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Brandon Going Down

With actor Jason Mitchell fired from The Chi, it really makes you wonder how are they going to handle his removal? As noted in our article, he is an essential character and while we’re seeing Emmett speak to Kevin, and Jerrika have a life outside of him, does that mean they prepped to get rid of him? Also, I gotta admit, hearing the allegations taints what was once seen as a cute relationship between Jerrika and Brandon since now we know the actress was often made uncomfortable.

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