The ladies of The Chi continue to get a voice as Keisha gets features and Emmet’s past partners. Alongside this, Brandon decides to get a leg up and Ronnie reveals a trigger to Jada.

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The ladies of The Chi continue to get a voice as Keisha gets features and Emmet’s past partners. Alongside this, Brandon decides to get a leg up and Ronnie reveals a trigger to Jada.

Director(s) Cheryl Dunye
Writer(s) Justin Hillian, Dime Davis
Air Date 5/12/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ricky Levenix Riddle
Neva N.K. Gutierrez
Shay Danyelle Monson

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Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman: Keisha, Ricky, Maisha, Kevin

It isn’t clear what is happening between Maisha and Kevin, but it seems he is increasingly warming up to the idea of her being a fixture in his life. Mind you, not enough to claim her around his friends but considering her kisses her, in front of her friends, at her birthday party, there’s progress. Unfortunately, when it comes to Keisha, while she too is taking steps to be in a relationship it is with her track coach Ricky.

The Past Haunts You: Ronnie, Jada, Jake, Kevin

A person’s childhood is the building blocks for their life. So, with Jake getting blamed for stuff, and Kevin often reinforcing the accusation, it messes with him a bit. Especially since Kevin clearly has a future ahead of him, to the point of being recommended for a fancy academy, and Jake recognizes the struggle is real and coming for him.

Ronnie revealing the man across the street was his absentee dad.

But he isn’t alone in dealing with childhood trauma. Ronnie gets a job, thanks to Jada, to clean out a house across the street and while, at first, it’s pushed that maybe he was molested, instead, we learn his father lived across the street. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if the man was active in his life but the way things appear, either his dad didn’t know about him or ignored him. Making how much care he put into his lawn but couldn’t hang out with his son, who seemingly grew up without his momma, and lived across the street, part of Ronnie’s trauma. Hence why, a few episodes ago, he was pretending to shoot his neighbor, and it wasn’t due to how he acted with Jason.

Trying To Get A Leg Up: Jerrika, Ms. Brown, Alderman Bonner, Brandon, Emmett, Neva, Shay, Dan, Tiff, Otis, Darnell, Greavy

After Tiff put the fact she is getting child support out there, the mothers of Emmett’s other children seemingly decide to visit the Chi and organize. This pushes Emmett to take a note out of Darnell’s playbook and make peace with them for the sake of the kids, and so they aren’t trying to gang up on him or get into altercations with each other.

But, I would be remiss not to note another inspiration of Emmett is Brandon. Someone who has a bit of a rocky time with Jerrika this episode. You see, Brandon is looking to work with Otis (Douda) since Dan fixes the cooking competition (we can even hear one judge saying that he could get fired helping Dan). So, taking note of a conversation with Greavy, he is ready to use whatever advantage he can.

Otis Perry (Douda) noting he'll be in touch and give Brandon 10,000.

Leading to the issue with Jerrika: Because she decides to play ball with Alderman Bonner, who coerces $30,000 out of her for a community center, he finds her to be a hypocrite for not supporting him working with Otis, who likes to pay for things in cash. Also, unbeknownst to her currently, who offers Brandon $10,000.

Yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real trouble comes from when Jerrika’s friends come over and once again, Brandon’s insecurities rear its head. For if it isn’t the idea that he doesn’t provide financially, it’s that his worth comes from giving Jerrika some good thug d***. Which leads him to storm out and while it may make you fear they are about to take another break, luckily they make up within a day.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where are Brandon’s friends or is it, outside of Hannibal, all his friends are his ex-co worker, Emmett, and Kevin?
  2. Is Greavy going to get a divorce since Laverne clearly isn’t coming back and he isn’t moving?


Emmett Humbling Himself

While still a ho, it seems he no longer is trying to be a dumb one. For between Brandon cracking jokes and Darnell’s example, it seems he might be growing up a bit. Also that he is coming to realize he is getting older and he can’t get away with what he once did. He needs to, even if he isn’t going to see and spend time with his kids, at least step up financially and realistically note what he can contribute.

Jerrika is a Boss

Jerrika telling the Aldeman to not screw with her.

Jerrika bossing up with Alderman Bonner may not compensate for the fact she is one of the few women this season with a compelling storyline, but it remains an improvement over the last one. For she has moved far beyond just being Brandon’s girlfriend and they are addressing her privilege, showing her friends, her issues with the relationship, and her challenges as a businesswoman. Especially a young Black one with men who think they can play her.

Ronnie’s Past

While I must admit that I’m starting to get sick and tired of Ronnie’s whole life being a sob story, it doesn’t mean I’m not invested in the character. Such as why Miss Ethel was raising him since, I’m sure it was mentioned, but gaps between season make you forget the little details. So with learning his dad was across the street and had nothing to do with him, I get why that messed him up in the head a bit. I also appreciate this growing relationship he has with Jada. Even though I’m rather unsure if it is circumstantial or they are actually friends.

Kevin’s Apology To Jake

While Kevin apologies to Jake more often than the other way around, since Kevin is frankly in the wrong most of the time, I love the fact he isn’t pushed by Papa to apologize this time. Instead, he brings some food, somehow affords a video game, and they make peace. Now, whether he’ll stop assuming the worst about Jake is a totally different thing. Yet, recognizing her was wrong and that this is messing with Jake’s feelings shows he could evolve and their relationship get stronger.

On The Fence

The Beginning Of The End For Brandon

Considering all Brandon has gone through, I feel like I’m going to hate watching him become the scapegoat for Douda. Yet, on other hand, maybe he won’t go down for Douda and ends up being the one who takes Douda down? I mean, it isn’t clear how this show may handle its major drug lords so it may either start a trend or keep us guessing.

So Is Kevin Into Maisha Or Nah?

Papa teasing Kevin.

Here is my thing, he kissed her in front of her friends, so there is evidence and people who know what he did. Yet, in front of his boys, he still plays down what is happening and makes her defend their situation? I’m confused. Especially since he can man up enough to apologize to Jake but not stick up for Maisha? His growth is inconsistent and it is lowkey bugging me.

Where They May Go With This Keisha & Ricky Thing

Here is the thing, I want more out of Keisha than being one of Emmett’s options and Kevin’s sister. But her dealing with an R. Kelly type? I just don’t know how to feel. They could use Ricky to show how men prey on young women, but… let’s just say this storyline is the kind you see the value in having but also don’t want to happen to a character who is barely established. Since, you know, this will become the sum of her character forever and a day.

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While some of the ladies wrangle control and interest away from the guys, there still is some ways to go. However, led by Jerrika, they are definitely leaps and bounds ahead of their representation in season 1.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed your episode reviews of The Chi, but there doesn’t appear to be any for the final four episodes of season two, which is a real shame. Are they available anywhere else?

  2. Hey man, thanks for writing these! I’ve really been enjoying this show and all the complexities it presents with its ensemble cast ranging in age, experience and social status. Glad I just found your blog; the reviewers at the Chi Tribune have not been keeping up so far! Anyway, I would like to present a humourous (spelling, I am Canadian) correction: Alderman Bonner!

    I thought the scene with Jerrika’s friends was jarring and I would’ve reacted the same way Brandon did. It’s nice he was able to blow off some steam with his step-dad who, after their departure of Brandon’s mother, is “making projects for himself”.

    Interesting point of Ronnie’s story being a “sob” one. It certainly doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for him. I’m not entirely sure where his arc will develop now that grandma Ethel is home, she will continue to badger him to grow the hell up and do something with his life. In addition, what happened with Jason’s mom, Ronnie’s ex? It seemed for a moment that they could be supportive of each other with her depression. [Your question regarding miss Ethel, btw: Ethel is the mother of Ronnie’s mother, and Ronnie’s mother had a thing with the neighbor across the street, resulting in Ronnie. So they grew up there but at some point the mom must have split leaving Ethel and Ronnie behind]

    Oh Brandon, I feel the storm coming. Remember, he still has the gun Reg gave him (immediately recalled Chekhov’s gun, it may be a trope but I believe he will use it in this upcoming struggle with Douda).

    Agree with you about Keisha and Ricky. Sticky situation and not sure where they will go with it.

    Lots brewing in this show and it really keeps one on one’s toes. The connectivity introduced in S1 that drew me in continues to yield!

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