“The Bold Type” continues to live up to its name as it talks about vaginal odor, among other things, power dynamics, and pegging.

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“The Bold Type” continues to live up to its name as it talks about vaginal odor, among other things, power dynamics, and pegging.

Directed By Erica Dunton
Written By Lara Azzopardi
Aired (FreeForm) 2/27/2020
Introduced This Episode
Cody Tom Austen
Dr. Alicia Golden Yasha Jackson
Claire Caroline Lagerfelt

Episode Recap

The Mother In Law: Claire, Sutton

Claire (Caroline Lagerfelt) who is Richard's mother.
Claire (Caroline Lagerfelt)

With Sutton getting married soon, so comes the issue of planning the wedding. Which, from the gown to the venue and food, that is all expensive, and between Sutton’s salary and Richard’s decision to work across the country, and maintain his old apartment, money may not be a major issue, but it is a concern. Luckily, Richard’s mother, Claire, seems ready to foot the bill but not without some conversation. A lot of which deals with the decisions she thinks would be best conflicting with Sutton. Someone timid, at first, but then stands up for herself.

This leads to the reveal Claire set aside her career for Richard’s upbringing, and there was a tad bit of jealousy how far Sutton has gotten as a young woman. Which Sutton, being the humble person she is, doesn’t think is true, even with her getting a sponsor for the wedding’s beer supply.

The Power Struggle: Dr. Golden, Alex, Cody, Kat

Cody (Tom Austen), the man Kat hooked up with in the last episode and this one.
Cody (Tom Austen)

Cody is the name of the guy Kat hooked up with, and she rather enjoyed the sex. In fact, it has pushed her into a homo-romantic bisexual territory, though, for short, she claims bi-sexuality. Which is a bit hard for her, since she doesn’t like labels, but between enjoying having sex with Cody, and even pegging him, on top of dealing with the power dynamic which comes with being the aggressor with a phallic thing, her views are shifting.

But, unfortunately, while Kat evolves, Alex isn’t able to do the same. For while he somewhat is able to deal with one of Jacqueline’s alumni friends, Dr. Alicia Golden, approaching him, her making more money, having a more notable job, and just overall being more accomplished, it intimidates him. In fact, it does so much he breaks things off barely after they begin. Making the chance for the show to explore that seemingly dead on arrival.

An Old Flame: Jacqueline, Dr. Golden

Dr. Golden’s time on the show isn’t completely dedicated to her pursuit of Alex, which hopefully means she’ll return for another episode. Rather, she is there at the request of her friend Jacqueline. For with Jacqueline having a wellness live stream, who better than one of the top neurosurgeons at Columbia Hospital? One who works on diplomats?

But, aside from the favor Jacqueline gets, she also gets a tip that Miles Shaw, one of Jacqueline’s exes, will come to their alumni dinner next week. An idea which intrigues Jacqueline enough for her to not only have Andrew investigate him but set up a call.

A Vaginal Itch: Jane, Jacqueline

It is consistently noted that Jane doesn’t necessarily have anyone to go to, beyond her doctor, to talk about feminine things. For while, yes, she has Sutton and Kat, their openness about their genitals usually doesn’t go beyond sex. So, when Jane gets a vaginal facial and yeast infection, she tries to hide it the best she can. However, her “Happy Dance” leads to enough side eyes to reveal what is going on, and her friends normalizing it and giving real pointers.

But, while their offerings of cold products and boxers help, as well as a trip to a doctor, it doesn’t help quick enough. Leading to the aforementioned live stream happening and Jane looking uncomfortable throughout until the woman who gave her the opportunity for a vaginal facial gives away products. With that, Jane speaks out about normalizing what happens and what a vagina does. This expands to the audience noting what theirs look like, laughing after they pee, and even having acne on their vagina.

Which, thanks to Jane’s comments, Jacqueline notes Forbes has nominated her for “30 under 30.” An award which seems odd to give Jane but, in “The Bold Type’s” world, it isn’t like we hear much about other people to compare Jane to.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

There is a distinction between good health and the absence of illness.
— Dr. Golden


  • Considering Sage has talked about a flair up in a pitch meeting, what was Jane so afraid of? She has spoken about her relationship, sex issues, and so much more with Jacqueline. Heck, Jacqueline even revealed she was assaulted to Jane and the world.

Review/ Commentary


Jacqueline’s Old Flame

Do I support an affair? No. Jacqueline is so much better than that. However, a little flirting, maybe a reminder of why she broke up with Miles and why she loves Ian would be nice. It would certainly expand, further, who is Jacqueline beyond the revered boss.

Talking About The Wonders Of The Vagina

While “The Bold Type” is sex-positive, it hasn’t often gone beyond that. At least when it comes to its lead characters vaginas. So to hear Kat, Sutton, and Jane get yeast infections, and then during the seminar, hearing women talk about their relationships and unique vaginas, including a woman with an elongated labia, it matters. The idea is more than Scarlett being this magazine that the ladies work at. The long term goal appears to be the show being Scarlett for those who watch. Thus giving them representation with these diverse, powerful, and sometimes peculiar women. All of which offer something that isn’t usually seen by someone who isn’t a supporting character.

Let’s Talk About Pegging

Is it gone into much? Not at all. However, you have to enjoy Kat’s sexual journey and the places it has taken her and the limits of hers it has pushed. Be it her sexuality, her role in the bedroom, and what she likes or does, through her there is such a journey of discovery and openness. One that, admittedly, has come at the cost of seeing her in a stable relationship, but in seeing her single, mingling, having fun, you get that increasingly rare depiction of a young woman untethered to someone. Thus reminding you, whether queer or straight, you don’t need a relationship to be complete. It’s just nice to have a warm body here and there, and sometimes upside down.

Sutton Standing Up To Richard’s Mom

For a moment, there was this fear Sutton would take multiple episodes to stand up to Richard’s mom, or it would be a big thing. Luckily, on top of being short and sweet, it also sets up a real complicated moment for when Barb meets Claire and Sutton is gaga over her and Barb feels like chopped liver. Since, while Sutton accepts her mom’s flaws, I can’t say they have ever started a new chapter. At this point, it is just one rambling paragraph after another which seems unending.

On The Fence

So, We’re Going To See Alicia Again – Right?

Dr. Alicia Golden (Yasha Jackson) learning Alex isn't man enough for her.
Dr. Alicia Golden (Yasha Jackson)

I just really want something for Alex. After his failed relationship with Sutton, Kat’s sometime assistant (who Kat hasn’t really mentioned at all), and now this, it makes you wonder what is going on with Alex? Note: He remains the most prominent reoccurring character, but even with small pushes, he maintains this stop and go nature like he is caught in traffic. Which, considering Andrew and Sage seem to be modeled after him, it creates a sense of fear their stories will follow suit – as seen by not encountering Andrew’s drag persona in who knows how long.

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So, We’re Going To See Alicia Again – Right? - 75%
Sutton Standing Up To Richard’s Mom - 84%
Let’s Talk About Pegging - 83%
Talking About The Wonders Of The Vagina - 86%
Jacqueline’s Old Flame - 85%


“The Bold Type” continues, even after 4 seasons, to push what it means to be a progressive show which addresses what a young working women goes through both at work and in their personal life.

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