Adena returns and has to deal with how she left things. Also, Sutton is pushed to recognize she is in a partnership and Jane? Well, she preps to take on Pamela Dolan.

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Adena returns and has to deal with how she left things. Also, Sutton is pushed to recognize she is in a partnership and Jane? Well, she preps to take on Pamela Dolan.

Director(s) Geary McLeod
Writer(s) Matt McGuinness
Air Date 5/28/2019

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A Book & A Photo: Alex, Jane, Adena, Jacqueline

While Jane is more than aware of Ryan’s past, him writing a book about foursomes and debauchery bothers her a bit. Especially since Alex, out of jealousy he admits, is pushing the issue. Which he backs down from, as he sees he is getting under Jane’s skin, but Ryan not being able to elaborate is getting to her as well. Which makes the traction with the Pamela Dolan story a great distraction.

However, between a timeline getting pushed up, and hiring Adena for a photographer, while Jane could use something to take her mind off Ryan, this could be a bit much. Yet, with Jacqueline guiding her, she should be just fine.

Accepting Help When Offered: Sutton, Richard

Sutton is making headway in her design career, but with her so used to doing things on her own, she is hitting the same issue she did before. That is, when she was ready to give up since Oliver wasn’t going to pay her enough and figured the accounting route would be safer. This time, the problem is she has old equipment, and while she can make it work, she seems more willing to struggle and do things the hard way than let Richard invest in her.

Sutton noting, while capable of doing things the hard way, there is a easier way to do things.

Why? Well, while secure in her relationship, she doesn’t want to become dependent on it to thrive. Bringing up her dad again, he was inconsistent with child support payments, and she saw how her mother struggled due to that. So be it a sewing machine, bills, what have you, Sutton doesn’t want to get adjusted to someone using their money for things she needs. For while Richard may not dangle that over her head, it makes the possibility of losing him, one way or another, a bigger issue.

The Troubles Of A First Love: Kat, Tia, Adena, Jane, Sutton

With Jane hiring Adena for her Pamela Dolan story, alongside Tia arranging Kat to be interviewed at Scarlet, they end up coming face to face for a nice odd conversation. One that Jane has to apologize for and messes with Kat’s head a bit. For while she is spending a lot of time with Tia, including her sleeping over, things with Adena didn’t end gracefully. What also doesn’t help is Jane getting involved and finding out Adena does feel she made a mistake in what she did and relaying this to Kat. Which leads Kat to talk to her girls and wonder if Adena is her Richard.

This snowballs and leads Tia to feel insecure, but Kat eventually comes to two decisions. The first is to not hideaway from Adena and have a conversation. For while it was nice Jane pushed for clarity, second-hand information is not what Kat is about. Like with her social media, she likes being as direct as possible. The second thing is her reflecting on her current and past relationship and realizing that just because it is easy with Tia, don’t make it bad. And while, yes, struggling might be part of relationships, “struggle” shouldn’t define the relationship. Which was a serious issue with Adena not just because of her immigration status, but so many other problems.

Kat noting how easy things are with Tia.

Leading to Tia, also being direct, saying that if Adena isn’t a constituent, she doesn’t want to talk about her.


The Maturity Of It All

It is still shocking to me that this show doesn’t have any of its characters overreact, and instead they talk things out. Take Tia being called a campaign manager, rather than girlfriend, when introduced to Adena. That didn’t cause any issues. It pushed Tia to want some clarity, but once she laid down how she felt that was it.

Same goes with Jane and Ryan. Yes, things are a bit complicated die to distance, and Alex planting seeds, but she isn’t suddenly blowing up his phone. She knows who he once was, and also has seem him evolve away from that perspective she once had of him. So while she may want to ask a few questions, she isn’t trying to fly to where he is, call his manager, and do the most.

Heck, even Sutton, someone who is always about taking the initiative and figuring a way out of no way, when she talked to Richard about the sewing machine he bought, it didn’t lead to an argument. A discussion yes, which had Richard bring a P&L sheet, which was hilarious, but no arguing. Instead, they talked it out, he listened, and while he wasn’t rushing to return the machine, he got it.

This is far from the norm, and I must admit, as the season goes on, it bothers me. For while shows like Andi Mack have some semblance of this, largely the worst-case scenario is pursued on shows featuring young adults. Such as, Kat probably cheating on Tia, Sutton going off on Richard and calling him privileged and making him trying to feel bad about being rich. Then with Jane, between Ryan and Alex, her going off on one or both for stressing her out. Alex for stirring stuff and Ryan for not getting back to her to answer her questions.

Jane and Adena talking about a mistake Adena made.

Yet, that doesn’t exist, and it brings about, for me, a feeling of peace. I liken it to someone who is conservative or republican watching a show which doesn’t question and attack their beliefs episode to episode.

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